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    Post by Thagirion 19th July 2020, 2:55 pm

    If there were to ever be something Thagirion would never truly understand, it was the attending or the hosting of a party. To his understanding, it was something people did when someone was born, when someone had been alive for another year without fatal incidents, when somebody reached a new height in their life or simply for no reason at all. To go through all of that effort just so other people would be able to enjoy themselves at the expensive of the person hosting the party seemed contradictory, as it was something that seemed like it would be meant to benefit the host. It was their party after all. But humans were strange like that, that was about the only constant he had come across while wandering across Earthland for the past months, both that and that everything eventually withered and died.

    At first, Thagirion had decided to remain near the outskirts, only really venturing into the city when he had gotten the urge to try some new food. Appearing as he usually did when he was not out studying people or testing others to see whether they had the potential for greatness or not, those that saw him would see the former Wizard Saint called Solmar. And while he was still in there somewhere, Thagirion had not seen or heard anything regarding him for quite some time. Or rather, he had never even noticed a shred of him, though he knew better than to believe that any of the souls dwelling inside of his body would ever disappear. After all, he possessed quite a few souls these days, most being unwilling guests that were now tied to his body in the same way he was. Save for two of them, all of them had made the mistake of running afoul with him, attacking or pressuring him to the point where he lashed out, destroying their physical bodies and devouring their souls in the process.

    Up in the distance, he could see the people dancing together to a strange kind of noise he could only assume was what passed for “music” here. Even though he did not enjoy the sound playing in the streets at all, he did enjoy the way in which everything had been decorated, the vibrant colors being pleasing to his eyes that had grown accustomed to pitch darkness for millennia. Making his way through the streets towards the diner he had set his mind on, Thagirion figured that they would be having special meals to commemorate this day. In all likeliness, that meant that there would be something in it for him too, something he had either never tasted or something he had had before but with newly added flavors. Already picturing it all in his head, he turned the corner, only to see something that would likely horrify the average person that could actually feel things. The diner had been thrashed, and was still being given a rough treatment.

    Continuing his approach, he saw a strange looking girl sitting on top of a broken table, playing with a strange type of doodad, accompanied by strange creatures that seemed like the same type of elementals that Solmar had beaten along with a member of the Rune Knights a year or so ago. What made them stand out was that they were made up of some sort of neon pink colored liquid instead of mere water. Simply sitting in the midst of the five ravaging elements as she tinkered with her tool, Thagirion walked up to her and pulled up a broken chair to sit down on, much to the surprise of the girl and the elementals that turned towards him in curiosity. Noticing that the things touched by the elementals was showing signs of acidic burns, he would not enjoy it a whole lot if they touched him directly. Shooting a glance towards them, he made it quite clear with body language alone that they would do well not to get too close to him.

    What the fuck do you think you’re doing here you useless boomer, you’re on PL4GUE turf now. So you either scram right now, or my buddies will rough yo- Hold on for a second.

    Looking up from her doohickey just long enough for her to issue a threat, she dove right back into it only seconds later as it seemed that she had something important to get back to. Sighing as he got up from his seat, he extended his hand towards her in an attempt to shake her out of her trance, provoking the ire of the elementals that rushed towards him. In the blink of an eye, the arm he had extended towards the girl turned into an oversized black claw that twisted and contorted, slamming the elemental into a nearby wall where it splashed apart into a lovely display of colors. Looking at the black claw, it seemed that his magic had instinctively activated itself in order to protect himself from harm. This however only triggered the other elementals into a state of violence while roughly waking the girl from her trance and causing her to cry out for help as she shot behind her seat. Using his warped black arm to penetrate the nearest elemental with four jagged claws, he then clobbered the second repeatedly like a carpenter knocking a nail into wood.

    Repeating the process while the other elemental was still stuck on his claws, he continued clobbering the one on the ground as the claws tore the other to bits. After several seconds of just outright smashing with his fist onto the concrete, he turned his attention towards the fourth elemental, shooting thick black tendrils out of his claw arm that penetrated it from a distance as the fifth elemental rushed past him and into the street. Moving out of his reach, it seemed weird to him that an elemental summon would just leave their master behind, as the girl was still behind the seat. Retracting the tendrils back into his claw as the black mass retreated back into his body to leave your average human arm in its place, the girl peeked over the edge of the seat once the sounds of fighting had died down. When their eyes met, Thagirion planned on asking the simpler questions such as why she had done all of this, and why her follower had just outright abandoned her, though what he saw on her face was not fear, but rather a smirk.

