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    Beauty & The Beasties (Kaido/Magnus)


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    In Progress Beauty & The Beasties (Kaido/Magnus)

    Post by Louie on Fri 10 Apr 2020 - 21:05

    "What? You got into a car accident?!" shouted Louie, standing outside of the Fairy Tail building, holding his iLac up to his ears with a vexed look on his face. "I entrust you with my car, and you crash it! Inutile! I want it fixed by tomorrow!" Louie chastised his chauffeur, ending the call after his tirade. William, his chauffeur, was supposed to be on his way to pick Louie up from this guild, but as luck would have it, that wouldn't be happening today.

    Standing there alone at the doorway, Louie was visibly crotchety. As usual, he was looking dapper as ever, dressed in his fashionable garments and adorned with his distinct gold jewelry—even his iLac was gold in color. His golden hair was let down as they ordinarily were, and his crimson eyes looked like rubies. In fact, Louie Calvin Klein looked like some sort of expensive item taken out of a display case, walking about like a diamond in the rough. Compared to the unimpressive office building behind him, Louie looked as if he didn't belong.

    "How ridiculous! All these pigs do is talk, fight, and tarnish my things. Tch." he clicked his tongue, looking up at the clear blue sky with his usual hard gaze. He held up his hand to shield his eyes from the sun's blinding light. Was it always this bright?"I've really outdone myself, putting up with these people."

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    In Progress Re: Beauty & The Beasties (Kaido/Magnus)

    Post by Supreme One Magnus on Sun 12 Apr 2020 - 17:13



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    Magnus was just stepping outside to head to his favourite restaurant - the one with the huge platter of chicken drumsticks - when he found himself overhearing some boy ranting about pigs talking and fighting. The boy was incredibly well-dressed, wearing the kind of clothing that Magnus had only seen on those weird posters that were about town. That is to say, he didn't look like a member of the guild and therefore it was odd to see him stood outside of the guildhall in the way that he was. Maybe he was lost? It made sense. People who got lost generally talked to themselves about crazy and wild things to keep themselves occupied - or because they'd lost their marbles, but somehow Magnus didn't think it was the case this time. Now what was it Kaido had told him about introducing himself? Not to start fights randomly was one of them, although that was the hardest habit he'd had to break. The other was to say hello in a nice way and see if he could help.

    With these thoughts now arranged correctly in his head, Magnus stepped forward and gently tapped the boy on the shoulder. "Hey...are you okay?" he asked as kindly as he could muster, which was difficult given his natural gruffness. "Can I help?"



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    In Progress Re: Beauty & The Beasties (Kaido/Magnus)

    Post by Kaido Kemono on Sun 12 Apr 2020 - 23:46

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    Gods what is with these migraines, Kaido thought bitterly as he pushed open the door to the guild hall with a hand massaging his temples soothing. Surprisingly, the guild hall was starting to get a little too rowdy and loud for the gentle giant known as Kaido. For that reason, Kaido decided to step out of a smoke break before he would return to his game of poker. 'Don't blame me Kaido, your migraines are most likely due to your drinking and smoking habits' Ao Gaung would telepathically inform Kaido of his own short-comings, mocking the gentle giant, as he found himself in front of the guild lighting another cigarette. Kaido looked around the busy street and found Magnus talking to some blonde guy asking for help; the blonde dude for some reason looked familiar, it was that dude from the meyer game. Kaido decided to approach the two men, and see what was going on. 

    "Owi, how are you gentlemen?" Kaido would question. The gentle giant wore his usual attire, his black pants with leather over them, the white A-shirt, and the fur trimmed over coat. The blonde male seemed to have been upset with something, Kaido couldn't tell what it was about, or he honestly didn't really care what he was upset about. Ao Gaung however, did not like the blonde male, the dragon king simply whispered something about 'wrong' and a 'bad' feeling about this young man. However, Kaido would simply ignore the dragon and give Louie a chance to prove the dragon king wrong. "Wait a minute, I recongize you. You were in that game of meyer with the guild master and some other people, ah what was your name? Hmm, Lougie? Louzie?" he would scratch his head in thought, "LOUIE!"

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