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    Fairy Floss Slayer


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    Fairy Floss Slayer Empty Fairy Floss Slayer

    Post by uwulover Wed 22 Jul 2020 - 2:00

    Fairy Floss Slayer EDMVox6

    Magic Name: Fairy Floss Slayer Magic [Lacrima]
    Magic Type: Second Generation Demon Slayer

    Description and Lore

    • Originally, Riia did not have this beautiful, sugary magic. She acquired it from her transformation from a demon of hell into a fairy from the realm of pastels and all things cheerfully sweet. Typically, all of her abilities begin with the words "Fairy Floss" or "Sugar" in some way or another, even though it may not specifically be stated. For example, Cocoon's full spell name is Fairy Floss Cocoon. The colors of this magic can take on nearly any pastel hues, but blue and pink are admittedly favored above all.

      As a fairy floss slayer, Riia is able to both consume and control the elements of cotton candy and sugar. In addition, she is a demon slayer, meaning that all of her spells are tinged with a holy aspect that is extra effective against dark magic. On the whole, the fairy prefers to avoid fighting but will do so if absolutely necessary. She still considers combat, then, to be more of a game rather than anything else, particularly because it does not usually hold any great stakes for her due to being immortal. Even though certain types of fighting might damage her reputation, Riia can be overconfident in her ability to build it back up. She is granted power from her magical core but also may channel it through crystals. This is a statless magic.

    Riia's Magical Crystals:

    Unique Abilities

    • Spun Sugar: Riia's fairy floss can be eaten by anyone and everyone, without normal negative repercussions stemming from things such as allergies. The beautifully spun cotton candy is edible both in and out of combat, by non-slayers alike, so even if someone normally could not eat her spells, it is possible to ingest one just for the heck of trying out what it tastes like. Of course, they would have to deal with the aftermath of such actions, like taking damage or finding a way to avoid doing so.

      In addition, she may create cotton candy and sugary treats of any kind at will, in or out of combat, although they may only be used in PvP with OOC permission. As a matter of practicality, Riia's health points are increased as a result of ingesting so many sweets, magical or not. Generally, the demon is skilled in concealing her magical presence. In this way, she can cloak her strength as a wielder of magic and give off the impression of being either powerless altogether and an ordinary human or alternatively, a very weak mage. This only works out of combat.

    Spells: 3 Normal, 1 Advanced, 2 User Advanced, 5 Normal, 5 Advanced, 1 Signature [Lineage]

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