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RP My Hero Academia


RP My Hero Academia Empty RP My Hero Academia

Post by Rp MHA 15th November 2020, 8:44 am

[align=center]RP My Hero Academia GjYtj7Y[/align]

Website =www.RPMHA.com, Discord =CLICKME

This is an AU (Alternate Universe) My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero Academia or BnHA) forum-based Role Play site for all! Join us for self-driven story lines, custom quirks, events, Organization and Agencies, and so much more for all to enjoy. Enjoy RPing at your own pace, friendly staff, great community, lots to do and achieve, and an overall amazing experience on www.RPMHA.com. As a JCink (PREMIUM) forum site, we do our best to stand out with creative ways of engagement, and the ability for the community to share their thoughts and opinions in a fair way. We have our discord chat that you are more than welcome to join CLICKME to engage with the community. Feel free to come here and do free roam (no travel restrictions) based socials, combat if you would like, join and create your own schools, SOLOS, and more. Here is a list of the different benefits of joining RP MHA:

- SOLO writing or multiplayer posting.
- Word Count OR Post Count, YOUR CHOICE.
- Custom Quirk making.
- No travel restriction.
- Organizations, Schools, Agencies.
- Special Traits.
- Character Liquidation Ability to start off higher than someone normally would.
- Special Events.
- Rewards!
- Mature Threading for 18+ if you so choose.
- Staff Positions Open for those who are interested.
- JCink Premium
- Fresh Start/New Beginnings
- Political Capabilities
- Be a Hero, be a vigilante, a villain, a regular citizen or even be a police officer or a bakery shop owner. Be who you want!
- Start and live anywhere on the globe, no barriers or restrictions on that.

Join us at www.RPMHA.com, and chat with us in Discord = CLICKME ! PLUS ULTRA!"


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RP My Hero Academia Empty Re: RP My Hero Academia

Post by Althea 22nd November 2020, 11:13 pm

linked back, thank you~!


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