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    A Walk Down Memory Lane


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    A Walk Down Memory Lane Empty A Walk Down Memory Lane

    Post by Mifune 28th September 2019, 1:25 pm

    A Wightblade never dies, but the person he was before is always forgotten.  No matter how much the Samurai focused he could not piece together a completed memory of his past life, a curse Mifune has coped with for the entirety of his undead existence that he now resented.  "I really need to kill something..."  He uttered in frustration as he continued down the beaten path through the woods on the outskirts of Oak Town.  Looking down at him was the Raven that seemed to follow him everywhere.  The ominous creature began to squawk loudly.  Mifuned peered up at the Raven with his empty sockets and grumbled.  "You'll do."  The Samurai said as he picked up a stone and hurled it at the Raven, knocking it from its perch.  Upon seeing its annoying little body hit the dirt, Mifune felt a little happier.  However to his displeasure the Raven hopped back up on to its feet and hopped about, tilting and turning its head and began squawking at Mifune tauntingly.  He grumbled once more before it flapped its wings and took flight and began to circle Mifune overhead.  "Figures the damn bird would be Immortal.  Go fuck yourself Death, just go fuck yourself."  No happier than he was before, Mifune strode on down the path.

    Along the path, Mifune came across an abandoned cottage.  It sat in a small clearing surrounded by trees.  Weeds and long grass surrounded the cottage and there was some growth up the walls and in some of the windows.  The decrepit building looked as though it could cave in at any moment.  The Raven flew over and perched itself upon the peak of the rooftop.  In spite of its ruinous state, Mifune was drawn to it.  A sense of Nostalgia overcame him, recalling a house from his past that he felt similarly drawn to for a reason he could not decipher.  

    Decades ago, in the land of Midi from which Mifune originated there was an abandoned estate in the forest that sat next to a small lake.  In front of the home was a cherry blossom tree that was in full bloom.  The family that once dwelt within it had long since passed on, leaving the home empty and forgotten.  It wouldn't be until a band of mercenaries on the run from the local authorities arrived that it would house guests.  Among the six there was one who stood out as their leader.  An older man with long flowing brown hair and a trimmed beard dressed in black with a white trench coat.  "We'll, this is convenient.  We'll hold up here for the night boys."  He shouted.  "Think the plumbing still works Shinji?"  A deep voice asked jokingly.  This mercenary was inhumanly tall and clad in red Samurai-esque armor.  "I'll let you figure that one out on your own Kaede."  The leader retorted.  

    Kaede was the first to approach the estate.  Steam began to exhaust from vents on the back of his armor as he raised his leg and with tremendous force kicked down the front door sending it flying in to the back of the room.  "There probably isn't much of value here, but search the place anyway."  Shinji ordered.  One by one they all entered the estate and began to search the place.  To their surprise it appeared as though the former owners of the house left all of their belongings and though most of it was old there were still a few objects of value.  However what Shinji found most attractive was a shrine hidden away in a cellar, upon which was a Katana.  Place his hand upon the Katana, Shinji could feel an ominous sensation creeping down his spine.  He placed his hand upon the hilt and attempted to pull the sword from its sheath but it was stuck.  

    An ominous wind swept through the forest and crows began to gather on the trees outside.  One of the Mercenaries took notice of the ominous phenomenon and began to question whether or not the house was haunted.  Little did he know that it was much worse...  Outside, in front of the  cherry blossom tree a decayed hand erupted from the dirt.  The crows began to caw madly at the sight of rotten flesh.  The hand grabbed the soil and Mifune pulled himself out of the ground, born again in to an unfamiliar world.  The corpse breathed heavily, as if it had just been saved from drowning.  The crows were driven hysterical by witnessing the Samurai's rebirth.  However at this time Mifune could not recall a single thing.  He was like an infant who didn't even recall how to walk.  The corpse crawled its way over to the cherry blossom tree and clawed its way up the tree wheezing as his finger bones penetrated his own rotten flesh and clawed the bark so that he could stand on his legs that he hadn't used in a decade.

