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    The fall of the guild alliance

    Kit Kerrington
    Kit Kerrington

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    The fall of the guild alliance Empty The fall of the guild alliance

    Post by Kit Kerrington 20th August 2019, 11:21 am

    Jack will be sitting in the bar with her Hood up covering her Dragon parts the left half of her body covered completely as she had a drink nearby looking down at the table. Janet had been waiting for a while for someone to show up as she has been told that the person she was meeting would have information about a guild Alliance that was forming. Janet wouldn't know much about what was going on regarding a guild Alliance. But she was asked to look into it by her Guild.  From what she was told there were a few small Guild starting to band together to form a guild Alliance to improve the strength and help hunt out the dark Mages of the world going after them relentlessly. They formed close to a year ago but they were nowhere near as common as they are today having more numbers than they did before and a lot more influence as well it was now becoming a problem for dark Mages all around so it's time for her to step in with the help of someone else. She attracted to this city for the time being as this was a place of operation how she didn't know much more than that she wasn't from here and didn't have the slightest idea where to look but apparently someone had contacted the guild and was willing to share information. Janet didn't know who this person was she was waiting for us she took a sip of a drink waiting. Apparently he would find her was what was mentioned however she wouldn't show anything that was a distinguishing feature she was just another girl in a cloak sitting at a bar though she did Stand Out only because of how much she was trying to keep people away from her. Either way should wait for this mystery person to show up just enjoying the the drink she had and just relaxing for a little bit as she waited for this mystery person to show up. Hershey been searching forever using whatever she could to find them but leads we're getting colder if they were very good at hiding themselves as they've been doing for a year conducting underground work almost more like a small rebellion then a guild Alliance but when you go after dark yours I suppose you have to be more careful. As she sat there sipping a drink thinking about the task at hand she would hear the door open up and see someone walk in and start walking towards her table. Making sure to keep yourself hidden she would look away as he approached the table "can I help you?" She would ask not knowing who this person was assuming this was the contact she was supposed to me but didn't want to blow anything if it wasn't after all this person could be anyone and if the guild Alliance caught wind of what they were doing they would surely lose them.

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