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    Victor And The Vixen


    Victor And The Vixen Empty Victor And The Vixen

    Post by Guest 25th January 2021, 7:18 am

    So this was what Adronica had meant when she’d said that inheriting her powers would have consequences. Menka had thought that she’d just been playing around in her usual flirty way but judging by the sight that she was facing now, that didn’t seem to be the case. There were creatures of the night sprinting and gliding all over the place, seeming to be content with dealing as much damage as they possibly could. There didn’t seem to be any real rhyme or reason as to why and as soon as they caught sight of her, they seemed to hone in on her like a heat seeking missile. So, she just put two and two together and figured that it was her that they wanted. Well, as much as she’d like to roll around with a strapping vampire, that just wasn’t an option tonight. Magnolia was in rough enough shape as it was after the attack on the guild and so she was going to have to be a little more forward than usual. Thankfully, she’d become used to the violence that came with being a mage by now and her reluctance to take part in it had all but washed away. She’d come to enjoy the thrill of the fight and her vampire powers were the source of that. Blood just had an effect on her now that it hadn’t before. It gave her a kind of rush that she couldn’t help but enjoy, for better or worse.

    As her next target noticed her presence, a rather short but speedy vampire, Menka chuckled and tapped into her magic, causing her entire form to become surrounded by blood. The effect was rather swift and as her speed suddenly increased, she managed to reach the vampire before he was able to do much about it. Striking out, she’d connect with a blood infused punch that hurled him backwards and smashing against a stall, left overnight by the market traders. The square seemed a good enough place to fight and if she truly was the reason why they were there then they’d surely come to her. Staggering, the vampire would get up and try to engage her in close combat but Menka’s movement speed was easily enough for her to evade his strikes. Her hands would then unleash a barrage of lightning, taking the form of claws, which she’d then slash out with, catching the vampire again. The power of her strike was enough to send him tumbling and once he hit the ground again, he just faded away into nothing.

    The skirmish, however, had done what she’d hoped it would and the sounds of hissing could be soon be heard as more of the vampires burst into the square from all corners. They didn’t seem too fond of talking and simply charged towards her, incensed by her very presence. It was kind of unusual, since Adronica had been so witty but she’d been taught that not all of her kin were. Some nosferatu were just slaves to their emotions, overwhelmed by their hatred and lust. It was quite sad really and although Menka would be lying if she said that she didn’t sometimes let her lust and primal nature come to the surface, she’d always had some type of control.

    Control that she needed as she soon found herself under siege by the charging night walkers. Her movements were graceful, yet deadly and as she ducked, dove and danced around her foes, they had little chance of doing any real harm to her. It was kind of fun in a way and they certainly regretted attacking her. She was a lightning charged bolt of energy, lashing out at any and all who tried to harm her. Her magics combined together in tandem, lightning, cookie and vampire, in what was a bizarre but effective trio of powers. If one element didn’t get them, another would. The ground around her was soon covered with dust, all that remained of her vampiric foes.

    Lightning crackled from the sky, followed by a barrage of bolts that struck the area all around her, stunning and causing her foes to twitch with pain. It was so blissful for Menka though, feeling not in the slightest bit worried about getting hurt or wounded. Honestly, it almost felt as good as rolling around with someone cute. The key word being almost. Nothing could top the ecstasy of sharing herself with another. With her targets now unable to move, it was child’s play for her to mop up the rest of the group. Her lightning claws made light work of them and resulted in a swift victory for the kitsune. She wasn’t sure how many she killed in the skirmish but judging from the atmosphere still being tense and the scent of more vampires, it clearly hadn’t been all of them. No doubt there would be a leader somewhere, some egocentric turd who thought it was fun to make a mess of things. Well, she’d sort him out sooner or later. She had no doubt of that and it was just a matter of time.

    With a swish of her tails, the vixen would start to follow the scent, a lone figure against the creepy enemies who were all over the place. Her claws would occasionally claim another undead life as he travelled but for the moment, the only seemed to be fodder, which made for a fine warm up. One thing was for sure, she’d never think of the title of Vampire Slayer in the same way again after this. She hadn’t been around when the guild hall had been wrecked by that bunch of wankers or whatever they called themselves but she was here now and would do her utmost to rid the town of all those who tried to threaten the place. Before joining the guild, she’d never have even imagined thinking such a thing but times had changed and so had she.

    “Alright, fuckers,” she chuckled, as she darted through the streets, “Who’s next?”

