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    Post by Guest 12th April 2019, 8:31 am

    There were many people in the world who felt that they did not belong and Leliana often had thoughts like those herself. Yet, today, she found herself in the position where her employer did not feel that they were in the right body. The woman was born a male and yet identified as a female, much to Leliana's initial surprise, however, she had responded with kindness and listened to her story. By the time it was over, Leliana was more than happy to do what she could with helping her new friend when it came to telling the truth to her employer's parents and gladly accompanied her when the time came. The story did however once more bring memories back of her own past and the issues that she had with her own family, issues that would no doubt continue to haunt her for the rest of her days. It was said that how people felt about their families was a complicated thing but in Leliana's case, it was quite simple. However, she managed to stop herself from drowning in self pity for the moment and instead did her best to be a source of comfort for her new friend, gently taking her hand as they walked.

    The tension was certainly thick when they came face to face with the girl's parents and when the confession came, the reaction from the adults was foul. They were furious and instantly started to not only insult their daughter but Leliana as well for agreeing to help with the task. The abuse was foul and both girls struggled to come up with an answer at first. It was as painful for Leliana, as it was for her friend, as the scene was one that she had lived through many times before, insulted and abused by her family. It seemed to be never ending but eventually they fell silent and let the two girls speak.

    Surprisingly, it was Leliana who spoke, "What does it matter whether she chooses to identify herself as male or female? She is still your child and you should love and accept her, no matter what she chooses to identify herself as. There is enough cruelty in this world without you two insulting your child just for telling you the truth. The fact that she had to put up a job request in order to find the courage shows just how frightened she was of your reactions. No child should have to go to that length, just to be able to talk to their parents. I know exactly how it feels to have a family who mistreats you and I can't tell you of how much pain it causes. Change, before it's too late."

    There was no answer at first and it seemed that Leliana's words had fallen on deaf ears but after a minute or so, the parents reached out to their daughter and the family embraced, much to Leliana's relief. Not wanting to spoil the moment, she quickly made her exit and left the family to have their moment, happy to have helped.

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