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    Sorry...NOT! Empty Sorry...NOT!

    Post by Silvia 27th November 2019, 11:39 pm

    After Silvia trained in the Eastern Forest, she took a few days off. She decided to have some more fun with life before she did anymore killing. However, once Selena asked her to kill, she couldn't refuse her. So, even with all the time she took to relax, she had to get back to work. Her goals were important, and they wouldn't be accomplished unless she actually what she needed to do.

    So, as she walked up to the guild's job board, she searched for a place where she could kill. She knew that she wasn't renowned enough in the guild to take what she really wanted, which meant she just needed to settle. Looking at the board, she picked a poster right off of it. It was a job requesting to kill a little old lady. Of course, this would seem cruel to some people, but to Silvia, she knew that it didn't really matter. In the end, people were going to die, whether they liked it or not. The old lady seemed to have lived a nice and pleasant life, which meant in needed to end. In order for new life to come, old life had to die.

    The job was in Oak Town, and the lady that had to die was named Ms. Cooper. She was a recent widower, and her pies seemed to sky rocket in popularity once her husband died. Whether it was because people felt sorry for her, or if it was the fact that her sadness boosted the quality of her pies mattered very little to Silvia. Though, tasting one of those pies was something that she would enjoy. It was no matter, because once the lady died, Silvia could take anything in that house that she wanted.

    So, after applying for the job, she went to the ladies house. The job was pretty easy in itself. The lady let her in without asking a single question. Her kindness seemed to be over the point of rationality. This is what made Silvia know that the lady had to die. Although her kindness was amazing, you should never lose your rationale. As a child, this behavior is okay, but as an adult, you should learn otherwise. So, as the lady went to go get Silvia some cookies, Silvia created a ball of water threads in her hand. She knew exactly what she was about to do.

    With this, she waited for the lady to walk through the opening from the kitchen. As she did, Silvia smiled and said to her, "Sorry about this...NOT!" With that, she smiled and sent out the ball, using the technique she had learned from her training. As the tsunami went through the house, it knocked the lady all the way back into her refrigerator, killing her from the force. Her frailty seemed to work against her favor. After that, Silvia took a cookie from the kitchen, and gave it to Silvia, saying to her, "Well, I think that's a job well done!"

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