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    Snowfights and Yeti's


    Snowfights and Yeti's - Page 2 Empty Re: Snowfights and Yeti's

    Post by Guest 3rd January 2020, 6:41 am

    Zhāng had nodded when Sara insisted that she could still take on the snow beast even with her leg even though in his opinion, they should have focused on taking care of her injury and frostbite affliction first.

    As you wish then, Sara. You seem strong enough so maybe we do have some breathing room for now.

    Then, he had fallen silent and moved out with Sara as she had mentioned with her as the front line fighter and him bringing up the rear and soon they had engaged the snow beast once again. This time was different than the last since Sara had unveiled another one of her spells, this one giving her a pair of rather majestic looking golden angel wings that let her soar into the air, thus making her leg injury a moot point at present. He had been in the process of coming up with a strategy to weaken the beast, but before he could do or say anything more, Sara had made quick work of the creature. To his great dismay, however, she had gone overboard and had ended up melting the potential guinea pig into nothing but a puddle of water with her relentless attacks. Then, when she had come back to his side, she apologized for killing off the beast and not leaving any part of it intact for his research, he shook his head while looking back at the puddle which was a hulking, raging snow beast just mere moments ago, remarking

    It’s alright. I at least have one of the scorpions and one of the ice elementals I took care of earlier in my possession to take back to my lab in order to tort…er, I mean…use as guinea pigs for my research, so I am content for now. However, do try your level best to hold back on whatever we come upon next, if anything at all of course.

    With that he fell silent and knelt down to look at her injured leg which had by now turned completely red and there was a small circular area of frosted over skin as well around the area where she had been stung earlier. She had asked him earlier if he could take care of it for her and indeed he did have just the remedy for the situation. As he wondered what she would think about the little parlor trick he was about to display, his thin disturbingly bluish discolored lips twisted into a smug smirk, and if she cared to observe closer, one of his long vampire fang like canines was peeking out from underneath his lips on one side.

    I did, and I meant that in every sense of the word. Please, bear with me for this will likely sting at least a little bit.

    With that, he fell silent, closed his eyes and focused his mental efforts on altering his mana to the medical type and then, he channeled it into the palms of his hands after which he made a quick sequence of handsigns which caused his palms to glow with a jade green light and radiate a palpable amount of heat as well. Then, he placed his two palms around the injured part of her leg where he could see the frostbite taking effect and after several seconds had passed, the frost had disappeared completely and the redness that was permeating that part of her leg also subsided, thus making her leg look almost as good as new. Of course, this didn’t actually heal her, her frostbite affliction was merely taken away while the deeper damage still remained at the site. Of course, he had brought along his bottle of magic bubbles and one of its abilities involved moderate healing and granted some resistance against status ailments such as frostbite, so he pulled out the bottle and used the wand inside to blow a cloud of bubbles towards the injured part of her leg. The bubbles went and congregated around her leg in a sort of transparent poultice after which they popped, splashing healing liquid onto her wound there and thus repairing the damage completely since they drew on his mana to do so.

    There, now your injury has been completely healed, both in damage and the frostbite affliction, Sara. Also, no worries about payment this time, it’s complimentary service in honor of our first ever meeting and a toast to my hope of our continued partnership henceforth.

    He said with a cordial smile on his thin, discolored lips as he made to stand back up again. However, no sooner than he had, something else started happening in the location where the snow beast had met its untimely end. The air became markedly colder, so much so it froze over everything it was touching with a thick sheet of ice and  then, snow started to fall from the cloudy skies above. Then, the ground beneath started to rumble as if the are was experiencing an earthquake, and his keen senses picked up the sudden spike in magic energy infused in the area surrounding them, causing even more frown lines to appear on his still gaunt, but currently middle aged looking face.

    Tch…my how very irksome…why can’t everything on the western front be quiet for once in my life?…It’s like I am a giant trouble magnet…curse my luck…

    His face took on a much more serious expression and he looked down at Sara and urged her to stay back while he decided to go check out the source of the strange happenings.

    You stay here for now, Sara. You have only just recovered and as a physician, I insist that you not charge in after me. I will be back shortly after I examine what’s going on out there.

