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    Crime Syndicate Request

    Kit Kerrington
    Kit Kerrington

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    Crime Syndicate Request Empty Crime Syndicate Request

    Post by Kit Kerrington 3rd July 2019, 10:37 am

    Today's job was a simple one to say the least. Janet has been hired by a local crimes syndicate to go and eliminate a rune knight base on the outskirts of the capital of Fiore. The outpost job was a very simple wondered also very important to the capital and King himself who had originally asked for this outpost be made. This outpost was here for a variety of reasons. I first reason was the obvious one it was a deterrent from outside forces to mess with the city along with that to protect the roads and get to people traveling it wasn't quite at the city of I was nearby is walls maybe a half days travel from the city. How often the city with still be in view if you were looking towards it. The other purpose of this outpost was to prevent smuggling in and out of the city and to act as a sort of shield or barrier at least on this part of the roads. There were two controllers sector now that they had a base of operation nearby they didn't have to wait about being gone as far as going out as far and are they had someone they can return to and resupply they were actually able to keep a tight hold on all the smuggling going in and out of the city. Along with that they sound be constantly each cart or traveler that pass by for contraband and other illegal things. This was the main reason Janet was here, her job was to kill or eliminate the ruin knights at the outpost so smuggling operations could start back up and run smoother then its current state. So burning all that in mind she would start to head towards the base operations from the city close to the capital going towards it want to seem like a traveler and not like anything less for more. The skies would be dark that day storm clouds coating not in ounce of light would pass through the storm clouds as the Thunder would start to rumble getting louder and louder the closest she got to the Capitol and the outpost she was supposed to be at. The wind would also be picking up showing signs of a pretty decent storm heading there a way. Open houses all went well she could use the sewer advantage and getting inside the outpost and infiltrate a little bit before just charging in at them. The crime syndicate did grace her with some information about what she was fighting and what she was going up against in the coming battle. The crime syndicate that have given her the information had an inside guy in the council records so they were able to find out exactly what was supposed to be station at the outpost granted they're going to be variables that would be not accounted for however even a baseline estimation of what can of fighting for to be going up against what helper better prepared yourself in the outpost and in the upcoming battle. She was thankful that the fighting for she would have to go up against wasn't as being as it would have been it's she was attacking closer to the city apparently only a small battalion have been sent out here to guard the area that's all it needed though so that's all that was there. To start off there was about 50 standard soldiers station there. Their job there was simple protect the people in Travelers that come through and protect the surrounding areas as much as possible. These guys were the gun to the bank everyday average soldiers that will just a sign there to do their job and nothing more nothing less. It wouldn't be a hard fight but they definitely had the numbers advantage so even know most of them are with magic tools and only that she would still have to proceed with caution I was getting over when was not something she wanted to have happened to her. Next in line were the Scout and they were about 20 of them. These guys were the ones you actually one out and actually hunted the smugglers down. Usually there were only ten at the outpost at any given time as two groups of five would be out scouting the area for the smugglers and criminals. The other ten watched the walls and the base with the soilders and occationally hint of needed. These guys were a bit morentrained then your average soilder specilzing in stealth and range based spells. Next there was the lieutenant, know as lieutenant iorn gaurd Morgan. He was a lieutenant rank in the rune knights and was known for taking down anyo e he fought using his custom made mayor fist magic, not mich was known aboit it other then you should be fortunate if you never have to see it. Either way he was bad news and his job there was just too maintain the troops in maintain order he was 2nd and command and he made sure people knew it. However despite all this he had the utmost respect of his men never having let them down so he definitely has support so he will be one either needing to be killed quietly or once the troops have been killed. And last but certainly not was corporal Scarlett Lavore. Corporal Scarlett was a woman of not just power put great respect among the whole military aspect evening the capital. The think they say about her school is the only reason she's not a higher rank is because she refuses the promotion each time. She is as good as they come and she has the soilders loyalty and reapect. However she was still has a few. Hours from the outpost so she would have to be very carful in thos job as she could easily get overwhelmed. Though janet wouldn't ve to worried about anyone but the major and scarlett herself. As she got to the base she has decide using her dragon form would be best in thos scenario since she could deal with more during the takeover or leave if she needed to. She would stop hust far enough out to give her time to transform without being seen by them. She would then start to activate her takeover. As she started to transform she could feel her body starting to change. She could feel her normal I become a golden more reptilian looking eye, the claws on her hands start to grow out in the horn on the opposite side of her head on the grow. Her black scales would start to cover her entire body as she