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    Ancient Elven Seal


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    Ancient Elven Seal Empty Ancient Elven Seal

    Post by Aoi 18th April 2019, 10:20 pm

    Lineage Name: Ancient Elven Seal
    Wielder: Mianala Qinwynn
    Purchase Proof: proof

    Description Elves have always been known to be the types of creatures of civilization that are often brandished as self centered and snobby. Others being that they are woodland hermits whom prefer to isolate themselves through the fear of being killed or feuds with others around them. The elves ability to cultivate magic from nature had become a generations old secret over time of their life in the woods, allowing them to become fierce hunters and scouts. This helped them in their endeavors to keep others away and themselves safe from harm from either human or beastly foes.

    Over time this cultivated ability had become more and more scarce, which meant to the elven populace that it was something to try and that happened to be a mass of child births within the sect of elves whom still carried this ability. There were many born from it, children born from the same mother with various half brothers and sisters and some were still without or with very little magical abilities. These were either sold away to slavery, used for experiments, or for a lucky few were able to serve as soldiers. Within this sect of soldiers were able to channel what little abilities they had into their weapons, allowing them to harbor enhanced abilities.

    This was until the seals were created. As many of the soldiers began to grow with their abilities, their slow growth presented them with more magical abilities than those that had their magic from birth. In fear for the chance that some may revolt for being unable to surpass from their ranks, the elven superiors created a seal, This seal would be undetectable under almost every measure of detection and unnoticed by mages as strong as they could think possibly exist. This seal would allow portions of magic to be channeled through that would allow use of magical weapons or armors to be active to them, but it would block all use of the sealed persons from being able to develop proper use of magic.

    Plot Abilities:
    •Foresight: The holder of this lineage knows the forests like the back of their hand. They have innate senses that can track anything from small to large with no effort. (OOC permission needed)

    •Nature's Attunement: The user has the ability to tap into nature itself, gaining knowledge of how to speak to animals of all types.

    Normal Abilities:
    •Spell Blade: The sealed mage is able to focus the channels in which their abilities are allowed to do so. Their hands begin to glow a light blue color and their weapons are able to deal their rank in spell damage when using basic attacks such as a swing or firing an arrow or bullet equivalent to multi target damage equal to their rank (Max S). In addition, the user is unable to use any magic.

    •Seal of Empowerment: As the user is damaged, they are able to regain mp based on the rank of the spell that hit them. Equal or higher ranks return 5%, and anything below their rank returns 3%. This only works on the first spell that makes contact with them each post and does not stop them from taking any damage at all.

    •Fleet Footwork: Once per post, the user is able to dash at their rank (max S) in a direction, following the burst stats equal to their rank.

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    Ancient Elven Seal Empty Re: Ancient Elven Seal

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 25th June 2019, 1:15 pm

    Heya Mia, Joh here to grade your magic. All of my edits will be in this color


    Further, you have a total of 3 effects in this lineage, while the maximum allowed is 10, so you can come up with 7 more effects for this lineage. Gimme a bump when you're done


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