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    Something Familiar

    Cassiti Calixte
    Cassiti Calixte

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    Something Familiar Empty Something Familiar

    Post by Cassiti Calixte 1st September 2020, 7:48 pm

    is not something you find. You create it.  
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    It was difficult trying to fit in with this strange and foreign land that was so far removed from what she was used to. Cassi was having trouble finding much of anything that the two locations had in common, and while it was exciting in many ways it was also a bit terrifying and more than a little off putting at times. The people around here didn’t always act the way she was used to, particularly since she was not an integral part of the culture here like she was on Avalon. It was refreshing and daunting all at the same time, and as each day went on she found herself with an increasing sense of emotional vertigo.

    Luckily, there were a few places she found that gave her a sense of peace, and most of those were whenever she came across a church or cathedral of any kind. These were the only structures that even came close to reminding her of home, their designs vastly different from the temple where she was raised but still glorious and beautiful in their own right with vaulted ceilings, stained glass, and expertly crafted stone. They were calming and serene, often with little gardens attached to them where she felt like she could breathe again. And she loved meeting with the resident priests to learn about their religions and the gods they worshipped. In turn, they had quite a lot of questions about Aryennrhod. So far, none of them had heard of Cassi’s goddess but that was to be expected. She quite enjoyed the small moments of meeting with other folks of spiritual mind and revealing to them the revelation of her people and her place as an oracle among them.

    It was actually because of one such visit that she found herself now in a governmental building for one of the local towns. Cassi had expressed her longing to find things more familiar with her own culture, confessing a sense of displacement, and the priest she had been speaking to suggested that she get herself ordained from one of the local clerks. From what he explained, this would make her an official representative of her faith to the rest of the country, who would acknowledge her as a religious figure and allow her to perform certain rites such as ministering to people, validating certain forms of official governmental documents, and even officiating marriage ceremonies.

    So great was her relief and excitement at doing this that she was convinced this man had been put in her path by Aryennrhod to balance out the building chaos in her spirit. Cassi made her way immediately to the nearest clerk’s office and got to work reading up on everything she needed to know. Thankfully, the clerk was quite kind and patient with her, helping her go through the education process so she could fully understand everything that would be expected of her and all the types of rites and traditions she would be able to participate in. Once she was certain she had everything memorized, soaking the information up like a sponge, she took the written test and aced it. The lady was quite impressed with her for getting a perfect score, and after only a few more minutes Cassi was assigned a license number, official documentation, and her own custom seal for stamping paperwork. Already feeling much calmer and happier, she left the clerk’s office with a wide smile, practically clutching the paperwork and stamp to her chest.
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