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    Struck Silver(Job/Solo)


    Struck Silver(Job/Solo) Empty Struck Silver(Job/Solo)

    Post by Guest 21st March 2019, 4:52 pm

    It was almost like this job was made just for him. It was the same sort of person that had taken everything from him. Was it his destiny to take the lives of the wealthy that used laws to be above them? This was one of the reasons why laws made sense. He would bet a pretty penny that this fellow was a puny person. No strength or much in smarts, only wealth and the want to use it. There are those born with a low lott in the game called life. They would gain strength or intelligence, but for no other reason than laws and rules would obey or fear weaklings born being served with silver spoons. Of course he would enter the area and take that life. But he had to be careful, money and nobility drew all sorts of attention. This was why he arrived at the building at night. What the kelpie wasn't expecting? For there to be fan girls patrolling the building in the middle of the night. They were more awake and aware than the actual guards. Well, at least the guards were asleep? Though it seemed that as long as he was quiet enough and didn't use any doors, the fan girls wouldn't notice. If they didn't, then the guards wouldn't. With a deep sigh taken in, the kelpie started to quietly going towards the side of the building, aiming to scale the tall wall. Could he do it? Well, it wasn't a magical skill, but he managed to get to the top of it fine enough. The fan girls have been officially conquered, for now at least. The next issue was on the other side of the wall, but easy enough to handle. Dogs were one of the friends a country person needed to keep danger away, so of course he knew how to handle any normal ones.

    Would it work with guard dogs? That was soon put to the test. From his pockets was pulled something coated in stained thick fabric. It was something that got all the canines attentions. While this was something the man wanted for himself, the pros of killing a noble outweighed the cons of having no fresh meat. Using an old dull knife, he started cutting and tossing down chunks of meat. They seemed to take the bait, so to say. The good news was the canines seemed satisfied with their shares of meat. They also no longer looked into biting his head off. The bad news? Not much meat left for later. Life gives and takes, right? Maybe he would get more later. In any case, the meat and knife too dull and useless for anything combat related were both tucked away before the kelpie quietly climbed down the other side of the fence. The dogs were being kind, so he pet any that approached, quietly praising them. There was no reason to hold anything against the creatures, so long as they didn't get in the way. After that? Walking to the back door took a little time, but it was easy to get inside once he got there. What wasn't expected? That the noble would be in that very room, holding a glass of champagne in one hand while trying to go for a woman in the other. Of course he picks someone who's disinterested when he has a horde of interested fangirls to choose from. He would have loved to get the guy by surprise, but that didn't happen. He just wished the guy didn't have such a pretentious laugh. "What's someone so poor doing in here? Men aren't invited. Leave and I might go easy."

    This person really got under the dark haired mans nerves. "Sorry but I don't listen to men so impotent that they aim for those who can't stand him."
    With the way the mans face changed, it was like it was the first time someone ever told him no. The woman, seeing a chance to get away, quietly excused herself. The blond noble got up, the upset look changing to amused. "Who do you think you are? None of those clothes even look like they were made in this century. Prepare to loose everything to that impudent attitude of yours."
    That caused the kelpie to smile a bit. Who? He waited to hear the sound of the woman leaving before responding. There was no need to over complicate things. "Whos a weakling like you to try ordering me about?" That seemed amusing to the noble, but the kelpie didn't care. He rushed in, punching the man in the face. It looked like Silverspoon was trying to do something. Whatever the noble was trying to fight with was so unskilled that the ex carpenter couldn't tell what it was. That only helped the kelpie have his way though. The only issue was the lack of any spells, but that helped the kelpie work on his boxing skills. The fight dragged on longer than needed, But after a lot of bad fighting, Lott was the Laurence that survived. He wasn't in the best of shape, but that was better than dead. Now, how to hide the body? Eyes looked around a bit, finally deciding to walk into a different room for answers.

    He found something useful in the kitchen, a small magical trash compactor. He figured someone who was rich and stingy would have something like that. It was maddening and stupid, but it would do well. So the bruised and bloody kelpie went back a few rooms, doing his best to scoop the body up. It wasn't light, moving it a few rooms over was harder than Laurence would have liked. It was all worth it after the body made it to the compactor though. While the 'trash' wasn't gone, it certainly would be a lot smaller and easier to move around. Actually... he moved some trash around before putting the compacted remains with the trash that had not yet been compacted. Now how to get rid of the blood? Well Lott looked hurt enough to pass it off as his own. Now for bonus time, finding the family heirloom. Without the noble around, Laurence had a much easier time looking around. It was still an overly large home, but he eventually found the Silverspoon family heirloom, an antique spoon collection. Thus he grabbed that and a few more items before deciding to leave the overly large home. He was more than ready to leave and get paid.

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