    Hahah! You really are an idiot aren’t you. Those things you smashed? They belong to the leader, and since you let one of them go, I imagine they’ll be here to bury your idiot ass any second now!

    Having heard just about enough out of the smug girl, her loud laughter as a means of provoking him did indeed provoke a response out of him. Kicking against the chair she hid behind, it hit her in the head and caused her to fall over backwards, knocking her out for a while. The moment he shut her up however, he could clearly hear the “music” again, making him uncertain as to whether he would rather hear her provocative laughter or listen to the deafening tunes these humans were blasting in their party. Luckily for him, he did not need to wait for too long as the elemental returned, backed up by a strange looking person. Even though he really did not know a whole lot about it, he could tell that this guy was using a lot of technologically advanced stuff, wearing it from head to toe in what Thagirion could only assume spelled trouble. Out of all of it, the only thing he saw that made any sense to him was the horned skull mask, proving that he had not come out here for any hugs and cuddles.

    Raising his hand to the sky with his thumb, index finger and pinky extended in a way that was likely some kind of sign most people would understand, a blast of noise was released from the device attached to his chest. Being outright deafening and somewhat disorienting, the only upside was that he could not hear the music right now. Making use of this moment of weakness, the final elemental shot up behind him and punched him in the face, slapping him right into and through the table he had been sitting on. Feeling the burning sensation on his cheek, Thagirion abandoned his hearing in order to instead focus on his magical means of sensory as a second blast of noise was shot towards him. Clearly not affected the elemental at all as it started to make the world around him shake, the elemental turned his fist into a sharp appendage and attempted to stab it right into Thagirion. Only really hitting the concrete however as Thagirion turned himself into a living shadow and shot across the floor towards the guy with the high tech armor.

    Being able to feel that the blast of noise were magical in nature, he could feel where they were coming from even as his other senses were in a state of disarray. Turning his hand into a claw and embiggening it to the point where it could grab and hold an entire elephant, he did not want to take any risks as he just planted it down from above like how one would squash a fly. Following up on the smack was the sound of concrete breaking underneath his hand, as well as the shattering of equipment as the guy using the sonic booms only barely survived having many of his bones cracked. Had he not been wearing the armor around his body, chances were that his organs would have been squeezed right out of him, killing him on the spot. Trying the same tactic again, the elemental tried to attack Thagirion from his blind spot, only to be wrapped and picked up by his large clawed hand and lifted up off of the ground. Moments later, he squeezed his fingers together and crushed the elemental down to a liquid pulp that ran from his black fingers and unto the cracked concrete.

    My, such violence! I had expected Orcana to be beaten, being the impudent child that she is. But for my elementals and my right hand man to fall to a … large right hand, that was unexpected! A tip of the hat to you!

    Looking around to the corner of the street where the others had come from up until now, a man wearing a strange straw hat and rather traditional clothing mixed in with neon green attachments staring back at him. Noticing the sword hanging from his hip, Thagirion imagined that this was the guy the girl, whom he now knew was called Orcana, had been referring to when she spoke about the leader.

    Is this your doing? Did you order them to destroy that diner? I was planning on eating there…

    Why yes, I suppose you could say that I did. You see, this party that they’re hosting, that terribly music they are playing? MY IDEA! … minus the bad music obviously. I have been planning this party for months now, and someone came in and took it out from under my nose, and now they have the audacity to claim it as their own?! Oh no no, not gonna happen.

    Look.. I really don’t care about the party, I just want to get something to eat without being bothered, and you can continue being weird.

    As had been the case with Orcana, he had heard enough of this strange man and just wanted to get inside of the broken down diner. Maybe there was still something there that he could eat. But as soon as he turned around, a ball of pink flame shot past him and into the diner, setting the whole place on fire. Clearly the man was not yet done with him, and he just ruined every chance Thagirion had at trying something new today. Had he been the kind of person that possessed any emotion at all, he would likely have lashed out in anger by now. But seeing as how he did not, he was quite composed about his displeasure regarding the situation, already conjuring up various ways by which he planned on utterly eradicating this man and making him pay for an eternity. Holding out both of his hands, it was as if he reached into the space between dimensions and pulled out two swords that had once belonged to the Wizard saint. Preparing for a fight, he slowly walked over to the leader of this PL4GUE group to dish out harsh punishment.

