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    library of magic: A new magic unleashed.

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    library of magic: A new magic unleashed. Empty library of magic: A new magic unleashed.

    Post by Shenta blacksteel on 10th April 2019, 8:52 pm

    shennako traveled all the way to oak town for he had heard that they have a very old library that houses many many magics and spells, so he decided that he would head over there so that he could search though the many books until he found a magic that he wished learn. As shennako entered the town he noticed that every where looked so majestic, it took him a while since he has never came to oak town much but he had finally reached the oak town library so opening the doors shennako walked in and looked around at the books that sat around or lined the walls which seemed to go on and on for ever.

    " May i help you young sire, if you need any thing at all please do not hesitate to ask."

    Shennako looked around but he could not see any one, that was when he looked down to find a shabby looking old man. he was about 4 maybe 4 and a half feet tall, he wear dark brown pants that looked like it had not been washed in years, and a old brown long sleeve shirt.

    " ummm im looking for the area that has magic spells that one could learn, tho i have never been to this library before so i have no idea where to go."

    The old man chuckled as he beginning walking and waving his hand as to tell shen to follow him, so following behind him shennako was taken to a small room but every where he looked there was books that had any kind of magic or spell that a person could learn. Shen thanked the old man as he started looking around for a magic book or tome that could be a good fit for his arsenal of magic, sense he used earth make magic he wanted to try and keep whiten the elemental group so he looked around for a book that had sand magic.

    It took him a while but shennako was finally able to find the shelf that held the books he needed to learn sand magic, but it took him a while to find the one he needed out of the many there. So to make sure he had the right one shennako decided to rent out a few just in case and so that he also had some references from other sources also. Taking the books up to the counter shen rented out the three books he would need, the first one was called a basic concept on magic, the second was called sand magic for advanced wizards, and the last one was called earthly guidance. once he had all his books shennako walked out of the library and make his way over to some forest so that he could start his training on his new magic.

    shen placed the books down and sat down on the sandy ground as he crossed his legs, reaching over shen picked up one of the books as he began to read from it. From what he could understand trying to learn sand magic was gonna be about the same for when he learned his earth maker magic just with a little more fine details on the steps.

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