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    Winter Solstice With Miss Luna!

    Mai Stormschild
    Mai Stormschild

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    Winter Solstice With Miss Luna! Empty Winter Solstice With Miss Luna!

    Post by Mai Stormschild 25th December 2019, 11:48 pm

    Papa had always told Mai about the human holiday of 'Winter Solstice,' but this would be the first time the girl would be able to appreciate such a thing herself. She had never been a fan of the cold, as it seemed to reduce any possible opportunities for storms and thunder and lightning, and it was chilly with her simple dress. Yet now she had an opportunity to finally spend it with another, and it was Miss Luna, of all people! Mai jumped at the opportunity when Miss Luna offered to bring the two over to Magnolia for their Winter Solstice festivities.

    Running on ahead of Miss Luna, Mai found herself darting to the town square, where cute little stalls were set up around what seemed to be an ice rink. The first one that caught Mai's attention was the one that stated 'Rhett's Hot Chocolate', right beside the side of the rink. The very mention of anything having to do with chocolate set Mai off, and she seemed to almost beg Miss Luna to let her try some of this. Her attempt to ask was interspersed with shivers, as she tried unsuccessfully to ward off the cold. With Miss Luna's permission, Mai ran up to the counter, a small amount of Jewels on hand. She passed it over to the man at the stall, who accepted the jewels with a smile. To Mai's surprise, he returned by handing her a mug. Mai looked quizzically at it for a moment, seeing the brown liquid in the cup. It did not seem to be chocolate, despite the smell and color of chocolate. She sniffed once more into it, cautious towards the strange drink. Nonetheless, she sipped it up gladly. That anticipation soon shifted to regret as the burning heat poured down her throat and across her tongue. The heat of the drink certainly warmed her chilling soul, but it perhaps was almost too much for the girl. She squealed from the heat, the owner of the stall asking if she was alright.

    "I'm alwight! Thith pain ith nothing! Ith really warm, but thtill really tathty!" Mai responded, trying to keep the pain away. She stuck her burnt tongue out at Miss Luna, motioning on it on whether or not it was burned. Regardless of her answer, the owner of the stall had laughed and set out a platter of a few more flavors of chocolate. He mentioned that there were more flavors than just the normal chocolate. One had peppermint, another marshmallows, one more with a small bar of chocolate along its rim, and a final one with a few small leaves on top of the drink. He offered for Mai to taste test all of them, for no additional price. Despite the pain on her tongue, she wanted to try the remaining ones.

    The first one on her list was the one with marshmallows floating in the drink itself. To make sure they were real marshmallows, she dipped the tips of her fingers into the drink to grab a single marshmallow out. Sure enough, the pure sugary cube was a marshmallow. Mai took this as sign enough and dumped the drink down her throat once more, immediately regretting it as the heat seared her throat. She exhaled, trying to push the heat out of her mouth, only to see a small white cloud come forth from her. It was not a Tempest God's Bellow, but it entertained the girl enough. She turned to Miss Luna. "Look what I can do!" she cheered, letting the visible warm breath emit from her youthful being. She laughed once more before turning again to the next few hot chocolates. In her entertainment, she forgot to even contemplate the taste of the marshmallow-laden drink. She merely gave a thumbs up as she continued with the taste of the peppermint.

    The peppermint-flavored chocolate delicacy was not as much of a delicacy as Mai had been hoping. The flavor of the peppermint stole away the taste of the warm chocolate, but Mai continued to drink nonetheless. She did not have the heart to say no to someone giving her free sweets, so she gave a thumbs up to this taste as well.

    She figured that the chocolate one would be best, so she continued to the leafy drink. The bitterness of the plant was more overwhelming than that of the sweetness of the chocolate. She reluctantly gave a thumbs up towards the man, ready to get this thing out of her hands. As he placed the mug back into storage, Mai gave a sad look towards Miss Luna in regards to the last drink.

    Her final one was one that she was expecting. Miss Luna had two fingers gripped on the back of Mai's dress to keep her from rocketing into space from the excitement and anticipation. Finally, Miss Luna let her go, Mai sprinting up to the stall's edge as she grabbed the chocolaty treat. Just as expected, it was more delicious than she thought was possible. She had completely ignored the searing heat that had now reached her stomach, only focusing on the overwhelming sweetness of the drink. She was too lost in her mind and the euphoria of the chocolate to give a thumbs up, leaving Miss Luna to ensure the stall's owner that Mai liked the drink.

    Next of interest to Mai, her tongue still singed from the drinks, was the ice skating. She had never tried such a thing, but she was certainly anxious to try. The people there all had fancy moves, and it looked fun, so Mai questioned if they would be allowed to participate. Mai would soon take the ice, her strange boots clicking against the stones. Almost as soon as she stepped onto the ice, she slipped, falling on her face. She struggled to get up, hesitantly walking her way across the ice. After two laps laden with falling and tears of frustration, Mai decided that enough was enough and left from the rink. She received a token for her participation in the ice skating, though she almost would have wished that she did not have to go through such a thing in order to get one of these tokens. She held her hand against a lump on her face as she waited for Miss Luna to return.

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    2 Tokens Earned: Hot Cocoa Tasting and Ice Rink Skating


    Winter Solstice With Miss Luna! FuTi3lI

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