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    Crusader's Test [Rank Up Exam]

    Nathaniel Stratford
    Nathaniel Stratford

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    Crusader's Test [Rank Up Exam] Empty Crusader's Test [Rank Up Exam]

    Post by Nathaniel Stratford 29th December 2019, 8:57 pm

    Nathaniel was given specific orders from the higher ups of Dies Irae today. They said that this was of utmost importance and they believed he was the most suitable mage for it. Honored by this task, he set out immediately to his former home of Magnolia. He did not think it possible he will be back sooner than expected and yet no one seems to recognize him the town has changed in his opinion. Though festive and happy as it always had been, the degree of which has decreased and anyone who has been in Magnolia for most of their lives, especially during the supposed “golden age” when Fairy Tail was still a legal guild. He scoffed at these things within his mind because this wasn’t the time to reminisce, this was a time to do his duty not only as a crusader that vowed to eradicate all evil, leaving no trace but also as a mage of Dies Irae a guild he believed was the gold standard for all legal guilds.

    As he walked down the stone streets, he was doing a perfect job blending in the crowd. He was not wearing his uniform, simply his casuals that he remembered were common in Magnolia and was glad to see they still were. It was also necessary to his mission because if his target, which was a very powerful but wounded dark mage were to see any threat to his plans then he would execute his hostages held in the hospital. Thinking about it made him wonder why Fairy Tail wasn’t even trying to diffuse the situation, this was their town after all further decreasing his respect for this so called venerable guild truly falling from grace, why they might be the very people who had to call upon Dies Irae to clean up this mess.

    Arriving at the scene, he was completely camouflaged among the townspeople looking on to the situation within the hospital and he was assessing the situation from within the crowd, noticing that Fairy Tail mages are indeed doing their best to handle the situation peacefully overhearing the report of one of them to his superiors saying that their target had placed a barrier around the entire hospital, no one sneak their way in and that the only way in or out is if the dark mage has demands like food or drink because putting up that barrier, strong as he was, greatly drained his power.

    “How much time before he regains his strength?”

    “It’ll take some time but with every food and drink they send in he recovers faster.”

    “Poison is not an option?”

    “No, he lets the hostages take first bite and sip.”

    The conversation Nat overheard was his ticket inside he thought it was simple as hijacking the next delivery of food inside however he also knew that this was not going to be as easy as that. He had to think of what to do as soon as he got in while he moved through the crowd looking for the next person to deliver food inside the hospital. But that’s exactly what bothered him, what can he do? This was not something he can take head on. A wounded S rank mage is still an S rank mage for him after all. But he had no time to stop and think because he saw the delivery arriving he had to act fast and step into the delivery woman’s way. Of course the lady was reluctant to hand over this important delivery because people’s lives literally depended on it despite Nat pleading that he was there to help, saying that he was a mage. Yet, the woman would not let up saying that she would hand it over to a Fairy Tail mage. Hearing this was making the whole ordeal more frustrating for Nat, he was just fortunate enough this girl wasn’t making a fuss by screaming as it looks like she really can’t with the fear in her eyes ever present and being the relatively nice guy that he is, tried to comfort the woman saying that everything was going to be ok and suddenly tears welled up in her eyes. She mumbled on and on about she was one of the hostages inside the hospital and was just chosen by the dark mage to go get the food even going on to explain that her family is still in there. He placed his hand upon the girl as he got more details regarding his mission. Because if this girl was indeed one of the hostages, then there would be a fuss if he was to replace her, they might even kill their relatives.

    He pondered on his next course of action as he held the girl in his arms noticing that she’s wearing sufficiently thick clothing - sufficiently thick for him to hide his face beneath it. Pulling away from the girl and wiping the tears off her face Nat explained his plan to her on how he could get in.

    In the hospital, the wounded dark mage was getting restless while wondering why his meal is taking so long to be delivered as he looked out through the window, watching the large crowd gathering more onlookers as time went by and thought to himself that perhaps his delivery girl was having trouble getting through the crowd. He sighed as he looked away from the window and walked towards his medical bed to lie down on it. Beside him was a nurse who was tending to his needs and wounds and lying on the floor was all the hostages he had. The room they were in was enough to hold a large group of people as they were in the emergency room. The dark mage was groaning at how painful the treatment was, but he had no choice right now, this was the only way for him to recover while he looked at his hostages, surprised that he was able to round them all up in his weakened state. They were fearing for their lives but they were cooperative at least making the whole situation relatively peaceful and silent.

