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    Bulwark's Empty Castle

    David Bell
    David Bell

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    Bulwark's Empty Castle Empty Bulwark's Empty Castle

    Post by David Bell 28th December 2019, 11:02 am

    Christmas pet - Mistletroll:



    Non-Combat Pet

    This little guy has the spirit of romance on his mind. He shows up whenever and however he wishes, posing as the very plant he looks like; Mistletoe. He flits in over two unsuspecting peoples’ heads, hanging really still but making sure to make a jingle noise to alert them to look up. The whole goal is to try to make people as awkward as possible by making them kiss!

    Bulwark's Empty Castle VKUGN3w


    Name: Kiss Kiss Fall In Love!
    Description: Mistletroll will fly in at seemingly the most random of times and position itself over a pair of heads, making a jingly sound as if a breeze just happened to blow through it. If people adhere to the tradition, those caught under it are supposed to kiss. If they do kiss, Mistletroll will shower glitter down upon them and disappear. If they don’t, he’ll attempt to moodily pull their hair. [Requires OOC permission, obviously.]

    Price: 5,000 Jewels

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