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    Curiosity of a Strange World


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    Curiosity of a Strange World Empty Curiosity of a Strange World

    Post by Segodon 19th December 2020, 9:24 am

    Curiosity of a Strange World TaDfTj0
    Curiosity of a Strange World

    Cassandra Éliana Augustine du Guesclin

    Proof of Purchase:

    How exactly it happened is something you don't recall, but one day it was there, hm? Did you perhaps touch an artifact you shouldn't have touched, read something you weren't supposed to, talked to someone who you really shouldn't have talked to, come into contact with something you really weren't meant to know? Well, the fact that you know of it is enough. One day, you learned of a world beyond our own, beyond Earthland, perhaps contained on a different plane, in a different time entirely, and then impressions flooded your mind. I've heard the story before, to be honest. There are others like you. You see magnificent cities of steel and steam. The grinding of gears, the hissing of pipes, and of course, the rambling of eccentric folk fill their streets, massive machines floating through their skies, barreling through their alleyways, cut through their waves. It is a strange world, unlike our own, it would seem. They are people, humans, I mean, but their's is different entirely. You see it all, and then, in a flash, it is gone. Scary, is it not? Just think about it: A world without magic, without real magic, technology taking its place. It's kind of like those crazy Bosconians, but ... not quite, eh? Anyway, I know that the "revelation", yeah, let's call it that, has given you some ... strange abilities, right? It's almost as if something, or ... someone imparted this knowledge to you and gave you a gift along with it. Maybe they wanted to prevent whatever happened to their world from happening again? Do you think they can influence our's like that? Well, no matter, really. We don't really know what that is, I guess. Just make sure to, you know, make the best of these weird abilities or whatever you wanna call them. Don't be a cog in a machine, or be one, I don't really care either way, but a good gift is best not squandered, wouldn't you agree?


    ♢ Otherworldly Boon ♢
    Whatever they did to you, it's seemed to mess with your luck, or lack thereof, hm? The user seems to be a little luckier than the average person. For some reason, you will always find yourself benefitting from a 100% increase to all jewel rewards from jobs, as well as a custom piece of equipment equivalent to the rank of the job, following the Tables and FAQ section, that is seemingly found on the job. Equipment gained this way cannot be sold in any shop or traded to other players, but can freely be traded amongst the user's own characters.

    ♢ Dimensional Blessing ♢
    The benefits of the strange abilities extend not just to the user's knowledge, but also their magic. Whatever this extradimensional effect was that took hold of the user, it seemed to unlock something within them, almost akin to an inherent understanding of magic and the intricacies connected to it. The user gains two additional user rank Advanced Spells that they can distribute amongst their magics as they desire, both ranking up with them up to H+ Rank. Further, the user, upon reaching S Rank, gains access to a single additional S+ Rank Advanced Spell for every one of their magics. Lastly, the user gains access to a single additional user rank Signature Spell for every one of their magics, all of them ranking with the user up to S Rank.

    ♢ Collection of Curiosity ♢
    The prospect of a world beyond our own is just as frightening as it is fascinating, a strange, but an interesting world that has many wonders in store, some of them enigmatic, but most of them inspiring, granting them access to otherworldly things most others can only conceptualize in fiction. The user gains a 50% increase to their base Spell Damage as well as a 50% increase to their base Spell Durability. Further, the user gains access to a new type of magic dubbed "Curiosity", which can be used in the creation of magic, enabling them to use both Summon spells and Requip spells in a given magic including the "Curiosity" type, rules and guidelines for both applying to the magic in question. Any additional active Requip slots and active Summon slot the user gains from any source are automatically converted into "Curiosity" slots, which can be used to both have Requip Spells and Summon Spells active (acting as replacements for both active Requip slots and active Summon slots). The Benefit levels for "Curiosity" type magic can be found below:

      Solitary: Character can have up to 4 Curiosity spells active at once. +75% to Spell Speed and Spell Range
      Primary: Character can have up to 3 Curiosity spells active at once. +50% to Spell Speed and Spell Range
      Auxiliary: Character can have up to 2 Curiosity spells active at once. +25% to Spell Speed and Spell Range

    ♢ Bizarre Fantasy ♢
    The user, through the use of this otherworldly dimensional anomaly that seems to affect them, has gained access to properties inherently foreign to this world, interacting with magical energies in strange and unprecedented ways. This grants the user access to 9 additional base effects, which can be assigned to any of the user's spells within any of their magics or abilities used in said magics (With the exception of UA's). Only a single additional effect may be assigned per given spell or ability, and it must be noted in the spell itself that an additional effect from this lineage ability is assigned to it, though other than the aforementioned limitations, effects from this lineage ability may be assigned to any given spell or ability slot of any rank or type, granting said spell or ability an additional effect to be used in said spell or ability.

    ♢ A Thing most Mystical ♢
    Through strange understanding, the user has gained an ability to interact with and draw from this other world, timeline, reality, or whatever the nature of this existence truly is, and produce something not native to this, their own, world. This grants the user access to an additional Advanced Spell slot that must be made and reviewed in conjunction with this lineage, ranking with the user up to H+ Rank. This spell slot can be used to create either a Summon or a Requip, though it must be Steampunk-themed. If a Summon spell is made, the Summon in question will automatically be classed as a "Brass Key" Grade Summon (which can be summoned through the use of a key resembling some sort of otherworldly device, assembled from various ever-moving brass cogs and gears). If a Requip is made, the Requip in question will automatically be classed as a "Specialized" Grade Requip of the user's design. Both a Brass Key Grade Summon and a Specialized Grade Requip will receive 3 abilities total, which can be either active or passive and cost the normal amount of MP to use, otherwise following all rules for either Summon or Requip spells. Both the Brass Key Summon and the Specialized Grade Requip benefit from a 50% base increase to the speed and range of the Summon / Requip spell itself (Note: not the movement speed in the case of the Summon) which can be worked into the Summon's / Requip's base values. A Brass Key Grade Summon or a Specialized Grade Requip, when used, counts as a Requip / Summon and will contribute towards the user's max active "Curiosity" slot cap. The values for both a Brass Key Grade Summon and a Specialized Grade Requip can be found below:

    Curiosity of a Strange World B49UZzjbG0YFAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC



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