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    A step in the right direction


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    A step in the right direction Empty A step in the right direction

    Post by Yuiisai 7th December 2019, 2:10 pm

    Her head was hurting so badly, so much had happened in the last year or so that it made her head spin to think about it. She had spent her whole life sheltered by her loving parents and caring siblings, she didn't know if that was due to her disabilities or that because she was different from what was deemed normal by most of her cultures standards. She wasn't born with black hair and brown eyes, no she was born with white hair and milky jade eyes, to make that an added pain she had been born blind, mute and unable to walk as if her legs had been shattered. She had tried so many times to talk and walk in the past but had always failed in it. Of course she wanted to see the world around her, well more so the faces of her family but that wasn't given to her, not for the longest time in her life. Due to all of this she was kept out of the public eye for her own safety she guessed but for all she knew it was because they were ashamed of her, she highly doubted the latter because of how much care and affection her family gave her. Even though she had a personal handmaiden and guardian her parents still wanted to be the ones to bathe her and help her eat, they insisted on her being at the dinner table and even told her about their day and what they seen. She was happy for all this but the more details that they gave her the more she felt isolated, the isolation didn't bother her to much, what did was the fact she would never see these things herself... she got jealous not that anyone could blame her.

    Her parents could see just how much the fact she couldn't see things was effecting her as time went on, it was then they had decided to put out a job asking for information on how to help a blind person see. She had no idea her parents had done this for her but had she, she would have been greatful beyond belief. It had taken a few months but eventually a man from Midi came forward saying that he had helped a young woman in his care with a few of her own disabilities. After a few months of the parents getting to know the mane he was then introduced to Yuiisai, it was from that moment everything changed for the sheltered girl. After a few days of being checked over, her guardian ever present and watching with severe suspicion that the man told her parents that there was nothing he could do, that he was sorry for wasting their time. The parents though saddened paid the man and gave their thanks, for weeks after the young woman was plagued with nightmares of a life not her own but they eventually settled. It was however on the first sound night sleep she had, her father grew concern as there had been not a single noise from her room so went to check on her just to make sure it wasn't a case of sleep paralisis or was crying silently in her sleep. What the man found was his own worst nightmare, his beloved daughter was nowhere to be found and instantly ordered his guards to check the entire province believing that someone must have kidknapped her. He held out hope that if this was indeed the case then they would be able to find her before they got to far, day by day they eventually came back only to hand him the torn and bloodied jacket they had recently given her.

    They ordered a fine toothed search of the area the body was found and even offered a reward to the one to find her, no such miracle was found and so the family went into mourning for their beloved lost child. Little did they know that the man who had said that he could help her had some thugs take her from her home and bring her to the house he held in a pleasure district within Midi. At first the young woman was scared but it wasn't like she could put up much of a fight, she was mute so couldn't scream, blind so couldn't see where she was or who she had been taken by and due to being paralysed couldn't run away. Over a few years she was conditioned to believe her true family was nothing more than an elaborate dream she had made because of how her 'actual' family had treated her. That she had been their since she was a little girl all the while she was being taught things she could do with her disabilities, when her then owner believed she was fully compliant he gave her the markings to allow her to see, walk and finally talk. It took a while but she learned how to sing, hold conversation, play music, flower arrange, dance, paint and other things that might make her clients to be happy. She was only seven years old when all this had started, but now, at the age of nineteen she was expected to allow a stranger deflower her. This was something she believed she had been groomed since she was a very young girl to do but still this wasn't something she wanted for herself, it scared her that something that should be hers to give was being taken from her and so started making plans to escape. She understood it was a long shot but still she needed to try or something that was suppose to be special would be taken from her, without any regard in if she really wanted to give it or not; this was just something she was expected to give without question because she was told so by the father of the house. Like hell, she was greatful at the gifts given to someone she believed as low as herself but she would rather live without them if it meant she could wait.

    On the night she was meant to be deflowered their was a large festival, taking a costume of what would be a nobleman within the play. She tied her hair back into something that was of fashion for nobles of that time and walked towards the gate, her heard was beating so hard she could feel it in her chest and hear it in her ears but still she moved forward praying not to be caught. She knew that if she was then she would be in a whole world of trouble, getting to the gate she stopped looking at the arch and taking a deep breath "Is there something wrong my lord?" one of the guards asked making her focus break before pointing to herself "Yes, you my lord. Is their something wrong?" he asked again. "N.. no, I was just admiring the arch." she said trying to sound confident but seeming more suspicious "Which house do you belong to my lord?" the second guard asked quirking an eyebrow making her glare "How dare you ask me such a question!? I am the eldest son of lord Yi and will not have my birthright questioned by the likes of you!" she now sounded so convincing that she made herself scared, the two guards bowed low in the dirt hearing how what they believed was a higher lord's son had been offended by them "Please, our apologies." they begged together, making her roll her eyes as if she was mad "Fine, I just want to get home. Impead me again and you will answer for it with your lives!" she growled and walked right out of the arch, as soon as she was far enough away she started to run to the point of exhaustion not really knowing where she would end up but it had to be safer than where she had been.

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