    With his swords in hand, he could see how the katana, now unsheathed, had taken on a pink hue as it seemingly released the fire from it that razed the diner. So far, he had only been fighting based off of instinct, doing what seemed normal and letting his magic take the lead for him. This time however, he was going to use the full brunt of his magic by taking the wheel with both hands and releasing it right on top of this guy. With a short dash, the distance between them was closed as the blades collided with one another. Although faster than him, Thagirion had the benefit of wielding two swords to strike and deflect with, thus making up for the neon samurai being the faster combatant. Smashing their steel together as the ringing of the blows started resounding through the streets, people from the party were starting to get distracted from the dancing and came to watch the fighting. While people cheering the name “Solmar” was quite interesting as it showed that they at the very least knew of him, it was dangerous for them to be around the fighting.

    The guy he was fighting was out here to destroy as much of the celebrations as he could after all, even stooping low enough to destroy the only place Thagirion really came here for and trying to kill the mage for stopping his grand scheme of stopping a stupid party he didn’t even want to go to. Truth be told, this fight was one of two petty cases being thrown against one another, where one had gone out for the kill so that he could go on disturbing a party and harass or kill those that went to it, while the other was set on a path of retribution for a burned down diner and loss of new food to try. When the katana started glowing again, Thagirion knew what was coming, though he was ready for it. His swords were, after all, not there just for a flashy fight. Their true purpose was to enhance his magic and concentrate it on one spot, meaning he just needed a clear shot so he could end this in one go.

    Waiting for the guy to bring his sword down on Thagirion in an attempt at releasing a torrent of pink flame, Thagirion brought his two swords together from the both sides in a pincer move, releasing his most destructive magic between the two and keeping it concentrated there. In a burst of purple and black energy swirling and massing together, the samurai did not even get the chance to scream out in pain as his entire body went through a state of decay that destroyed him on an atomic scale. Leaving nothing of him, his true punishment had only just begun after his magic destroyed his body, consuming that person’s soul in the process as it had done to various others before him. As soon as the energy died back down and the samurai had been decomposed entirely, a loud cheering was heard from the crowd that had come to witness it. There was no doubt in his mind that many of them believed that this was some sort of show, or that a good deal of them had been taking strange medicine to enhance their experience.

    Doing a slight wave, Thagirion turned away from the crowd and made his way back over towards the outskirts. With the diner destroyed and the culprits punished, he would have to go out in search of a new place to get something to eat that was refreshing and new. Along the way however, he would not just be watching the clouds or counting blades of grass. No, he had captured another soul, one he intended on tormenting for quite some time to come for spoiling his fun by outright ripping his diner away from him right before his very eyes. To say that the soul of the neon samurai would be damned for all eternity was an understatement for the cruel punishment Thagirion had in store for it. However, before he could get to it, he heard the name “Solmar” shouted out over the speakers that had been hung up in the streets. Loud enough for him to hear it and make him turn around to see what the deal was, it seemed that the people who had been witnessing the fight had asked the DJ to call him back for an encore.

    Shrugging deeply, he put on a slight and fake smile as he wandered back. Part of blending in with the people was to do the kind of things that might have been expected of him, at least that was what he thought when he made his way over to where the DJ was. Expecting that he would need to say a word or two, the DJ temporarily took off his microphone and headset in order to talk to Solmar without everyone listening in on the conversation.

    Listen man, those people out there want you to pick a couple of tunes and play some songs. But don’t worry, all you really need to do is to hit the buttons as soon as they light up and send some positive vibes towards the crowd. You know, smile and wave. Everything here was pre-produced anyway, so you’ll barely be doing anything anyway. You cool with that?

    I… suppose I’m cool with that”.

    Not really being all that aware with what things like cool even meant, the fact that he was not feeling hot meant that he was likely cool. And so, he got behind the booth with the DJ as he put his mic and headset back on and started doing a bit of what the man had told him to do. Smiling a bit and waving sheepishly a couple of times while pressing the buttons that started glowing up, causing certain lights over the crowd to do strange things that seemed to rouse the people quite a bit. While he did not like the music one bit, the fact that the headphones cancelled out most of the noise made him quite comfortable with staying up there for a good thirty minutes. Keeping up the façade for a while before he would finally be allowed to leave, he did one more wave before making his way out of town. Even though living the life of another was funny every now and again, there were more pressing things to deal with right now.

    End :: 3220

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