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    Guard the Grandma Empty Guard the Grandma

    Post by Darataka 30th December 2019, 6:47 pm

    His hand fell to the blade at his side, eyes looking around carefully through the dimly lit streets as the winds had quieted down by now. His ivory hair ruffled in the gentle breeze that had been left over, but not enough to drown out the sounds like it had been earlier. He didn't like the idea of not being able to hear clearly through this part of the city, while the little old lady Ms.Cooper made her way behind him unknowingly.

    Ms.Cooper has unknowingly given him the lead he needed to find the second part to this overly complicated mission, what was meant to be a simple thief turned into a whole ordeal. Miss Cooper had accidentally had funds transferred into her own account that she had reversed the funds back to. This meant that whomever had been stealing jewels electronically had by now realized that Miss Cooper was involved and no doubt was planning to axe her.

    Darataka stayed high above on the rooftops now, eyes peeled while making sure to stay enough paces ahead. It was difficult to stick to the shadows and stay above it all at the same time. He crouched low and -


    Sparks danced across the cool night air as he barely managed to bring his blade up in time, a dark clad figure striking at him from the shadows with a long dagger held in reverse. A smile crept across Dara's lips as he looked at the almost completely garbed person.
    " I figured you would go for her."

    The Dark Wizard may have been returning the smirk from beneath his face mask, but there was no way other to tell. " Rookie mistake. Take out the Shepard, then the sheep."
    Their blades met again in another clash that rang out across the rooftops and each of the two jumped backwards. There was no more time for words, as the young Rune Knight knew he had to make this quick and clean.

    Darataka shifted his stance to hold the katana blade with his right hand and turn so his body was a narrower target, an almost fencing position as he crouched a bit. The opponent who he had just nicknamed in his head DK for Dark Killer, shifted his stance as well. The wind remained still for a moment as what gentle breeze could remain constant seemed to wait patiently for them.... Then as soon as he felt his hairs bristle up against the breeze, Dara vanished!

    Another shower of sparks, then another, and a third as they began to meet blades dancing across the roof top as one would poke and the other defended, testing each others reflexes and techniques until they felt comfortable enough to return the favor and switch sides. The pace was picking up with each strike, three showers of sparks turned to ten in half the time, then doubled until Darataka was at his limit realizing he was losing footing whole moving across the roof top.

    "Time to make my move."

    Dara blocked with his blade, and then threw his left forward in a flash of light blue and white.

    Then a few drops of crimson fell across the roof, and DK's body hit the ground.

    A deep sigh, and he fell to one knee.

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