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    The Monster Challenge Quest Part 01 - Job


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    The Monster Challenge Quest Part 01 - Job Empty The Monster Challenge Quest Part 01 - Job

    Post by Yakone 5th March 2020, 4:26 am


    Now that Yagi was in a guild, he was out and about with his black tank top on and the insignia of the Silver Wolf on his back. He was gleeing with joy and resting upon a makeshift hammock. It had been the early morning and he decided to take a good ole nap due to the fatigue that he had acquired after training. He then woke up straddled with a piece of paper that was placed on his stomach, whoever this person was that left the note on his stomach clearly didn't have any evil intent. He search through his bag of belongings and found that nothing was taken. Scratching his head in being confused, he read the letter curiously.

    "So some stalker wants a challenge huh. Alright, i'm up for it."

    He whispered this to himself, as he grabbed his belongings and placed his bag over the shoulder. Apparently he had to fight a giant spider and where the hell was he going to find a giant spider in these god damn woods! He then looked back at the letter, the location of the spider was given specifically. A large cave covered with webs on the outside. It didn't take long however, as he ventured to locations with hills and eventually found the entrance.

    Call it a sixth sense, but the spider knew that he was there. Brushing outwards from the cave, its legs struck his stomach which caused him to fly backwards and catching his landing with his feet digging into the ground. He looked up to see the giant spider and smirked underneath his breath.

    "I never had spider before hehe."

    He'd jump towards the spider, only for it to shoot its webs straight at his body. The capture was complete and now he laid on the ground being furious. Angered, he tried with all his strength to break free and he did. Catching the jaws of this spider's mouth just in time. With both his hands digging into the spiders mouth he tried keeping it wide open as possible. He stopped opening its mouth as it slammed shut instantly. He immediately began to pound the spider's face in left and right. His strong arms started to pay off as the spider began to become daze and with his quick moves, he was able to body slam the spider on his back. Pulling out his combat knife and stabbing both his eyes out along with slicing off its head. Covered in the blood of the spider against his face he smirked.

    "That's gonna show you to never mess with me!"

    He dragged the spider back to his camp base. Upon sleeping once again in his hammock. He woke up to the spider being gone and another letter on his stomach.

    ["Thanks for the spider, I left some money for you inside your bag."]

    He opened his bag and just like before. Nothing was taken and from the looks of it, another sentence was added.

    ["Ps, thank you for completing the job for me. I was too scared to face the spider and now this guild that i'm joining will take me in!"]

    He shook his head in disbelief. He had indirectly helped a man enter a guild.

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