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    Gimme My Passport [Job Request]


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    Gimme My Passport [Job Request] Empty Gimme My Passport [Job Request]

    Post by Taiga 14th December 2019, 12:06 am

    Taiga had been traveling around Fiore for quite some time now. Ever since he joined the guild Sabertooth, he has been doing nothing but constant jobs and requests. His last job had actually brought him to Hargeon, a seaport town that he had heard was recently attacked and had to undergo some extensive reconstruction. Now it seemed that it was far more reinforced and quite crowded.

    Large crowds of people were congrigating towards the dock and at first, Taiga had no idea what was really going on. He honestly thought that maybe there was some celebrity coming into port or something like that. It wasn't until he overheard a woman talking to her husband about getting a passport that Taiga finally realized what was going on. The Magic Council recently reopened Fiore's boarders for international travel and in order to travel to these other locations, one needs a passport.

    It didn't take Taiga long before deciding to head on down to the docks himself, but when he arrived, he couldn't help but feel a little defeated. The congrigation of people was huge, at least three hundred people were all squeezed together and to the front was a short line that seemed to had thinned out just before the desk workers who were handing out passports. Taiga sighed and scratched the back of his head as he began to question whether or not he should just leave it for another time or wait in line. If he waited in line, it would be an incredibly long wait and he was completely booked out with jobs for the next week. There was only one option. He had to squeeze through.

    Taiga began making his way to the front of the door, darting in between people here and there, squeezing through once the crowd began to get thicker. He was determined to get a passport today and as soon as possible. He could hear people calling after him, frustrated with his "cheating" but he continued onward, ignoring them. He was a little over halfway through the crowd now and it was beginning to get harder to push through now. He knew this wasn't going to work all the way through and so he went to his final option. The young mage dropped down to a kneeling position, put his hands together and extended his thumbs and index finger. He grinned playfully before charging forward, poking his finger up people's butts which instantly made them freak out, jump or panic out of the way. This technique is called Kancho and it worked. The young Sabertooth mage made it all the way to the front of the line, choosing to ignore the angry people waiting behind him and rubbing their butts. "One passport for Taiga Beongae please!" Taiga smiled politely to the staff behind the desk. One of the men behind the desk nodded, taking out a small booklet and handing it to the young boy with a confused expression, unsure as to what had just happened.

    Taiga took the booklet and placed it into one of his pockets just before turning around to head for his next objective. Only, he was met with angry, disgusted expressions glaring upon him and the boy could only respond with a half laugh, half "oh crap".

    Word Count - 550
    Job Link - To Earthland and Beyond


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