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    An Eye for Talent


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    An Eye for Talent Empty An Eye for Talent

    Post by Altarias 19th October 2019, 6:31 pm

    Even as a new member of Fairy Tail, Illya enjoyed her time fluttering from former workplace to former workplace assisting when she was needed, or just standing on the streets singing, and this day was no different. A warm breeze floated in the air, swaying her ponytail and the hem of her dress alongside with it. Magnolia was always such a friendly town, with many a person greeting her and trying to converse with her. She was approachable enough, mindlessly wandering through the street with her headphones sitting unused around her neck. It was a perfect day, as it should be expected to be. Warm with a light breeze, white, fluffy clouds soaring peacefully in the sky, dancing without so much as a care in the world.

    Illya made her way to the park in the middle of Magnolia. Certainly on such a fine day, the park would feel even finer. While it often was used as a site for festivals, there was no such occasion on this day. In fact, it seemed emptier than normal. Only a handful of people were there; an old couple, a mother and her three kids, a purple-haired girl on a bench, a middle-aged man with a large beard, and a small girl sitting on another bench.

    "Such a calm day calls for some song, right?" Illya quietly said to herself. Taking a seat against a tree, she unpacked her violin. Music had always been her passion, whether playing an instrument or singing. Her house was cluttered with strewn about instruments and sheet music. If she was not spending her money on rent or food or personal care products, her money went to her music, and being a part of Fairy Tail would assist in those endeavors. This violin was no different. It had taken three months' paychecks in order to buy, and the quality showed. The perfection of the string, the magic material it was made of...while some argued her magic would be improved by bringing an instrument into battle, she was too afraid to have one of her precious babies broken or shattered by the wear and tear of battle.

    Ensuring herself of the tuning of her violin, she ran through the back of her mind to try to find out what song it was she wanted to play. Despite bringing the violin along with her, she had a desire to sing, which meant her song would need lyrics and the violin. A tune popped into her head after a minute of deliberation, the thoughts of her recent joining to Fairy Tail filling her racing thoughts as she remembered a song with ties to her new guild.

    "♪Fairy, where're you going? We'll gather the light along our way,♪" she began to sing, letting herself become completely engrossed in her music, not taking into account what audience she would bring with her musical talents. She had, in a way, hoped that by going to such a secluded area, she would not draw in much of a crowd, but at the same time, she knew that by playing anywhere at all, she'd draw at least someone in to hear. Nonetheless, she continued to play her tunes, engrossed in her world of music.

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