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    Pranks Galore


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    Pranks Galore  Empty Pranks Galore

    Post by Robbo 25th April 2019, 11:11 pm

    Another day out on the town for Victor ment another day full of pranks and mischief to all he ran into or did it? The green haired rebel was itching for some mayhem, fire, killing, screaming. He wanted to see everything set ablaze from his mayhem, forming the usual pretty orange red a town on fire usually makes. However, town burning wasn’t on the agenda for today so his desires were left in wait, what was planned for today was a trip to a special ice cream shop Ghobel has demanded to the destruction wanting rebel. Apparently new flavors were being introduced today and Ghobel, the young green scaly gremlin he is, wanted to try them all. The chocolatey one, the fruity ones, the ones filled with tons of candy and bright colors, and yes, even the unexpectedly bitter ones. The gremlin hoped he would have a fun time trying the many, many flavors of icecream with his green haired master.

    “So Vic, what flavor you lookin forward to tryin?” A crescent of sharp jagged teeth was formed on the scaly demons face as he turned to Victor. “Does it really matter? It’s all gonna taste the same either way, YUMMY AND DELICIOUS!” Very noticeable drool dripped from his mouth as the rebel pictured the scoops upon scoops of ice cream he was gonna be served. Sure no mayhem or pranks were going to be done by the two today, but the two were going to have a normal friendly day. Something the two chaotic individuals don’t regularly do, the normal bonding experiences they’ve had were of breaking things and places, taking drugs, and playing pranks on just about everything and everyone they ran across. Being normal was new, and Victor wants nothing but a good bond with his one and only close friend, Ghobel. So being normal and going out for ice cream was something Victor was willing to do for his little scaly buddy, it also helps that the green haired rebel was in some dire need of some mint and chip ice cream.

    “Oooooo, fancy!” The gremlins eyes lit up as the the duo approached the ice cream establishment, it was all white almost appearing as if it was glowing. Entering the building was also an experience, various colors radiated from the counter glass. From browns and blacks to bright greens, reds and blues, tons of different colors for the tons of different flavors. “Boss, hurry get in line lets get some stuff!!!” Victor was gently pushed into line bye the scaly gremlin, “So first let start with that red one it looks like it’ll be super sweet, oh and maybe this chocolate since it looks like it’ll go well with it!” Ghobel couldn’t stop smiling as he explained to Victor the flavors they should try and what ones they shouldn’t. “Next in line please.” The voice was monotone and dead which matched completely to the owner, the complete opposite of the duo. “Uhhhh, We’ll take that and that and definitely some mint chip!” The worker looked up to the two, stared at Ghobel for a few seconds and explained how they couldn’t serve them. “Yeah. So like, no monsters are being served in here. Can you leave the store.” A big mistake was made at that moment, Victor hates people who ruin his fun most of all he hates people who ruins his fun with Ghobel. “Ok then, I got a better idea anyway buddy! Heheh.” The rebel’s fist clenched whilst gesturing to Ghobel to follow him out the store. “Change of plans Ghobs, this shop is getting it, hehehhaHAHAHA”


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