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    Violent Preamble


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    Violent Preamble Empty Violent Preamble

    Post by MoRueran 28th October 2020, 11:37 pm

    A combat test is being conducted in a lab situated somewhere in Magnolia, the trial run of an autonomous weapon using working imitations of already existing magics is set at a square arena that is two-hundred by two-hundred meters and is at an elevation of two feet.

    The testbed begins at the preparation period, the following abilities have been activated. Normal abilities include Red Marathon, Autumn Bog Armor, Resilient Abstract, and Resilient Concrete. The effects active will be by order of activation. Maximum stamina capacity is given a forty-five percent boost, a natural defensive barrier formed with set durability health of one-hundred eighty, magical damage received will be reduced by fifty percent, physical damage received will be reduced by fifty percent. The increases to stamina consumption as a consequence of ability drawback have been calculated in advance, the total stamina cost will then be reduced through the passive effects of Saffronic Long Hunter and the Solitary Caster trait inherent of this ability system. Potential total stamina expenditure equates to one-hundred-five points, cost reduction measures are rounded off and amount to fifty-three points in stamina expenditure. The signature ability Cruelty Bearer is in continuous passive effect, granting a forty-five percent boost in maximum health capacity.

    The following Advanced Abilities have been activated are "Bident" Pulverizer and Copious Crimson. By order of activation, the physical strength of the user is magnified by one-hundred-twenty-seven percent, with total strength boosted from thirty points of potential damage to sixty-eight points of potential damage. The second ability mimics the effects of the first by increasing the user's strength by one-hundred twenty-seven percent. The two advanced abilities in tandem grants the user's strength by an overall boost of two-hundred fifty-four percent, increasing strength and potential normal damage output to one-hundred six points. Non-mage fighter Martian Moonie is standing by for mock battle in readied stance.


    The autonomous weapon prototype has been given the informal designation "Magistratus", this particular unit will serve as the foundation for a mass-produced line of mechanized protectors that are to serve in settlements where the presence of Legal wizard guilds or Neutral guilds is either extremely low or nonexistent in a given settlement that is vulnerable to hostile elements such as domestic terrorism or foreign incursion. Its armaments include repurposed and reinforced armor acquired from the Fiore military and a tower shield. Its primary weapons installed within its internal systems are various lacrima of various elemental magics and a synthetic Ethernano storage container attached to an active ambient particle absorber.

    The test subjects approach and have reached the proper striking distance, the first exchanges have been made. Magistratus is keeping its distance as its defensive equipment can't sufficiently stave off any extensive physical damage over long periods of time. Its arms extend in front of itself and are trained on Martian's location as he moves, shooting off a potent combination of wind and fire elemental magic to create a wild inferno. In a blur of Vanishing Vermillion, Mars closes the distance, and lets loose a barrage of heavy blows with a destructive potency equal to a total of ten C rank spells going off in quick succession in point-blank range. The automaton comes out of the clash worse for wear but is entirely salvageable. The test concludes.


    Health: 600/600
    Stamina Pool(SP): 600/600
    Character Speed: 80 mps
    Melee Damage: 40 hp [+36 hp][+36 hp][+34 hp]
    Erythrite Domain Sensory: 150-meter radius [When Activated]
    Unexplained Prowess

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