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    Первый урок в Пергранти


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    Первый урок в Пергранти Empty Первый урок в Пергранти

    Post by cimbaman 17th December 2020, 8:17 am

    Haru was one of the first to come to class. For his mission in Pergrande, he really wanted to study Pergranti. It looked like a fun language, but he knew nothing of or about it. He sat in the back giving himself enough space to not be called on.
    The bell rang and an old bearded gentleman entered. His demeanor did not resemble a teacher but a veteran of battles and conflicts, which gave Haru an impression that this was the language of war.
    The teacher began to talk with a thick accent in the language that was to be learned.
    "Здравствуй класс. Меня зовут Владимир. Сегодня я буду вашим учителем этого прекрасного языка Пергранти. Это будет наш первый урок, и я надеюсь, что вы все многому научитесь. Как вы все должны знать, мы используем разные буквы для написания на нашем языке."
    And as those words exited the instructor's mouth, Haru slapped himself on to his forehead, this will be much harder than he thought. He understood nothing, he thought that he would pick up some phrases and there were many that sounded similar to the Ishgar, but there were none. He was not sure if anything that was spoken were real words or just some made up sounds, it was already torment, and it had just begun.
    With a swift move, the instructor turned on his heals from class towards the board, and like he was fighting and not writing he moved swiftly and without a movement wasted. The letters of the alphabet were appearing like magic.
    Аа, Бб, Вв, Гг, Дд, Ее, Ёё, Жж, Зз, Ии, Йй, Кк, Лл, Мм, Нн, Оо, Пп, Рр, Сс, Тт, Уу, Фф, Хх, Цц, Чч, Шш, Щщ, Ъъ, Ыы, Ьь, Ээ, Юю, Яя
    Haru's was finally awake. He, for some reason, connected the moves of the hand when writing with moves with a sword when fighting. Haru started imagining the letters as if he was the one crating them with his sword and out of nowhere making noises of blade splitting the air. All the unarticulated sounds got the teacher's attention. He turned slowly to see the culprit and a smile formed on his face.
    "Вы меня не слушаете. Меч острый, но перо острее. Порядок, работа и дисциплина - основа моего языка. Такое поведение должно быть наказано."
    He snapped his fingers and the letters of the alphabet flew to Haru, who tried jumping out of his seat only to be put down by the Pergranti letter magic. The letters formed a circle around Haru putting him in place and showing him images of texts written in Pergranti. At the time it seemed like pure torture to uneducated Haru.
    Unsuccessfully struggling to stay awake, Haru had tried it all, chewing his cheek, pinching himself, biting his lip, twisting his finger. He even wanted to cut his hand off, but weapons were not allowed. Nothing was able to counteract the wave of sleep energy emitting from the language instructor, aside from the torture space he was in. Every time his eyes would close a wave of pain would strike through his spine and a shout would ring in his ears.
    Almost 40 minutes of the lesson passed when for the final time, the pain and the shout struck Haru. He was mad, so he jumped fighting the force of the spell on him and shouted back.
    "Сосредоточьтесь, сосредоточьтесь. Я пытаюсь сосредоточиться, но это так скучно. Я ничего не узнал. Кроме того, я хотел выучить какой-нибудь крутой язык и ничего не понимаю. Почему меня волнует, что я нахожусь в зоне внимания?"
    As the words exited his mouth he could see that the teacher had just finished writing the alphabet on the board. He looked in confusion in all directions, as there was no trace of the letter magic he was under. Was it all an illusion? But if it was, how did he learn to speak and understand Pergranti?
    "This will be all for today. See you next time."
    The teacher put his hands in his pockets and exited the room. All the students were still very confused.

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