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    I slithered here from eden.

    Flint Vandergrift
    Flint Vandergrift

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    I slithered here from eden. Empty I slithered here from eden.

    Post by Flint Vandergrift 12th June 2020, 8:18 am

    fairy tail
    In the corner of a Magnolian street, down the parked bikes and the walled business complexes that have long sinze outgrown the short, humble three story building that had situated itself in an otherwise innocuous street section, coffee was being made.

    A dusty, small space where no one walked by, no customers nor shop workers, no signs to review the brands of the day nor any decoration save for a single bi-colored tent of white and red. A simple "Open" sign was placed on the building in the middle of the day, yet the few that walked past only gave it a curious glance before moving on towards their modes of transportation. And for good reason.

    The shop was only open whenever the owner felt like it. And the owner only attended once or twice every week or so. But when it did, the effervescent smell of coffee roasting and dark chocolate pervaded the otherwise empty street.

    Toppa sat inside, Lady resting by a cushy bar stool. The abode was a humble cafe, with two rows of sofas, seating 8, and approximately 4 bar chairs on the first floor, and a single restroom that positioned itself beside a tiny kitchen. A single person worked inside, dressed in a filtered green apron, white shirt and jeans. His appearance was otherwise as innocuous and silent as its surrounding as heplaced a glass jar against hte table, screwed it shut, and wrote a label upon it. "46", before placing it atop a modified bar table which once held liquor, and now held beans. Dozens upon dozens of jars of coffee beans.

    "Meow." Called Lady.

    "What is it girl, you hungry again?" Toppa replied to his cat, before his eyes darted to the black and white feline. Her hairs were raised on end, and it look as if she was ready to pounce, as the cat stared intently at the door. As the swish of the door was heard, as was the clink of the the bell, Lady leaped off the couch and behind the counter.

    A customer. Time for his roasts to shine... hopefully.

    "Hi! Welcome to Toppa's coffee." Toppa called out, before his eyes turned to face the customer.

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