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Shinra Incorporated // FFVII Alternate Timeline

Shiva the Frostbearer

Shinra Incorporated // FFVII Alternate Timeline Empty Shinra Incorporated // FFVII Alternate Timeline

Post by Shiva the Frostbearer 6th January 2021, 8:26 am

Shinra Incorporated // FFVII Alternate Timeline Ad_tifa
    In an alternate reality, the city of Midgar is attacked by AVALANCHE.  With the world having finally found peace after the ceasefire agreement with Wutai, the citizen of Midgar are being plunged back into uncertainty thanks to the recent activities of the eco-terrorist group.  AVALANCHE claims they're attack for the sake of the planet and the sake of the people - that Shinra isn't to be trusted, but is that really true?  Can AVALANCHE be stopped? Should they be stopped? Is Shinra truly the good guys here or is there more to the company than the public realizes?

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Shinra Incorporated // FFVII Alternate Timeline Empty Re: Shinra Incorporated // FFVII Alternate Timeline

Post by Althea 9th January 2021, 11:03 am

linked back, thank you~!


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