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    A surprising discovery


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    A surprising discovery Empty A surprising discovery

    Post by Yingvi 9th October 2020, 5:08 am

    Her home was made of twigs, leaves, and straw. The small but cozy house was placed in the woodlands near Oak Town. She would only visit the town for jobs and trading. At her home, she liked to care for the animals and farm in her little garden. One day she was playing with some leaves to entertain some small critters. She would throw them into the air so the small animals could try and catch them. Suddenly a shield of leaves appeared but quickly disappeared. Yingvi, in shook, stood up and looked at the air where the shield just was. The critters around here ran scared away and looked at her from the bushes and trees. What must she do now? What was that? Did she do that?

    Curiosity grew inside her and she decided to take a leave from the ground. The leave inside her hand felt light and was colored by the autumn season. Curious but unsure stood she there. Eventually, she threw the leave into the air for the wind to catch. With great anticipation, she looked at how the leave transformed into a beautiful shield. The shield was made of four big leaves nicely green colored and the vines were dark green. The elegance and practicality of the shield surprised her but not as much as the appearance of the shield. It never came to her mind that she might have magic.

    Day in day out she was practicing the shield and every time it stayed longer and longer. After another day of training, she was contemplating if she had any other spells to perform. The shield spell which she named Ing’s protection needed leave for casting. Maybe other spells needed plants as well. In order to find that out, she grabbed a leave and played around with it. Sooner than later she found another spell. The manipulation of vines. After some extra practices could root also be manipulated. A name was needed for this spell. Ostara's rage. That sounded nice.

    A few months later she found two more spells. These were named Sunna’s light and Ertha’s kiss. Sunna’s light was the one she used a lot. It helped her see a little bit better in the darkness of her forested home. Ertha’s kiss was the hardest to figure out. She was really surprised by this particular spell. Apparently, she could increase the healing purposes of a plant by a simple chant. The chant was not unfamiliar to her. It was a prayer her mother said when times were hard or advice was needed. She missed her dearly but was happy her memory could be eternalized by this lovely and wholesome spell. With her mother in mind, she promised herself to only use the spells when in danger or to help others. Since her magic required plants she decided to have a few leaves on her person at all times.  the only thing she had to do was to reinsure the critters to not to be afraid whilst she was practicing.


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