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    Post by MoRueran 24th June 2020, 12:44 pm

    Martian Moonie penguin-walked his way into the office of a hypnotist who placed up a commission for someone who was willing enough to voluntarily participate in an experiment that would draw out a person's repressed memories. This was to be a Session Zero for this practitioner of mental manipulation and he was prepared to pay the test subject a decent sum of money for their troubles. This session would be recorded and then used as a demonstration of the hypnotist's skills at his craft, the video serving as a sort of commercial advertisement after making some necessary edits. Upon his boss Billiam Feyson's recommendation, he was encouraged to go see this hypnotist, who happened to be a friend of his when they were young kids out of some vocational school. This visit was made out of Billi's need to stop Mars from attacking people each time the young idiot thought magic was being used in front of him, and it was to be to a hypnotist because the head baker couldn't outright afford the services of a licensed honest-to-goodness psychiatrist.

    "Ok, before we get started, I'm going to need you to answer a few questions for me", Stephen Longstead, the name the hypnotist introduced himself as, took out a clipboard that had a couple of pages of what were assessment papers. After the first few questions, the routine procedure that was the introductory phase of Stephen's setup, the hypnotist then started delving deeper by asking more specific questions. "Tell me... is there any particular memory, any specific event that you remember where you started hating magic". With a pen in one hand and a notebook opened to a blank page in the other, the hypnotist would write down the key information he needed before he would really start his treatment. 

    Flames. Fire. A place was burning all around the very small child that was Martian Moonie. Screams, some in anger, some in fear, and some that were made in horrific glee. A man stood before a defenseless child barely old enough to walk, whose cries were muted and choked by the smoke that hurt his lungs, the figure clad in a black cloak with the hood pulled over his head to obscure his features. Amidst the carnage, the death, and the terror, the man gave off a peal of soft and amused laughter, standing in the center of the destruction as the flames flowed out of his hands, unscathed by the very all-consuming force that he wrought. The reliving of Mars's first and most traumatizing encounter with a user of magic was almost felt real, as though he was taken back in time and forced to witness it through the eyes of his much younger and weaker self.

    It was then that the hypnosis wore off, and the red marauder realized that he was standing and poised to strike Stephen with his right hand, which was clenched so tightly into a fist that it was white and was pulled back as though he planned on dealing a killing blow. Confused and startled at what he almost did without his awareness, Mars hopped back and huddled in a corner like a little kid who was caught getting in trouble. After some time was spent trying to regain his composure, Stephen lightly patted the boy's shoulder, "Um... we'll make an appointment for next session... hopefully we'll be better able to resolve this...".

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