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    Victor And The Vixen Empty Re: Victor And The Vixen

    Post by Guest 25th January 2021, 10:59 am

    The answer to her question was quick in coming as soon as she turned the next corner, the vixen ran headlong into a giant vampire, resulting in a massive crash and sending them both reeling. So much for her grace. Still, the pair recovered fast and Menka’s eyebrows rose as she saw the sheer size of the creature. He was a good few feet taller than her and his claws and teeth were even sharper than hers. An aura of darkness was pouring out of him and the look in his eyes was one of pure anger and hatred. There was more to it with him, she could tell that much, as his gaze seemed far more personal than the fodders had. He appeared to have genuine beef with her and as the two sized each other up, the kitsune finally spoke. “So, what’s this all about? Why are you guys so obsessed with me?”

    The giant growled back, his voice incredibly deep, “Our orders are to kill the monster who hunts us. You have been given the powers to annihilate my race and that is more than enough reason to wish for your death. The fact you wield our magic against us is the ultimate insult and I will take great pleasure in beating you to a pulp, before finishing you off.”

    “I was given these powers by one of your own. Don’t forget that important detail,”
    Menka quipped in return. “I spared Adronica in exchange for the lacrima. If anything, you guys owe me for that.”

    “Adronica is an outcast and the fact you’re aligned with her only makes your crimes worse. She will share your fate, I can promise you that.”

    “That explains why she actually had some personality,” the vixen replied, “From what I’ve seen, the hordes attacking tonight are completely brainless.”

    “You are the reason for that,” he snapped, “They sense their deaths at your hands which drives them wild. They will regain their senses with your death.”

    With that, he said no more and instead unleashed a blast of blood from his hand that flew towards the vixen. Yet, Menka made no effort to dodge and simply opened her mouth, absorbing the lovely blood and increasing her own reserves. Chuckling, she’d then swish her tails and say, “I’m afraid that’s not going to work against me, buddy. Your blood attacks won’t work and just make me stronger. I thought that you guys knew that already.”

    Roaring with rage, the giant vampire charged forwards, unleashing a powerful barrage of physical strikes, which Menka once again did her best to evade. He had a lot of power but his speed was lacking, causing her to be able to duck under one of his blows and slam a lightning charged knee into his midsection, before slashing him twice with her claws, causing him to spasm due to the shock of her blows. Reeling backwards, he’d struggle to regain his footing, which gave Menka all the space she needed to spin around and deliver a lightning infused kick that knocked him off of his feet completely. She could have sworn that the earth shook as he hit the ground and not wanting to give him a chance to recover, the vixen clapped her hands, resulting in the vampire to sink into a pool of her holy blood. Shrieking and screaming, he’d try to escape but the attack was far too potent and he ended up just hastening his demise, drowning in the blood.

    His words had given her pause for thought though and as she resumed her search for the leader of the group, she couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps they had a point. Was she really the end of their race? She had no vendetta against the species although whether that would still be the case after today was hard to say. If things went awry, then perhaps it would be her duty to get rid of them once and for all.

    Her path was occasionally blocked by waves of fodder but they just didn’t have much to throw at her and were easily beaten back. The only difference she could tell was that the numbers were increasing and as time wore on, she began to feel the atmosphere start to change. More ominous and dark. Her keen senses were telling that a magical presence was nearby and as she appeared from an alley and headed towards the remains of the old guild hall, that presence was all she could sense.

    Standing in the centre of the road was a far older vampire, tall and lanky, with a sneering look across her face that the kitsune just wanted to slap off. Clearly, this was who was running the show and as she came to a halt in front of him. His sneer turned to a look of anger, “So, you are the abomination that threatens our race, hmm? I had expected far more than a big breasted half breed such as yourself. Tell me. Did you actually best Adronica in combat or did you just roll around in the mud with her? Seems like your style, judging from the looks of you.”

    “It was in a church, if you must know,” The brunette answered, “We did fight but after a while we ended up making love instead. You should try it sometime. Might help dislodge that broom that’s stuck up your ass.”

    “I thought as much,” the vampire mused, “Adronica always has been a whore, figures she’d pass her skills on to another.”

    “Aren’t you a charmer?” Menka retorted, “So, now that I’ve found you. I guess all that’s left is for me to take you out, since you seem so obsessed with killing me.”

    “You, your guild, that little punk who runs it,” came the reply, “I want everything to be burned to the ground. Killing you is just the first step of my plan. One of many, unfortunately for you and your posse. You should consider yourself that I, Victor, will be the one to end your life.”

    Taking a step forward, he’d then suddenly become covered with magical energy, as his powers burst into life. All Menka could do was wait and see what she was truly up against.

