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    Deliver My Letter


    Deliver My Letter Empty Deliver My Letter

    Post by Guest 12th April 2019, 10:09 am

    The never ending need for mages in Magnolia was showing no sign of ending as the purple eyed summoner was one again on the job. Today's sounded simple although Leliana had a hunch that it could be anything but. She had been given a letter from a fan that needed to reach the hands of a famous singer who had just come to town. From the sounds of it, the two had been very close at one stage and Leliana could not turn the opportunity to spread a little happiness down although just how she was going to deliver the letter was going to take a bit of working out. The singer was holed up in a big mansion with security covering the whole place and a mass of fans outside trying to get a look in. There was no chance that she was going to try and run through that mob and the thought of it sent a shiver of fear down her spine. She did not do groups, ever and so instead went around the back and used Blaziken to vault over the wall and land safely in the back. She then crept up to the back door of the mansion, keeping a close eye out for any security and then summoned Celebi to help her. The green fairy had a unique skill and after a moment, she used her ability to teleport herself, Blaziken and Leliana inside the mansion.

    From there, it was a case of trying to find where the singer was and after a moment of thought, she assumed that it would be at the very top of the mansion and that was the direction that she headed for. After dismissing Celebi, she and the large chicken then started to sneak through the mansion, having to take great care in avoiding any danger and for the most part, that went pretty well. However, the singer's room was guarded by three members of security, meaning that either they had to be knocked out or otherwise subdued. Blaziken came to the rescue and roared, before chasing the security off. They bailed straight away and ran for their lives, which her fiery summon sprinted after them, giving Leliana the time she needed.

    Shaking her head, the mage then slowly opened the door and entered the room, to find the singer standing by the window. She turned as Leliana approached and was about to shout for security when the petite girl pulled out the letter and quickly explained the situation. The change in the singer's body language was like night and day, with a smile crossing her face as she read it and a slight blush appearing on her cheeks. When she was finished, the singer briefly walked to her desk and quickly wrote out a reply, before handing it to Leliana and asking to deliver her response. The mage happily agreed although just how she was going to get out was somewhat of a quandary.

    The answer to that soon came though as Blaziken came back in to the room, picked up Leliana and dashed towards the window. The singer was just sharp enough to realise what was going on and opened it, before the large chicken jumped out, his owner not too pleased with the situation. She had no problem being given a piggy back ride by him but the bridal carry was something else. Thankfully, Blaziken's strong legs easily took the fall and he was soon leaping over the back wall again, his summoner protesting in his arms. The singer's response was delivered as promised and another job was successfully completed.

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