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    Warrior of Steel


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    Warrior of Steel Empty Warrior of Steel

    Post by Faulkner 16th February 2020, 11:16 am

    Warrior of Steel RKLTe3R

    Warrior of Steel

    Baird Yuzill

    Purchase Proof:
    Trading hub - Page 35, Post n°872

    Some say that offense is the best defense while others insist that a good defense is the pinnacle of strength. Well, the author of this lineage, allegedly a knight of the Kingdom of Minstrel, certainly seemed to agree with both of these, becoming famous and eventually legendary for the combination of both his offensive and defensive strategy that he combined with the use of Requip magic, cladding himself entirely in steel, making him night unstoppable on the battlefield. Of course, such an act was not easy, and the knight's feats of incredible strength eventually saw the man promoted to the commander of the armies of Minstrel by the King himself, living a life of combat and glory before eventually fading away into the obscurity of history ... though seemingly not without detailing some of his techniques in a scroll.


    Armored Core:
    The author of this lineage scroll realized an important part of knighthood early on, detailing that it is not just the armor that makes the knight, it is who is underneath that is important. A knight should remain good at heart and honorable. The one reading this passage can, of course, interpret this however they like. What remains true, however, is that this knowledge influences the bearer of this lineage who will gain insight into the virtues of knighthood, allowing them to have two additional active Requip spells at once. The downside to this ability is that the user must use at least one solitary Requip type magic.

    Of course, a knight is also a capable fighter on the battlefield, embodying the drive to become a warrior whose name will be remembered by all. A task that is not exactly easy, though, as this scroll details, worth reaching for. The user's base melee damage for Requip weapons is increased by 50% and the base durability for Requip armors is increased by 50%. The user also gains additional base HP (Increases follow the chart below). The base increases are factored in before all buffs apply.

    • D rank: +25 base HP
    • C rank: +50 base HP
    • B rank: +75 base HP
    • A rank: +100 base HP
    • S rank: +125 base HP
    • H rank and above: +150 base HP

    Royal Arsenal:
    The warrior who wrote this lineage also goes on to detail that not only is it combat prowess or honor that makes a knight, their arms play an important role as well. Maintaining and strengthening their armory should be an important priority for a knight, and truly, all capable knights should strive to expand their arsenal into something worthy of a king! The user gains 2 additional signature spells that rank with them up to S for one of their magics, as long as that magic is at least partially of the Requip magic type. Further, the user also gains 2 additional advanced spells that rank with them up to S+ and H+ respectively for one of their magics, as long as that magic is at least partially of the Requip magic type. Additionally, the user has the option to give up their H rank spell slot within one of their Requip type magics to gain an additional H+ rank Advanced Spell slot (Unlocked at H rank) within the same magic, though this spell is limited to a single user per thread and costs double the regular base MP to cast. If one of these spell slots is used to make a Requip type spell the spell gains an additional ability of spell rank that can be either active or passive.

    While the first part of the scroll is based on the virtues of knighthood, the second part focusses on the legendary knight himself and the techniques he developed that ended up turning him into one, this part detailing the man's tactics for the offense. The bearer of this scroll can learn their own lessons from the techniques, though it is undeniable that they prove to be effective in combat. The user gains a 100% buff to both spell speed and spell range. Further, the user gains additional base spell damage and base melee damage (Increases follow the chart below). The base increases are factored in before all buffs apply.

    Spell damage:

    • D rank spells: +20 base damage
    • C rank spells: +30 base damage
    • B rank spells: +40 base damage
    • A rank spells: +50 base damage
    • S rank spells: +60 base damage
    • H rank spells and above: +70 base damage

    Melee damage:

    • D rank: +10 base damage
    • C rank: +15 base damage
    • B rank: +20 base damage
    • A rank: +25 base damage
    • S rank: +30 base damage
    • H rank and above: +40 base damage

    The last part of the lineage scroll written by the legendary Minstrelian knight, this part focussing on the man's tactics on the defense. While his opinion can be ... excentric at times, his insight into the flow of combat is undoubtedly valuable, as is the ability devised from this passage in the lineage scroll. The user is at all times surrounded by an invisible aura that acts as a shield around their form which has a durability of 5x user rank advanced damage (Up to S). This shield is a passive ability and cannot be negated or pierced by piercing spells, the durability of the shield restoring to full at the beginning of every post. Further, the user also gains a 100% buff to spell durability.


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    Nessa Cordelia Lux

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    Starlight Maiden

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    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux 17th February 2020, 5:43 am


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