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    Post by Aven Alveron 15th April 2019, 7:59 pm

    Aven readied his cane, summoning a Seeker Circle and multiplying it. It was time to show Nessa and Markus just how much he'd improved, and he wasn't going to waste such a golden opportunity. He surveyed the field, playing the possible scenarios in his head: they were essentially surrounded, but he'd seen both Nessa and Markus' magic before, numbers were his concern. The two of them could handle the flanks, while he built up his Circles to deal with any larger, imminent threats. That meant, of course, that he'd have to stack Seeker Circles once more, and keep them in line, but he'd trained relentlessly over the past month to ensure an incident like the Duel with Leona never occurred again. Not to mention, he had a few new tricks up his sleeve: with the return of his memories of Zane, he'd also recovered the memories of a particular substance the two had found. They'd experimented back and forth with it, but in their youth, had never found a way to incorporate it into the Circle Magic they created. Aven was much older and smarter now, and though it had proved a challenge, it was about time to unveil the fruits of his research.

    With a flourish of his cane, Aven completed his setup for the time being; before it could be put into motion, however, a pillar of golden light shot from the sky, enveloping his body. What is... Aviel? It was Radiance magic, no doubt! Hadn't Aviel been traveling to meet them here? The thrum of the gilded light filled his ears, and he found himself ascending rapidly into the sky, his team left behind in the mortal realm as a portal swallowed him, and his vision shifted in an instant to a heavenly scenery. It only took a moment, however, for him to notice that, in fact, nothing holy was occurring.

    "What's going on here?!" The clouds beneath Aven Alveron's feet shifted and roiled as though to throw him from their ranks. His widened eyes darted from detail to detail, drinking in the scene around him: a Valkyrie, clad in armor that shunned the light, with her Claymore run straight through a bleeding Aviel. His blood, too, was darker than night, staining what was once a silver lining below their feet. A cough erupted from Aviel, his life force splattering against the Valkyrie's stoic face. To suggest that Aven was asking a question would be absurd; quite simply, he did not want the answer his eyes provided.

    "The beginning of a legend, Venny." Before him stood a mirror image, Aven's own face reflected with a set of light green eyes to tell of it's falsehood. Years had passed since he'd been face to face with the young man before him, a memory that'd been stolen from him since that day, and he found it hard to reconcile the two. It was Zane, his older twin, there was no doubt; but the words that left his other half's mouth were all but foreign.

    Aven's brow tightened, a scowl forming on his lips. "So, you're on their side, then? After everything that's happened, after they stole you away from us!?" His mind replayed the scene, still rusty after having forgotten it for so long:

    The twins were playing in the yard of a small mansion off the coast, near Crocus. Small bursts of magic soared through the air, various Magic Circles around the area echoing their orders as the boys bobbed and weaved, shouting childish banter back and forth. On the front step, a younger Drani smiled brightly without a care, her head rested lightly on Sergis' shoulder. A short jolt of static knocked Aven onto the ground, and with a laugh, their circles disappeared, Zane helping him up for another round.

    Aven was indignant, of course. "You always cheat, Zane; lightning magic is too fast, it's not fair!"

    The older sibling just tutted with a big grin. "In a real fight, that not cheating, that called winning, Venny!" It was an exchange they'd shared at least once a day, testing the magic they'd created together; but sure enough, it was almost always Zane left standing at the end. They had no reason to believe that day was any different than the rest.

    They couldn't have been more wrong.

    It happened in an instant, a black rip in space clawing apart the air between the twins and their parents. A demonic figure, with horns twisted into a wicked shape, emerged without warning, and grabbed hold of the twins. Drani and Sergis were shocked, and in their hesitation, the Demon turned to cross back through, to steal the two away without a trace. Zane was quicker, though, and in a moment of both panic and clarity, a black substance shot from his hand, severing the Demon's opposite hand like a hot knife through butter. Aven collapsed to the ground, but Zane was not so lucky, being dragged through the portal to the tune of a demonic howl he'd caused. Drani and Sergis were left aghast, running in despair toward Aven while he slowly lost consciousness.

    Aven could feel his teeth grind, as his brother smirked like the old days, like though nothing had changed. They'd obviously twisted Zane, made him into a completely different person, for him to so jovially watch Aviel, an angel, be murdered.

    Zane's response rang through Aven's ears like a death knell. "That's how the real world works, Venny: you side with the winners." A cool glance over to Aviel made the statement even more chilling. "There's a great example of someone who doesn't get that fact relaxing with a big piece of metal in his chest; isn't that right, Mr. Righteous?"

