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    Knight's checklist Item three: Passport

    Melody S. Winter
    Melody S. Winter

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    Knight's checklist Item three: Passport Empty Knight's checklist Item three: Passport

    Post by Melody S. Winter 25th September 2019, 1:33 pm

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    _____Melody just had to be so enthralled by the user manual of her new Ilac, the result was missing her turns and picking the wrong ones resulting in not only getting lost, but missing the first train out to Hargeon town from Neutral grounds. Thankfully she got to test out the map on her new device and managed to make it just in time before the last train heading out that way would depart. Sure she was now running behind schedule and would be cutting it very close to having to spend the night in Hargeon, but she was hopeful her luck would still shine bright for her.

    _____Sure she would still have a brief window before the sun actually set according to the time tracker on her Ilac but what she feared was an early black out that happen every so often and much more often as of recent. Shaking the negative thoughts away as she hopped off the train at her stop and began waving around the crowds listening to the directions given by her phone as she went around. Melody had to admit, not even a day had gone by and she could understand why the other knights said it would be great to go get the Ilac.

    _____Missing her turn in the heat of the moment before the gadget gave her a new route and she spun on her heel to make it happen. She had to stop and help clean up a mess she caused my nearly running someone off the sidewalk but with a quick apology and speedy movements she was back on her way to the office she had to go towards so she could register for a passport to make traveling outside Fiore less of a live wire.

    _____Sure she would only be going back out to where her village she used to live at was to help repair it when she was given free time, and to check on the repairs since she was partly paying for those as well. But since it was outside Fiore the passport would make the border wait a bit faster since she was registered. Sliding on her heel again to make sure she did not miss her turn as she rushed to see the person getting ready to lock the door and head out.

    "Wait...! Do you have time for just one more... I don't mind if you send the passport tomorrow or something like that... I just start active work as a Rune Knight tomorrow and don't know when my first day off will be to have time to come back out here to get this done... If you don't That is fine..." "Relax deary, I just like to lock the first door early since it takes a while for me... If you help me with it I'll do the paperwork while you work on it.~" "Oh thank seven tails, You have a deal ha-ha..."

    _____Moving to take the key from the older lady as Melody overlooked the door. Checking the key she could see why it was causing issues, the key was worn down and starting to go. Checking if the woman was back yet before Melody exhaled and held her hand over the key. 'It is just to help out... So she does not struggle every time...' Hand waving slowly as a magic circle formed and the key seemed to glow for a moment, the color returning, the chips repairing and in a few seconds the key was back to mint condition right before the lady returned.

    _____Taking her time to make it look like a slight trouble with the lock while replying to the questions she was asked and showing her Rune knight mark as proof. Though she was happy the lady said she would ask the knights here to double check things just to be sure Melody was fine with that. Shaking the woman's hand and returning the key before the first bell rung in her mind. A slight look of panic as she looked to see the sun setting as Melody apologized for having to leave so suddenly and took off running as the second bell rang... Looks like the early black out was gonna happen anyways...
    Knight's checklist Item three: Passport

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