began to grow bigger has her tail sword to go out. She had become a black dragon as Legend would have allowed a boring to the sky before taking off straight up into the dark and stormy clouds using that to help her descent into the base. As she flew through the dark and stormy sky she could hear the thunder and feel the lightning around her the atmosphere feeling more intense than usual as she began to see the bass in the distance. The base had looked like there was a gate house on each side of it and a bit of a spider in the middle probably where the barracks was or any sort of Office Space. Then there will be a few buildings outline the circular base for things like the armory, Forge, or anywhere for travelers and Merchants to stay while they were passing through the base to the city. It was actually quite as well laid-out base if she had to be honest and it was very efficient however it was about to come through and it would begin to cause chaos after entering Nightshade Dragon Claws and her Poise make sure whatever she think was going down. She would begin her descent on the base as she flew into the sky only moments hearing people are yelling that there was a dragon in coming. Tell her it wouldn't be anyone she would go to the top of the spire and land on it starting to make it crumble. As the ruin Knights would begin to circle around the Spire to begin to shoot down this massive dragon that had just landed on it Janet would let out a giant Roar and install fear inside of them making them positive shooting her just long enough to keep track of top of the tower and send it flying down towards him crushing a few over instantaneously as she took off again and began to die down one to finish the job she'll just started. As she was flying down towards them she could see the fear in their eyes as she made her way to them slamming into the ground crushing a few more of them before doing a spin swiping around killing a few more instantly about 20 or so of the regular soldiers were down by this point so she was making pretty good progress but sooner or later the commanders will come out and assist
    The soldiers were beginning to move again getting over the fear of her Roar in beginning to grab the weapons again in rushing towards her as the ones on the wall will grab their guns and Sergeant Pepper her with gun fire. She went back to wait for Dragon fortitude and her Knight share ambra to withstand the gunfire deciding to deal with them first she could always fight them, but they were no match for her but the gunfire would eventually where her down so with that in mind she would have beat Lee do a 180 and then disappear into the Shadows. All the soldiers would look confused for the moment as they looked around for the dragon that just suddenly disappeared in the black void only appear at the wall taking off of the Gunman by surprise as she has slammed into it with all of her Miight causing it to crumble. As the wall would come over and a few more of the gunman would die the other gunman would start to circle around and take Aim though she would use that one of the boulders from the previous walls up in Pearl are G-Dragon like claw and then curl it at the other gunman makeup causing it to slam into them and all fall off the wall now on the ground she would sort towards them in a great burst of speed with four wings and go to finish them off swimming onto the ground into them crushing most of them the boy using her claws on any that remain killing all of the gunman off swallowing them like animals not showing them any Mercy whatsoever as she just cares all the other kids to get scared again or at least that's what she thought would happen. Something she didn't expect to happen happen something that she wasn't really prepared for as she was too concerned with swallowing these gunmen she had let her guard down just enough as she did in this form sometimes not paying full attention to her surroundings as the feeling is her shielding breaking arms around her and before she could be actual look up to sharp pains in her back pain to make her go back to her head and drawer into the sky before taking off into the sky as they would eventually jump off of her just in time before it was really cause any damage to them. As she probably the problem she would see Iron Fist and Scarlett standing there first sword at the very end his fist for ready to go as he just stared at them for a moment feeling the pain they caused her heal quickly. Though they could tell that she was recovering so they would begin to run towards her Shadow as if they could get to her somehow which made her get even more worried because she was flying above them but she would meet them halfway instead to die for them considering this a game with slight chicken but also she had a bit of a plan. In order to fight these two and not take more damage than she had to order cashew busy dying to them she would have to separate them she could not fight them both together they were too strong together and they would be fast together and in this form she was bastard but she was also a bigger Target. As she flew towards them she would admit her Mike layered or aiming at Scarlet and as she opened her mouth and the dark black and green Energy service for when your mouth is the best car on the what was happening and shoved her out of the way just in time as a boss was fired in its land in the Iron Fist. As it Hitler the sea would take I'm on my way to recover but that moment will be too much as Janet would then fly up to him and slam into him and take a swipe at him with her claws. He would activate a defensive stance in a barrier with warm at the last minute but taking him for some of the damage but he would still end up going flying towards the Spire separating them just as she had Coke turning towards Iron Fist in flying straight more than has Scarlett begin to recover from the iron shoving her to the side but by the time she had become an it would be too late as Janet was closing in on Iron Fist and he was worse for wear. Janet would hear that Scarlett would call out the order to have her remaining soldiers assist Iron Fist as she went to swipe at Iron Fist and he would meet her swipe with a