    With that, he crouched a little, tensing his legs and then seemingly vanished again, but really just moved out from their hiding place at high speed to the site of the snow beast’s death. Just as he managed to get there, the permafrost covered ground split apart as giant fissures appeared in it and moments afterward, what seemed like an even bigger version of the snow beast had leaped out of the fissures and landed before him with a earth shaking loud thud. It towered over him by several feet at the very least, so he somersaulted several paces back so he could get a good look at the brand new annoyance. He soon realized he should have expected as much, as this creature could only be what the local legends proclaimed as the “Yeti”, which was the king of all the monsters which called snowy areas such as Hargeon their home. It was at least twice or even three times as big as the snow brute, was far more muscular, with snow white fur and pale blue, bulging musculature. Its eyes were those unmistakable ones of an apex predator, sharp, intense and glowing with a feral ferocity. This one had an extra edge to it as its eye were not only fierce and feral, but also cold as an blizzard in the deepest, most harsh of winters. Lastly, it had somewhat humanoid looking limbs with prehensile digits and of course, its head was crowned with a pair of gnarly looking spiral lance like horns.

    Well well, if it isn’t the infamous Yeti…I welcome you to our humble port town, oh King of the Snowy Peaks…to what do we owe this great honor of your presence?

    He asked the monster while staring up into its feral, merciless eyes with the fire of scientific curiosity burning in his own and a calm smile on his lips. To emphasize his query, he gave the beast a rather theatrical bow complete with a flourish to which the beast replied with a deafening roar which by the sheer wind pressure, threw up a cloud of snow all around them and blasted all the event related structures in its path to little more than sawdust, scraps of fabric, and pieces of metal. Fortunately, he had leaped aside just in time and so didn’t get hit by that. However, in doing so he had unwittingly placed himself right in the line of its next assault wave, a brutal swing of its massive arms which struck him like a giant magic mobile and sent him flying into the air like a rag doll at the end of which, it raised its enormous head and gored him through the abdomen with one of its two horns, causing a spray of blood to blanket everything in the immediate vicinity. He literally had no time to react since his body was still recovering from the tremendous amount of mana he had been using up till then, so his reflexes while still quick, just were not fast enough to dodge this particular assault. As a result, still reeling from the shock and blood loss he hung limply from its horn for several moments after which he was flung by a shake of the Yeti’s giant head and crashed into the remains of what was once the announcer’s booth, causing even more damage to his already battered and bloodied body despite him being in his Underworld King full take over form.


    Post WC: 1542

    Personal Total WC:  9810/1500



    Spells & Abilities In Play:
    - Claw & Talon Close Combat (C rank, 2/7 posts used)

    - Musculoskeletal Mastery (C rank, 2/7 posts used, +25% to user's speed still active)

    - Limbs of Ankhseram (C rank, 2/5 posts used)

    - Torso of Ankhseram  (C rank, 2/5 posts used)

    - Head of Ankhseram  (C rank, 2/5 posts used)

    - Avatar of Ankhseram  (C rank, 2/6 posts used)


    New Spells & Abilities Used:
    - Superhuman Immune Response (D rank version, 20 MP,  Immobilization effect removed from Sara Ravencrest)

    - Item Effect: Bottle of Magic Bubbles on hand - Pretty Colors (40 MP, B rank burst healing worth 80 HP + Status Effect Resistance 50% granted to Sara Ravencrest)


    - Zhang's HP:  280/460 left  (due to B ranked Single Target Brutal Swing attack followed by A rank Twin Horn Gore attack by Yeti Boss)

    - Zhang's MP:  137/455 left  (due to Superhuman Immune Response UA and Pretty Colors magic item effect)


    Status Effects Active on Zhang:
    - HP Drain Effect (Bleed Type, 5% HP drained per post starting next post onward, from Yeti's Twin Horn Gore attack)

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    Snowfights and Yeti's - Page 2 Empty Re: Snowfights and Yeti's

    Post by Killua 3rd January 2020, 9:06 am

    Sara waited patiently as Zhang went about assisting her with the injured leg from the scorpions sting. She looked at him with confusion as he had a smug smirk on his face, before mentioning that the next thing he would so may sting a little. He seemed to be concentrating after that, with a quick sequence of hand signs before he palms glowed a soft jaded green. It was intriguing for her, the magic he was using seemed quite old if it required hand signs to do, and yet she doubted that. There is a lot of different types of magic in this world some even out of this plane of existence. 

