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    This thing had better block telemarketing calls

    Bastila Kisagami
    Bastila Kisagami

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    This thing had better block telemarketing calls Empty This thing had better block telemarketing calls

    Post by Bastila Kisagami on 19th April 2019, 8:16 am

    The trip to the Neutral Grounds had been uneventful but Desiree had somehow managed to keep herself occupied with one thing or another. She had heard bits and pieces about the place that she was travelling too although the fact that it would block her magic didn't matter all that much to her. She wasn't hooked on her powers, like someone else she knew and was quite happy to live without them for a while. Besides, it wouldn't be for long anyway and once she'd picked up her free gift, she'd be out of here. The device that she was after, the iLac, was pretty well known throughout Fiore and was an item that she'd wanted for a while. Sure, she could of stolen one but it just wouldn't feel the same. So, the gun slinger had made her way to the grounds instead, to pick up her free one. Why they would give them away was a bit baffling to her but perhaps they were just kind of stupid or something. If it were her, she'd be selling them for as much as could get get but not everyone jewels at heart, a silly state of mind, in her view.

    Reaching a large building in the centre of the area, she was quickly spotted by a young woman, who quickly made her way over to introduce herself.

    "You're a mage, right?" Heard about our offer, perhaps?" she said, a pretty brunette, with bright green eyes and standing a couple of inches taller than Desiree.

    "Yeah, you got it in one," Desiree replied with a grin, "I heard about your offer in Rose Garden and folks seemed pretty excited about it."

    "So they should although our offer only applies to mages," the woman responded, "I'm Amelia, by the way and you are?"

    "Desiree, former pirate, now a mage,"
    the blonde said with a laugh, "I wanted a change of pace, sort of."

    "Pirate, huh?" Well, you don't have to steal one of our products, we'll give you one," Amelia quipped, laughing too, "Now, if you give me a few minutes, I'll gladly explain the features of the iLac."

    The explanation was thorough but Desiree got the gist of it pretty easily. It basically performed about a dozen or so different features, as well as being able to make long distance calls. It was everything that the mage had heard that it would be and after Amelia had finished her explanation, she placed a colourless iLac in to Desiree's hand.

    "Now, I want you to visualise what colour you would like the iLac to be and it will respond to your thoughts," Amelia said with a grin.

    Desiree was sceptical but did as she was told and amazingly, the iLac turned a beautiful purple colour, which caused her eyebrows to raise.

    "Wow, nice trick, how'd it do that without magic?" she asked.

    "It's not magic, just a part of the iLac's programming, nice, yes?"

    "Oh yeah, absolutely," the blonde said cheerfully, "Thanks for the gift and info."

    With a smile, Amelia nodded her head and took her leave, while the Desiree looked over the iLac for a moment or two. She had no doubt that it would be useful during her travels and with that thought of mind, she placed it in her pocket and walked off, towards her next port of call.

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    This thing had better block telemarketing calls ROWMLkF

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