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    Guild User-Group Update and Realignment


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    Announcement Guild User-Group Update and Realignment

    Post by MarkusEldridge on 7th September 2019, 12:00 pm

    Hello Everyone!

    It has come to staff attention that there are a vast number of characters that have been incorrectly, or improperly, placed within guild-groups without following the proper format for such a change.

    As such, with the resent Patch to Guildless Characters, and this information we have decided that within the next couple of weeks, Staff will be going through the guild lists and correcting these issues. This will entail the character sheet in question being pulled and moved to WIP, and the usergroup being removed from characters in question.

    Note, while this is in progress a WIP character will NO LONGER be considered acceptable proof of character acceptance, and Moderators will be asked to check player guilds before making approvals.
    In a few weeks, when Staff feel that the issue has been resolved we will return to the normal method of character approvals. As such, Guild Masters are asked to remember they are not allowed to change player user groups if the players character sheet is not up to date. If this issue persists the control of these usergroup will be adjusted back to only staff management.

    You can help expedite this process by checking your character sheets, and updating them in advance!

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