    As he placed his palms on her leg, she stopped her self from wincing as she steeled herself, in a matter of seconds she felt relief as the feeling in her left leg returned. She was about to move but was stopped as Zhang pulled out a bottle, and soon with the use of a wand that was with the bottle, he blew bubbles over her leg which congregated upon touching her and after they popped, they splashed a strange liquid. As the liquid was splashed, she could feel that it was easing up the pain from before. It was still sore, but it didn't have the pain. "I appreciate it then, I'll find a way to repay you." She said with a smile when Zhang mentioned that this time it was on him due to this being the first time they are meeting.

    She placed her back on the wall, as Zhang had urged her to stay put while he investigate as the ground started to shake a bit, and snow started falling down from the murky cloud above them. She sighed as she rested her body and hoped that it wasn't something bad and the weather was just playing with them, that this was all nature's doing and nothing brought on them by an external force. As the earth beneath her shook even harder then last time, Sara jumped down from the ledge she was sitting on and made her way to where the snow brute was. It was at that moment that Sara saw the Yeti that was already fighting with her newfound partner. Her eyes widened and she gasped as the beast of the north impaled Zhang on one of its horns, making blood spray everywhere and throwing him after that into the announcer's booth. 

    The petite mage quickly went over to where Zhang was. Asking him if he was alright, was going to be quite cliche, so she decided to act quickly, her hand being covered in faint yellowish light as she gently placed her hand on his wound. It looked like the light itself transferred to his body and it started healing him and close the wound. "It seems that I'm repaying you rather sooner, then later." She said with a smirk as she got up and turned towards the Yeti that was eyeing her. "If you get a chance to strike at it, do it." She said and both her eyes glowed as she dashed forward in order to divert attention towards her and away from Zhang as he healed. 

    As she appeared in front of the beast, it was quick to react and tried doing the same thing that led to impaling the scientist. Sara moved to the side again to dodge the beast's massive arm from throwing her in the air, it was also quick as it changed its pattern and brought its head down with its horns attempting to deal damage to her. Instead of dodging Sara stood her ground as a ethereal red rib cage formed around her. It pushed her back a little but its head was stopped and it was in range of attacking. Still influenced by her enhanced strength she threw a devastating punch her the Yeti that made him stumble back. Sara used her magic again, pushing energy to the soles of her feet as they glowed a faint yellow, disappearing from her spot, she appeared above the beast a channeled her magic into her hand again, forming the same black orb from before and slammed it down on the beasts head, making it fall down and hit the ground with significant force. It still didn't let down as it got up, with a massive roar it charged at Sara and threw a direct punch at her still descending form. The rib cage around her held for a bit, but broke completely and it was able to deal some damage to her and fling her to a nearby building.

    She got up from the debris of wood and stone that was around her and spat out some blood as she held her side. "Zhang, I'll use one of my stronger spells to try and weaken it, you may find an opening." She said as her small hand was encased in dark purple energy, it didn't take long for the dark clouds above to start thundering as her spell began to take affect, it was even faster as there was nothing to form in the sky from which she could pull energy. Bringing her hand up, she eyed the beast with no remorse in her eyes. She knew that if they failed, a lot of people may lose their life until another mage comes to challenge the beast. At that moment Sara let her hand drop and a giant bolt of energy that took the shape of a thunderbolt fell down from the sky right on the beast, and it scream was even muffled from Sara's magic. As it started to end Sara fell to her knees and panted. it was all up to Zhang from here.

    WC: 963
    Total: 8820
    HP: 470/600 (After healing from stein66, and damage from the Yeti)
    MP: 380/600
    Spells used: Soothing light (S-rank, healing spell, single target, used on stein66 +120 HP)
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    Snowfights and Yeti's - Page 2 Empty Re: Snowfights and Yeti's

    Post by Guest 3rd January 2020, 10:21 pm

    He had been laying there, bruised, gored through and losing a considerable amount of blood and was totally at the mercy of the Yeti, but then luckily for him, Sara came to his rescue, using one of her healing spells on him which patched him up pretty well, though he would still need to get rid of the bleeding ailment on his own. Then, she faced off with the Yeti in order to draw attention away from him and managed to corner it and then proceeded to beat it down thoroughly. Unfortunately, though, it seemed her injury from earlier and the massive amount of mana she had used just now got to her and so, she had ended up collapsing to her knees while the Yeti writhed in anguish from the heavy damage it had suffered from her devastating barrage of attacks. She had asked him to take the opportunity to finish the Yeti off if he saw one come his way, and now it looked like the time had arrived to do just that. Luckily, his wound was a lot better than it was before, albeit still bleeding here and there, so he got up and after making the same handsigns as before, he activated his “Superhuman Immune Response” ability which he had used to cure Sara’s ailment a short while ago.

