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    Disastrous day: The beginning


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    Disastrous day: The beginning Empty Disastrous day: The beginning

    Post by Fantastico 16th September 2019, 10:45 pm

    It was a rough day for the pirate, he learned that a lot of his friends were coming to town as it was a converging point for all of them, and their schedules as they all met at the beach. It was a wedding, and everything was lining up for the grand day where everything was set to go right, until everything went totally wrong. The food was spoiled or washed at sea due to one of the ships springing a leak, it barely made it to land, the decorations ended up being lost in a wind related accident, and the priest fell incredibly ill. No one was willing to reschedule this wedding, there was still time in the day as everyone arrived in the morning, so the fifteen pirates made the call to divide and conquer to make the day happen.

    Since they couldn't find a fitting priest in town, the bride and groom turned to Fantastico, asking him to be the officiate. Which is how he ended up in his current situation, with Fantastico sitting in the waiting room of the clerks office. He was reading the whole rules and guide section once more out of the nine times, once to learn, eight times out of sheer boredom. He was waiting for approximately five hours and was called to the office of the clerk handling his license. Walking in, the woman, wearing a white blouse, black skirt. black stockings and black high heeled shoes. She was wearing glasses while her hair was tied back, a strict and tight aura completed the feel of the heavily disciplined office worker. "Sit down!" She said, not even looking at the pirate as she gestured to the chair opposed to her with the test already prepared, a pencil next to it.

    Fantastico sat down opposed to her, he was plotting how to charm her. However she did not give him a chance as she snipped at him, "The test is multiple choice, twenty five questions, you have fifty minutes." Showing that this was going to be a quite a character to deal with. Fantastico shrugged, filled out his information on the sheet, looking at the test with a glare of pity for a moment. Ten minutes had passed, and he had his pencil put down only for a scolding glare to come from the clerk. "Giving up already?"

    Fantastico smirked as he slid the paper over, fully completed. "Actually that was very easy, not difficult in the slightest." The clerk scowled at him for a moment before she looked at the sheet. "There's no way this can be right..." An awkward four minutes of silence passed, Fantastico had already finished off his flask as he waited, waiting to see the results of this. He watched as she put it down and slowly took a red pen to the sheet, and appeared to have an increasingly bitter look on her face as she checked off each question right. Eventually she just printed out the licensed, and shoved it at the pirate, and told him to get out.

    Fantastico smiled as he walked out of the office, ready to get on with the rest of this crazy day.

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