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    Post by Iris 20th July 2019, 3:34 am

    job info:

    It seemed ironic that firms that had the laws of the land in mind and fought over them as a job were breaking said laws. Did anyone remember that people who made laws their jobs were supposed to be...you know...good? Corruption knew no bounds. Esper adored humans, but this one particular trait had cost her some things very dear to her...

    But that was neither here nor there. That anger was reserved for the Magic Council and their Rune Knights.

    Currently, Esper was having a ball impersonating one of these rich guys' maids. Blanche had given her a dossier containing all this boring and heck information about some dudes fighting over a building that may or may not have been built already? The devil was in the details, and while the devil was sexy, he was usually better left ignored. All she knew was there was a rumor that one guy was banging his partner's wife, and that was definitely more interesting.

    Why did no one ever check closets before doing the dirty deeds? Also, what was it about affairs that mandated that all mating must take place on an office desk instead of in the bedroom like a normal person? Was it something about monogamy? That would make sense if the adulterer still felt the bedroom was a sacred place between himself and his wife and had enough of a conscience not to sully it with his infidelity so he could continue to sleep like a baby next to her at night. Esper wasn't one for monogamy. It seemed boring, especially with so many beautiful people out there to enjoy. That wasn't to say that Esper hadn't tried it before, but it had ended in disaster. Left quite the bad taste in the mouth.

    Anyway, as the two got caught up in the temptations and heat of forbidden lust right here in the swanky office, Esper filmed it from the closet, still dressed in full maid garb. Neither of them was bad looking. Maybe they'd want some company? The more the merrier, as the saying went, but no. Again, Hidden Blades rules or whatever gave her the impression that this would be a bad idea. How could she film it if she was taking part? Well, perhaps she had enough footage...

    NO, Esper. They would most likely freak out. Despite the scandal taking place right before her eyes, they would probably react badly to the maid emerging from a closet to attempt to seduce them both. Even in the throes of sin, humans were contradictory and would feign...what, prudishness? Some sort of perceived line in the sand of what was acceptable or not? It was a bother to try and keep track of it all. After they finished and left the room, Esper emerged and nosed around a bit. If he was so careless as to take his lover right in front of a suspiciously cracked closet, maybe he left some sensitive documents out as well. And wouldn't you know it? That was the case! A safe under the desk was left cracked as if he had been interrupted earlier, and she got some snapshots of some papers proving embezzlement and tax evasion. Well, wasn't this a job well done? Blanche and whoever paid for this should be pleased.



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