    You can stay down and rest now, Sara. Thanks to you I am feeling much better already. I will finish this Yeti off in your stead.

    With that said to her, he rested his hands which were glowing the same jade green as before on his bleeding areas and after several minutes had passed, they closed up, effectively stopping the bleeding completely. Then, he arose and resumed walking towards the Yeti, albeit a lot more cautiously now than he had before with a cruel smirk on his thin lips as he saw the beast’s agony.

    Allow me to repay your favor a thousand fold over, O King of the Snowy Peaks. You will regret coming across me and my partner and making enemies of us!

    After those few words, he stepped back a little and since his take over form had not broken yet, he still had access to all of its abilities. So, first, he made the horse handsign by placing the tips of his index fingers and his thumbs together against each other while dovetailing the rest and then went on to make the tiger handsign by pressing his index and middle fingers together while resting the tips of his thumbs against each other and interlocking the rest of his fingers. That started the conversion of his mana from neutral affinity to the hellfire affinity after which he took a deep breath, causing his chest and abdomen to expand greatly and murmured the name of the spell to give it a little more power

    Evil Inferno.

    A split second afterwards, he exhaled forcefully, causing a cone of hellfire to spew forth from his mouth towards the Yeti. As it hit the Yeti, the crimson black and red flames enveloped it completely and caused a giant conflagration to shoot up on that spot, burning it alive slowly but surely. Then, he went on to the next spell he had in mind, activating it by making the snake handsign in which he clasped his hands together and then the boar handsign in which he flipped his clasped hands downward, and finally the snake handsign again. After that, he clapped his hands together before raising his palms and pointing them towards the Yeti while murmuring the name of the spell again

    Dark Void.

    That caused a baseball sized sphere of compacted dark matter to form in his hands and then fall on the Yeti, crushing it under its weight. Then, the sphere began to spin rapidly, causing a sort of vortex effect which further weakened the Yeti, making it completely powerless against the flames that were burning it alive. As a result, in a mere few minutes, the Yeti was nothing but a pile of ash and all that remained of it were its horns, which had a bit of dried blood on it from all the damage it had taken due to Sara’s attack earlier. With the final boss vanquished, he picked up the Yeti horns and then walked back to where Sara was kneeling down, and knelt down next to her, informing her of what went on in the final moments of the battle, in case she didn’t catch it firsthand

    Well, it’s over, Sara and we came out as the victors despite all the trouble we have went through so far. As a bonus, we are still alive and mostly well, though I am sure both of us are exhausted and could use all the rest we can get for a while. Here’s the reward for our hard earned victory, a horn of the Yeti. Let’s present that back at the main event organizer’s office in the center of Hargeon so we can officially claim the fruits of our labor today.

    With that, he gave one of the horns to Sara and then assisted her in getting back up despite her having told him not to make sudden moves like that with her. Then, he helped her walk back to town where they submitted the horns and were recognized for it. After that, he brought Sara to a proper hospital so she could get treatment and after bidding her adieu, he went back to Magnolia Town, his home sweet home with both the ice scorpion, the ice elemental, the ice medallion, and the Yeti horn serving as souvenirs of his time in Hargeon and of the difficult, but amusing time he had with the day’s events as well as of his encounter with the petite mage he now knew to be called Sara Ravencrest.


    Post WC:  980

    Personal Total WC: 10,790/1500


    Spells and Abilities Used:

    - All the ones in my previous post

    - Evil Inferno

    - Dark Void

    Status Effects Removed:
    - Bleed type HP drain effect from Zhang

    -  Zhang's HP: 400/460 (due to Sara Ravencrest's Soothing Light S rank heal worth 120 HP)

    - Zhang's MP:  87/455 left (due to A rank bleed effect removed by Supernatural Immune Response UA)



    - Hot Chocolate Tasting (1 token)

    - Snowman Building Contest Victory ( 1 token)

    - Snowball War Victory ( 4 tokens)

    Total Token Count: 6 (5 minimum needed to qualify for rewards)

    - Monster Fight with 10x ice scorpions,  3x elementals, 1x Snow Brute, and 1x Yeti boss all spawned, fought, and defeated
    - - -

    Rewards Received:
    - pair of ice medallions, one each won by Sara Ravencrest and Stein66 (from games and contest tokens, 6 earned)

    - pair of Yeti horns, one each won by Sara Ravencrest and Stein66 (from monster fight victory)

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