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    A Mysterious Light Shining Through (Juliet)

    Juliet Rothschild
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    A Mysterious Light Shining Through (Juliet) Empty A Mysterious Light Shining Through (Juliet)

    Post by Juliet Rothschild 20th July 2020, 8:07 pm

    A Mysterious Light Shining Through (Juliet) T9beJCI

    For some odd reason, Juliet had felt called to travel to Sakuramori today. By natural consequence, most individuals tended to avoid the forest. Whether the individuals who had gone missing could be attributed to sheer dumb unluckiness, or something more mysteriously menacing, there was a high mortality rate among those who dared to wander inside. Famed for the legendary magical creatures that roamed freely around within the woods, Sakuramori was of great intrigue to many. Juliet, personally, had never found herself to be too fascinated at the prospect of entering. After all, the mage was not particularly interested by exotic beasts, especially as she'd already had plenty of encounters with dangerous spirits. As a matter of fact, the girl would have preferred to avoid areas in which she could potentially be trapped for days. Not only could she possibly lose her life, but she was also keenly aware of the time that would be wasted trying to get out. Efficiency was Juliet's primary focus, and wasting weeks attempting to navigate out of the blossoming maze would undoubtedly prove counter productive. However, as she had already acknowledged, today the girl felt an uncanny pull to the beautiful location.

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