    The zombie looked around at his surroundings and gazed upon the estate in front of which he was buried.  Though he had no distinct memories of it, the nostalgic feeling that came over him made it feel as if he were home.  Though bittersweet this feeling was, as like him the home had decayed in to an ugly state.  Suddenly he heard a ruckus inside and laughter.  Without thinking, Mifune limped towards the house and stood in the doorway.  For a moment he watched the Mercenaries ransack his house until one of them saw him.  "What the fuck is that!?"  He shouted at which time the rest of the Mercenaries took notice and readied their weapons.  The armored Kaede charged the Zombie and shoulder tackled him, sending the Zombie flying back out through the door and on to the dirt.  Kaede and the other mercenaries quickly gathered in front of the house and glared at the Zombie lying on its back.  

    To the surprise of the Mercenaries, Mifune slowly crept back up on to his feet.  "Didn't think we'd run in to an undead out here..."  Kaede reached behind his back and drew a four inches wide, four foot long Katana and held it at his side.  "Don't worry boys, I'll take care of this."  Kaede readied himself as Shinji stepped out of the home with the locked Katana in his hand.  The armored Samurai charged the Zombie once more and lunged his Katana in to the wheezing Zombie's chest, the enormous Katana burst through the Zombie's back and Mifune looked down at the blade in his chest, amazed that he was still alive.  Suddenly his gaze was drawn to the blade Shinji had in his grasp and the Zombie outstretched his hand and to Shinji's disbelief the Katana flew from his grasp and flew in to Mifune's and in an instant Mifune's other hand reached over and pulled the katana from the scabbard and cut the head from the armored Samurai's body.  

    The Head flew from Kaede's shoulders and rolled back towards the group of mercenaries and a moment after his enormous body fell backwards crashing on to the ground.  Mifune gazed upon the black blade within his grasp, admiring its perfection and then down at the blade still implanted in his chest.  Mifune dropped the black scabbard and with his empty hand he gripped the blade at his chest and pulled it from his body and tossed it aside.  "Im-impossible!"  The mercenary leader shouted.  Mifune looked in to Shinji's eyes from his his empty sockets Shinji could see a bright light emanating and in the blink of an eye he appeared in another dimension, incapable of moving his own body.  Surrounding him were demons bearing the faces of all of the ones he's killed and for what seemed like an eternity those demons ripped Shinji apart.

    While their leader was trapped in an illusion, the rest of the mercenaries charged the undead that killed their lieutenant.  They attacked him from every angle but they underestimated the Wight's skill.  Mifune moved fluidly, not knowing fully how he knew how to move as he was, it simply came naturally to him.  Attacking him with a katana, one mercenary swung his blade down at Mifune to which he responded by stepping to the side and waving his blade in to the air, cutting off the Mercenaries arms at the elbows.  Another attempted to impale him with a spear.  Mifune parried the spear and slid his Katana along the shaft and swung his blade through the Mercenary's neck, severing his head.  Two more attempted to stab at his torso with their blades.  Mifune allowed them to and once their blades were stuck in his abdomen he slashed at their bodies and cut them down.  Shinji snapped out of his illusion and saw that all of his men were cut down.  "You- you're a Demon!"  Shinji shouted as Mifune slowly walked up to him.  "Am i?"  Mifune asked as he pushed his sword in to the Mercenary leader's chest and killed him.  

    Having dealt with the Mercenaries, Mifune entered what he believed to be his former home.  He did not remember living there, but as if lead by instinct he found his way to the shrine where Shinji found the Katana.  At the foot of the shrine was a dusty box.  Mifune knelt down and opened the box, revealing a white Haori as well as other clothes that belonged to him in his past life.  Donning his new attire, Mifune left his home and went in search of his purpose.

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