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    Victor And The Vixen Empty Re: Victor And The Vixen

    Post by Guest 25th January 2021, 12:15 pm

    As it turned out, his transformation turned him into precisely what he had just called her. An abomination. He looked like an oversized bat, oozing blood from every orifice and the smell was even worse than his looks. It was as if he’d spent years living in a rubbish tip or something and Menka had to wrinkle her nose as the scent reached her. There seemed to be little in the way of his old appearance left and when he opened his mouth, all that came out was screeching. The vixen had no idea what he was supposed to but she was damn sure that she didn’t want to be on the receiving end of too many of his attacks. She’d have to take him out fast, before the stance became overpowering.

    So, with that in mind, she’d activate her Demon Force and the moment she did so, everything changed. Her tails became spiky, her eyes started to blaze with lightning and the elements of her various slayer magics began to swirl around her. There was no holding back once she was in this state and a wicked smirk crossed her features as she allowed her magic to start spreading out in her near vicinity. Oh, it always felt so good to enter this form and the vixen could feel herself becoming excited just from activating it. Sure, the sight of the disgusting bat was off putting but she just had to put that aside and focus on the task at hand.

    With a screech, the enormous bat took wing and started to unleash a barrage of disgusting smelling discharges that began to home in on the kitsune. Thinking swiftly, the vixen tapped into her magic and caused an extra layer of lightning to cover her body, allowing her the ability to negate the horrible attacks. It was a good thing too as she doubted she’d ever get the stink off otherwise and as a counter to the attack, she’d open her mouth and release a blast of holy lightning. The attack set off at a quick speed and struck the enormous bat hard, causing him to screech and tumble out of the air, crashing to the ground. Feeling the effects, he’d roll over a few times and try to take flight again but Menka would charge forward, lightning surrounding her and hit him a monstrous volt tackle, hurling him up against the remains of the guild hall. It was a mighty attack and the bat began to twitch as the lightning began to send shocks through his body.

    Not wanting to get any closer than she had already, Menka rolled backwards and then created a lightning javelin, which she hurled towards the bat, receiving another horrible shriek in response. The damage was building up and Menka watched him spasm and moan, she honestly didn’t feel much sympathy towards him. He’d started this fight and now she was finishing it. Clearly, he had history with not only Fairy Tail but Mura himself and the vixen was in no mood to let that fester any more. Nope, she was going to have to finish him and put him out of his and the guilds misery. His resistance was weakening and so to end things, Menka would tap into her powers one last time and unleash a roar of holy blood, knowing full well of the effect that it would have on Victor. The attack was savage and seemed to burn right through the giant bat, causing his form to diminish and return to what it once was.

    Coughing, the once again human like vampire would roll over onto his back, his body melting away completely. He lacked the energy to say anything and simply stared up at the night sky but Menka wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye just yet. Walking over to him, the vixen would kneel down beside and look down, “It was kind of silly for you guys to attack me, you know? My magic’s tailor made for you and there was no way that your scheme was going to work. Adronica warned me of this and taught me how to handle you guys. Consider this a warning to your other friends, Victor. If they come after me, my guild or anyone else, then I’ll do the same to them as I have to you. That’s the way it’s going to be. I’m not heroic, I’m selfish and everyone who tries to take something from me will be gotten rid of. Understood?”

    “They are not going to stop just because I have been defeated,” Victor struggled to say, “They will hunt you forever and always be drawn to you. Forget silver stakes and holy water, you truly are our worst nightmare and always will be.”

    “Then your species will be wiped out,” the kitsune replied, still tingling from Force, “Adronica was strong enough to turn away, so should the rest of you.”

    “Oh, fuck off,”
    The vampire snapped, finally dropping his smug and pompous attitude, “You have beaten me, so get on with it.”

    Without another word, Menka would suddenly lean down and steal what seemed to be a kiss from the vampire but the truth was rather more gruesome. What remained of his life essence was being devoured by the vixen, his remaining strength bolstering her own and as his eyes rolled back in his head and his last moment came, the last sensation that he would feel would be Menka draining him of life.

    This was why she was truly feared by the vampire race. The ability to perform the same disturbing act that they themselves were known for. The difference? Menka was capable of performing it on anyone, both living or dead. The best and worst of both worlds.

    Once the deed was done, Menka would stand up and turn around to find that the bodies of the lower ranked vampires were now completely still, devoid of anything. With one final chuckle, she’d look down at her lightning claws once more, before leaping upon them. By the time this night was done, there’d only be one drinker of blood in Magnolia.


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