    The silence was interrupted however with the arrival of the delivery girl, her face covered by her hood and hair. Upon seeing her, the dark mage sat up on his bed and exclaimed “Finally…” the girl immediately came to the dark mage’s side and offered him the food she had brought. And just as she explained to Nat earlier, the dark mage let the hostages take the first bites and sips revealing that the excessive quantity that was being brought in for one man was because they food was enough for everyone a common courtesy really from the looks of it because if he let these people die, he would have lost his bargaining chip.

    Some time had passed and every hostage had been given a meal and now it was the dark mage’s turn. He slowly lifted a piece of food towards his mouth but stopped before it touched his lips. Suddenly there was tension in the air, everything was paused no one can predict what was going to happen next. Then the dark mage threw the food towards the delivery girl and fired a bolt of dark magic at her relatives. A shockwave pulsed throughout the room when it seemingly struck the relative only to be unscathed after the trails of black smoke dissipated. The resulting shock and fear caused the others to run away, including the nurse, prompting the dark mage to fire an area spell.

    He wasn’t able to bring it down however because the delivery girl - who still had the piece of food thrown at her on her cheek that was slowly slipping down - caught his hands. Irritated, the dark mage cancelled the spell and headbutted the girl staggering her that caused her to back off and release the mage’s hands. Now free once more, the dark mage conjured a weapon on his right hand and tried his best to lift it up and strike the girl down. The attack was blocked however by a weapon: Ashbringer.

    “That was clever of you, mage.” the dark mage said. “It took awhile for me to pick up your magical energy. You must be that weak that there was no trace of it.” he added while he continued to bring his conjured weapon down hoping to get through the block despite his injuries.

    Seeing as it wasn’t working, he lifted his weapon once more but was quickly sent back when he was struck by a bolt of light magic that came out of the girl’s left hand. Angered, he roared at her with magic that the girl only braced with crossed arms. Bits of her clothing and hood were being shredded in the force. Slashes were evident in the body and blood was oozing out from them and slowly the “girl” put “her” hands down and under the shredded clothes fallen out wig was a mage in plates of Dies Irae uniform.

    “Dies Irae?!” the dark mage commented upon seeing the man behind the disguise and scoffed. “To the death then…”

    He charged at Nathaniel as he removed the rest of the disguise as they were just getting in the way and quickly cast 3 spells succession. Punish The Wicked. Inner Fire. Engulfing Light. All these spells synergized well in the situation he was in, creating a field that will burn his enemies as he cast spells, increasing their effectiveness and healing him, cleansing his body of the slashes he endured earlier. The combination of spells stopped the dark mage’s charged as well and once he thought it was over, he tried to lift his weapon up once more but couldn’t. The fires had opened up his wounds again and he was losing so much blood. On his other hand he tried to launch a spell but because of his wounds he wasn’t fast enough and Nat threw his sword at him only to be caught in mid air and discarded to the side. He was running out of spells to use and the dark mage was far from done. But Nat knew he cannot let him get space to cast spells or do something powerful that he can’t stop. No, he had to keep close to him and limit his enemy’s options as well. Having done so in the past, Nat charged at the mage and tackled him in an attempt to wrestle him down to the ground. The enemy being still slightly stronger than Nat was able to brace it and proceed to stab him on his back multiple times but he wouldn’t let go instead his grip got tighter and tighter until the dark mage had been having problems breathing and his limbs slowly getting limp.

    Finally, he was able to throw him to the ground and once again cast a spell. Two in fact, Holy Ripple and the other that summoned a cheesecake to increase his physical strength. And while the dark mage knew he was going to get pounded by multiple punches, he could not guard due to the flames setting his body aflame when Nat used the two spells making him open for the beating he was about to receive.

    It was a bloody mess while Nat was “working” he did not let up until he was sure the man was dead. Nat sat on the body sighing and catching his breath and looked at the bloody pulp of a face he just gave the dark mage seeing no movement from it whatsoever. A confirmed kill he thought and so he got up and retrieved his sword before leaving the hospital.

    Outside, he was greeted by armed Fairy Tail mages, not knowing he was the supposed hero of this story. Thankfully, the delivery girl he came across earlier now dressed in different clothes that they picked up at a store near the are vouched for him which made them lower their weapons and allowed the Dies Irae mage to move along and report his mission success to his guild master. Saying another goodbye to his hometown, thankful for not running into any familiar faces…

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