    Aviel did not have the luxury to answer, as another welling of blood bubbled to the back of his throat. Not that it mattered; were the air freed from his lungs, no mere words could express his pain, staring into the darkened eyes of his wife. There was nothing behind her gaze, not the passion for battle or sharp intellect of a wise Leader. Even stretched wide by her blade, Aviel felt only the emptiness of the husk Hakon had become, had been turned into. Instead, his hands gripped the Claymore boring into him with an unfliching strength. He'd always been a head stronger than Hakon, not that it'd ever bridged the gap in their swordplay. Maybe, if he'd been willing to harm her, the fight would have been less one sided, but it mattered little: broken as she was, Aviel could not commit such an act. The two had been side by side for centuries, fought every manner of creature and trouble, battled a god! All the while, it was the bond they'd shared since they were merely human that kept them strong. Their love...

    It hadn't died. No, it was still alive! Somewhere, buried under the broken shell of a Valkyrie, Hakon Kilandre-Alveron was still there, and so long as that possibility existed, Aviel too would exist! With a mighty roar, Aviel broke the blade, sending Hakon soaring backward with a kick to the chest. A pained grunt escaped him as he pulled the metal out the back, the dark blood mending the wound as though it were nothing.  Hakon twisted in the air, landing gracefully, as a new blade formed from the light around them. Aviel heaved, his breath labored: Dark Matter would keep him alive through most attacks, but his magic power was running dangerously low. If he ran out, he could no longer cancel out Hakon's holy attacks with his own, and it's power would cleave him apart in seconds. It pained him, but assessing the fight, there was no path to victory there. All that remained was retreat, provided they were given the opportunity to do so. With Aven arrived, if Aviel could create an opening, the boy could open a gateway to the Alveron Estate, which was protected by a dimensional barrier. Even the likes of Castor's minions would have difficulty breaching it's confines without some kind of inside interference.

    Zane shook his head with a labored sigh. "See? The best he can do is stay alive, and he can barely manage that far! To tell the truth, I've never been fond of watching old people fight, why don't you just come with us? Castor would be more than happy to have you, and we could be brothers again!" Zane made a small gesture, and black particles sprung into existence around him, forming a portal to a dark landscape. He smiled, so genuinely that it contrasted the sinister presence beside him. "You and me, just like how it always was. We can explore the world that Castor creates together, do whatever we want! What do you say?"

    Aven's gaze was blurry: it may have been a trick of the light, or perhaps the tears that sprang unbidden down the corners of his cheeks. That thing, Castor: it had taken his brother away from him, and he didn't see how he'd ever get him back. He could barely believe his ears, as Zane pitched the abominable offer, but he knew he would never accept. A single glance at Aviel told him all he needed to know: they needed to escape.

    The Valkyrie's attention turned to Aven, and in a flash, her gauntlet was constricting his throat. His eyes bulged, as she lifted him into the air, awaiting an answer. Just enough air was being allowed to and from his lungs to speak faintly, and Zane was idly drawing a pattern on the ground with his foot, awaiting an answer. "Hurry up now, before Hakon here decides for you." Their eyes locked, and for the briefest moment, Zane nodded down to his foot. The tip of his boot was drawing in the cloud, it looked like a word...

    If it were possible, Aven's eyes would have widened further. That was...! Summoning forth his magic, Aven summoned an Explosion Circle, translocated it in front of Aviel, and Shuffled himself with the Glyph, trading places instantaneously, and activated it; the ensuing flames and smoke obscured Hakon and Zane's vision for the briefest moment, though he doubted it even scratched them. Taking his chance, Aven cast the Homeward Circle, creating a portal to the Alveron Estate. Hakon's Claymore sped through the air like a javelin as he did so, cleaving the smoke and hissing as it traveled. Aven and Aviel hurled themselves through the portal, and it closed, just in time for the blade to pass directly through the spot that Aven's head should have been.

    As they disappeared, Zane screamed in dismay, stomping the ground in front of him, jumbling the cloud beneath his foot as the imprinted circle disappeared without a trace.


    Aven and Aviel stumbled onto the cobble of the Courtyard. Aviel recovered quickly, righting himself with a few combined stroke of his six wings. Aven, on the other hand, remained prostrated on his hands and knees, a smile slowly spreading over his face. Zane... he was still himself! He didn't know how it was possible, but there was no doubt in his mind: his twin brother was still very much an Alveron, still as smart and crafty as ever. It was as though a fire had been lit inside of Aven, a drive he'd never known he had. All it had taken was one, unspoken word to make him realize the innumerable lengths he was willing to push himself to.

    As Aven rose to his feet, he was different. Not in looks, nor power, but something more important: resolve. If he was ever going to get Zane back, if the Alverons were ever going to be a full family once more, he was going to have to be stronger than he ever thought imaginable. In that one word, Zane had made a wish, and even to his dying breath, Aven was going to make sure that it was granted. The one thing that Zane had silently asked, was the same thing they all needed him to be: HOME.

    [Word Count: 2022/2000. Done!]


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