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    Charitable Help Empty Charitable Help

    Post by Lyretich 22nd October 2020, 1:09 am

    i never told a lie, and that makes me a liar.
    The lovely capital city of Crocus, know as the city of flowers, is always an impressive sight with the number of plants the place has. It indeed is a colorful and green city, worthy of being the capital city of Fiore. The job request this time came directly to the guild and was made a charitable organization that is helping with planting even more flowers and taking care of them, into the already beautiful parks of the city.

    The alarm clock ringed, as Lyretich opened his eyes to a still-dark room, checking his iLac first, that was placed on a charger before switching on the light in the room and somehow in a stumbling way of moving, making his way to the bathroom, washing up, getting dressed, I guess this will do, he looked one last time into the mirror, before making his way to the canteen, which luckily worked twenty-four hours on the S.S Endeavor, as wizards didn't really have a set schedule and could be dispatched to a job at any time of the day, it was important for the guild to keep those that live on the deck - in dorms, well-fed and ready for action at any given time.

    The park that Lyretich will help at is located on the east side of the city, the organizers requested for the mage that will help them to come extra early, so here he is at six-thirty in the morning, still sleepy and bearly keeping his eyes open, making his way to the mentioned location. The young boy was dressed casually, wearing some comfortable sneakers with fitted sweatpants and a hoodie over a white t-shirt, the clothes were fashionable but comfy enough to move with freedom of movement, as Lyre had suspected that the job today might be quite the physical labor and its better for the outfit to be on the loose end.

    As he dragged his feet closer and closer to his destination, he admired the already beautiful part of this place, the early morning air was filled with the scent of different flowers, while the light illuminated the path he was taking, with green trees and colorful bushes on both sides. At one point in his walk, he spotted a kind-looking middle-aged woman, waving at him, "Here, here!" she waved her slander looking arm in the air quite energetically, for this time of the day.

    "Hello there," she greeted the sleepy boy fondly, with a big smile, "you must be Lyretich from Meliora Vitae, right?" Lyre returned the smile, "Yes, that's right, I am here to help you with what you had requested." Both of started to move in the direction of another path, that led them to the rest of the volunteer's group, "thank you for coming all this way, sorry to make you come this early, you look quite sleepy, but it is better to start early, while people are still sleeping and not making his way thru this park, why don't you have a cup of coffee as I introduce you to the rest of the people here." The working group was a lot bigger than what Lyretich had expected, but from another point of view, the park was huge in its scale.

    As his heavy-lidded eyes opened bit by bit, as the warm beverage purged into his body and soul the group went over who is who, and what must be done, Lyretich was entrusted with planting the flower pots and some trees and after watering all of that afterward. "Got it, I will head off to the area then," he threw away the paper cup into the bin that was located not far from his standing spot, before joining his group and heading to the area given to them.

    The flowers in the brown-colored pots were colorful, and the tree stalks were fragile-looking, the young boy took the tools into his hands and started to dig still chilly yet soft soil to make the necessary sized holes before moving the plants out of the pots and into the ground. The job was like an exercise, and the young male loved some good-old moving around and calorie burning, so he chose not to use magic or call upon his companion - Wen Yan.

    "Young man, how are you holding?" a middle-aged man from his group inquired, as a few hours had already passed since they started the seemingly never-ending cycle of diffing, planting, and watering. "All good," he looked back with a smile and a few drops of sweat as he answered the stranger with a  smile over his lips. "Keep up the good work, it is all for the beauty of our city," the man laughed wildly as he encouraged Lyretich, before returning to his own work.

    It had been quite a while, squatting, getting up, and doing all this work that finally results could be seen, as most of the designated areas were getting more and more colorful and green, as now the air was filled with a stronger scent of flowers. "Now, it is finally done!" Lyretich and the rest of the group exclaimed loudly with a ring of victory in their voices as they got up from their squatted positions to stretch and breathe in and out a breath of relief from a well-done job. "Time to enjoy some nice lunch," one of the strangers exclaimed in the distance, as the rest of the group joined in the victory woohoo.

    The lunch itself was simple, but very heartwarming, especially after all the work they had done in this first half of the day. The group of volunteers was friendly and chatty, just the way this young adolescent boy liked. "Thank you for all the hard work," the kind-hearted middle-aged woman, smiled at Lyretich as she passed by, each and every person at the lunch table thanking them for their well-done work. Now every time Lyretich will visit this park, he will see the fruits of his hard work, blooming and growing.

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