punch from his metal gauntlets hurting her but he would also take more damage. I just took more than when she would start to stumble even more and Janet knew exactly what this meant he was on his last legs and Janet would then Amelie turn around in such as flight with Scarlett confusing everybody as she left Iron Fist to Die 2 the poison that was coursing through his veins. A moment with Pat and then he would pop up a bunch of blood impulse will need shoveling for coughing up thick 1in falling to his side not moving anymore the best of the soldiers beginning to run over and make sure she was okay leaving Scarlet alone with Janet. Scarlett would then just stare in anger and just murder the wards dragon's Bane as her sword would disappear from her hand and a massive long sword would appear with a dragon swirling around the hilt of it an up the blade. Janet wasn't stupid Janet new with that so I could do Janet how to avoid getting hit by it at all costs she's sure that sort would not be good for her especially in this large Dragon form power Jenna was the last part Target when she was dead the rest would fall and its outposts would be no longer. With that there was an intense moment ween Scarlett and Janet waiting for the other one to make the first move waiting for one of them to charge in waiting for one of them to make a mistake both on a precarious position Scarlet new Janet strength would overwhelm her Scarlet was very much a dexterity based fighter a hop around and dance about my opponent type not to say she didn't have skill cuz she had plenty of it but she was not like iron but she cannot afford just a direct assault. At the moment Janet were just motor out the words Knight Slayer board and opening mouth and shoot out a torrent of Shadow energy mix it with some green poison as it shot out towards Scarlet causing her to jump out of the way in the Russian using this as her opening for Janet would take to the skies quickly trying to get some distance between them. Go to Janet surprise she then sent lilit into the are matching her catching Janet completely off-guard as she slashed in her with a sword causing so much pain and was almost too much in Janet came falling out of the sky this dragon's Bane doing double damage to all Dragon base creatures apparently as she just fell crushed and pain in Scarlet Lane on top of slashing downward causing him to yell out again in a massive Roar scaring off any other the soldiers that were so left making them abandoned Scarlett Powerstroke would just then circle around to the head and put the blade into her neck as she lied there helpless thinking about her next move carefully as Scarlet then when look down she she basically said the decapitate Janet seen that she was lying there helpless no words were exchanged there's nothing to be said in fact Charlotte didn't even know if Janet could even understand her but she absolutely could. Should waste no time as she brought down the sword Janet fall quickly and just reverted from her take over form back to normal shaking and size causing just in time the play the land into the dirt in German to be lying there were two gas wounds on her side as it started to heal Jenny would quickly thrust forward having her Nightshade calls still activated and with one quick movement catching Scarlet completely off-guard to its stabbed through her heart Terry and right out of her chest with no mercy giving everything she had in this next strike. The battle was over and Scarlett stood there looking down at the Orion hours now through her chest and then back up at Janet's eyes as she just stared at her panting heavily and she pulled her backwards whipping it out of her chest holding her heart the last thing Scarlet woodsy is this half dragon woman holding her heart before she fell to her knees dropping the dragon's Bane then talk to the dirt bleeding all over the floor has she done looked at the heart then at Scarlet and then she would slowly put it back into her palm making her hold on to it as a message to anyone who found her. As she did that she will take a brief moment and look around at the corner she caused the walls were destroyed the spire and ruin in dead corpses scattered around what used to be a successful base and keeping out Smugglers and protecting Travelers was now in ruin and completely destroyed all life besides scouting party that was not there that would soon realize what happened in report it but Janet wanted them the report it didn't want them to know what a mistake this has been sending people here to block this road. With that in mind to do one more thing and she was in the ground out of all the stone she had knocked over and she would destroy it a little more even make her Guild symbol on the ground how did the nature of the stones in the area around her and then painted with blood so it was to be seen by all letting him know that this Guild was responsible and that this Guild was not going anywhere. She would look back once more at Iron Fist and Scarlett. I think to myself what a Pity it was that they had to even die like this they were formidable Warriors they were both skilled and hold position of blank and Power and climb up the tree just like Janet. With that in mind she would begin to sprout Wings on her back and fly up and see you're looking back down once more at the symbol making sure it was made right before taking off back home commission here was complete and the crime syndicate should be pleased with what she did making sure that this base will never be used again. There's plenty of blood Carnage and destruction lying about the base right now that would take even if they wanted to use the basic and it would take them forever to clean up and get ready and make it so anyone would want to come back here especially now that they know that their start Guild was watching this area and that if they set up again the same thing what happen again except worse making that message loud and clear as well. hopefully with all this who killed his own a little bit of respect and reputation with this crime syndicate a useful Ally for sure in the future with whatever Endeavors they might need them for.


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