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    The Warning


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    The Warning Empty The Warning

    Post by Erika 7th October 2020, 6:14 am

    It hadn’t been all that long since she’d joined the guild but Brianna couldn’t help but be surprised by how easily she’d managed to adjust to things. For the first time in her life, she was surrounded by those who looked upon her as an ally rather than down their noses at her and she’d probably felt more comfortable with herself now then she’d ever had before. If she was honest with herself, she knew that she should have come to Fiore sooner but she was here now and that was all that mattered. Her encounters with Victoria and Luna had helped her to relax and her usual awkwardness had become more or a nuisance than a hindrance at this point. It wasn’t quite as crippling although she’d be the first to admit that she still wasn’t anywhere close to being a social butterfly.

    She was wandering through the streets of the Ace Of Spade that morning, taking the chance to have a look around the town and perhaps pick up an item or two to aid with her crafting. She’d been lacking in the way of precious metals without her father to provide them but the chestnut haired teenager had been given a tip that there was a store that might have just what she needed. She hoped so anyway as Brianna was desperate to get back to work and forge her latest and hopefully most potent weapon yet. Her Dwarf Basher was a fine piece of work and definitely suited her but she wanted to attempt something more intricate for a change to try and spread her creative wings, so to speak.

    Following the directions given to her, Brianna would head into one of the more seedy parts of town, unafraid of those who might be skulking about but keeping on her toes, remembering Victoria’s warning about such areas. She was dressed in her usual red and white combat gear with Dwarf Basher attached to her hip, giving a stark warning to those who wanted to try something to back the hell off. Brianna was more than ready to dish out a beating if someone wanted to have a go at her although it seemed that most folks gave her a wide enough berth.

    Her eyes were soon drawn to a large shop sign with an anvil on it and with a slight smile upon her face, she would head straight towards it but before she could reach the shop, her slayer enhanced senses would suddenly scream out to her. On instinct, she’d draw her blade and spin 180 degrees, her blade cutting through a jet black coloured dagger that had been aimed straight at her. The remains of the projectile would fade away to nothing while Brianna would find herself staring down a large cloaked figure, a white coloured mask covering their face

    “Well blocked,”
    the figure said, its voice clearly masculine although far deeper than an ordinary man’s. “I see that your reaction times are as quick as I’ve heard.”

    “Who are you and what do you want?” Brianna snapped, not thinking much of his cowardly method of introducing himself. “If you’re looking to try and mug someone, you’ve picked the wrong target. Get out of here before I teach you a lesson you’ll not forget in a hurry.”

    “Now, now. Cool your jets, Miss Dragon Slayer,” the figure replied, “My little stunt was just to test you, nothing more. I would hate to have come all this way and delivered my message to the wrong girl, after all.”

    “That’s some weird garb for a deliveryman to be wearing, don’t you think?” The copper eyed girl retorted, sheathing her sword and folding her arms across her chest. “Don’t bullshit me and get to the point. I have things to do although if you’re going to be in pain, I’ll gladly send you packing first.”

    “So feisty,” the cloaked figure chuckled, “Alright, I’ll cut right to the chase. Your little quest to reclaim your family honour? It ends now. You are going to leave things be in Ca-elum or...”

    “Or what?” Brianna barked sharply, cutting him off mid sentence and taking a step towards the figure, her voice sounding draconic for a moment. “My plans are none of your concern.”

    “Mine? No. The ones I work for, yes,” came the confident reply, “Listen to me, child. Just accept the fact that your family will never regain their status and focus instead on your new life here. If you insist on trying to shake up the status quo then things are going to take a far more drastic turn and you will regret not heeding my message. Your father is smart enough not to make waves and you would be wise to be as accommodating as he is.”

    “I’m not my father and you can stick your bosses message straight up your ass,” the slayer grimly replied, her hand once more moving down towards her sword. “I will restore my family's name and if I have to go through you, your employers and half of the families in Ca-elum then I will do so. I will create a weapon so majestic that it will trump all others and the elders will have no other option than to treat the Tano family with the respect it deserves. Once that has happened, I will use every method at my disposal to rid the land of this patriarchal bullshit that has controlled it for so long and bring equality to the country. You can take that message back to your boss.”

    The cloaked male remained silent for a few moments, before raising his hand and vanishing into nothing, leaving the slayer alone once more. She couldn’t help but ponder about just who had sent her attacker but for the moment, there was little she could do and with that in mind, she’d return to the task that she’d come here to do and confident about the path that she’d chosen to follow.

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