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    To Earthland and Beyond!

    Kien Hikiba
    Kien Hikiba

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    Completed To Earthland and Beyond!

    Post by Kien Hikiba 12th July 2019, 2:09 pm

    A passport thingy uh? Well, it looked like some fun thing to get, especially if it would allow him to travel to distant places. Problem is, he did not want to wait in line for it. Nor he did want to answer all those kinds of personal questions.

    Perhaps he could find another way of getting that. Yeah. A more...fun way to get that. He would not mind some fun right now. Alrighty then, let's find out how the whole deal was being run.

    The young wolf circled around the whole building. He was studying the layout, taking in how many people were coming inside and how many people were exiting the building. This recon mission took him only half an hour. With that done, Kien chuckled to himself. Well well, he would have some fun later on. For now, he would just simply go somewhere else.

    Alright, it was almost closing time now. He could finally make his move. Hm...how to go about this? Should he threaten the guy issuing them? Should he kill someone and steal theirs or could he rob the place and take a blank? Decisions decisions. In the middle of all this, he spotted someone with a very cool outfit. The guh was wearing some sort of steel armored boots, a leather half suit on a purple jacket and purple fingerless gloves. Spikes here and there, a common revolver in the guy's leg holster and a magenta scarf.

    Kien watched as the guy acted like one of those fake "tough guy" deal and grabbed his passport without signing in his name. The fact that he was rougly the same size and had a super weak magic signature only made Kien more eager. Well well. He had found his target. He'd get his passport and a new set of cool loooking clothes.

    He trailed behind the guy and on the first possible occasion he faked to bump into him. With the two being the only ones in a small alleyway, it would sure ease the guy into his tought act, which was exactly what Kien wanted. After a taunt and a well placed insult, the other guy there tried to punch Kien in the face, only for the werewolf to block the blow by grabbing the guy's arm in an iron grip. Man, he was going to have fun with that one.

    Kien fiddled with his new boots. They were really cool looking, if a little unpractical. Oh well, he could bear it. He dusted off his new jacket, thankfully it did not get blood on it. The young wolf stopped by a glass, observing his reflection. Well, is he not looking absolutely dapper? The whole getup stretched lightly too, so he could fit him when he went full wolf. Now then...

    The mage checked his pockets and there it was, the passport. A brand new passport. Flipping through the pages, no signs of that guy's signature on it, meaning that Kien could complete and keep it for himself. Good thing the guy was guildless and single, that would make it easier to pose as him. The only thing that needed updating was the photo, but for that there would be no problems.

    Kien chuckled. Well, that had been beyond easy. Now...what to do next...

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    To Earthland and Beyond! O23F2U7

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