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    Xagroth's first Quest


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    Completed Xagroth's first Quest

    Post by Xagroth 16th April 2020, 3:04 pm

    "The Monster's Eggs"

    Xagroth came out of the boat and gazed around. "So this is the city that was attacked by that sea monster?" He said under his breath as he looked at the city's fortifications. "Guess they really don't want to be attacked by such a beast again" he said and turned to the aged boat captain to give him his payment. "You are damn right about that." said the captain. "Excuse me?" asked Xagroth as politely as he could. "Talking about the monster attack." The captain of the boat that brought Xagroth to the city started explaining how the monster attack ruined the city's economy and took many people's life's. "I see, I'm very sorry to hear that" said Xagroth, trying to empathize with the old man.  "Well, instead of being sorry, how would you feel if I told you that you could help prevent something like this from happening  again?" asked the captain with a wide grin on his face. Xagroth raised an eyebrow to the captain's question. He asked him what he meant by that, and the captain went on to explain how he discovered a small islet with some huge blue-ish eggs while transporting supplies last week. "I believe those things are the eggs of that beast that ruined our city back then. I think someone was talking about asking a guild for help but I am not sure how true that is" explained the captain. Xagroth started thinking that he had seen a similar quest on the the guild's quest board a couple of days before his trip to Hargeon. He collected some more info from the captain and decided to call it a day. After bidding the old man farewell, Xagroth went to search for an inn to eat something and sleep, since his journey to Hargeon was quite long and tired him out. Before he went to bed he made sure to sent a message to the Guild in order to let them know that he has accepted the quest directly from one of the townspeople.  

    As the sun started to shed its first light, Xagroth woke up and went over his supplies one last time. "That should be fairly easy, it's only Eggs after all." is what he thought and decided to not bring that much stuff with him as to not slow him down. He took his time walking to the harbor. He was surprised at how polite the townspeople were to each other and amazed by the beautiful white houses and simple, yet fascinating architecture. After heading down the hill and towards the harbor, Xagroth saw the old man signaling him. He greeted the captain, put his stuff on the boat and the two started their cruise towards the islet where the monster's eggs were laid.
    After what seemed like half an hour on the boat, they finally arrived at their destination.
    The islet was indeed very small with two medium sized palm trees and a couple of rocks here and there. In the middle of it, the eggs. About a meter tall and seventy centimeters wide. Xagroth knocked on the egg shells with his fingers to test their hardness. "A sword won't do it" he said as he approached one of the trees. "This seems like a heavy tree, it should be able to do the job." he thought and started swinging with a hatched he brought with him. After a couple of swings on the right spot, the tree fell on the eggs and crushed them. "From the looks of it, the eggs were a long way from hatching" said the old man. "Yeah, it's a good thing you saw them when you did."  "Indeed, who knows what would have happened if they hatched and were the same as that previous beast" said the old man thinking about how that would turn out.

    The two went back to the city to inform the mayor that the eggs have being taken care of. The two exchanged some last words and Xagroth left to explore the rest of the city. Besides, the guild received his message and decided it would be a good idea if he took care of some more quests in Hargeon, since he was already there.


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