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    Revenge on the Council

    Kit Kerrington
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    Revenge on the Council  Empty Revenge on the Council

    Post by Kit Kerrington 12th March 2019, 9:03 am

    It was a dark and cloudy night as Elise would find herself with her blade drawn outside the manor of a magic Council representative house in Crocus the capital of fiore and home of the magic council glaring it down with murderous intent as she has been betrayed and stabbed in the back by her client. Her job was a simple one, go get a care package from a drop off point discreetly and return it to the council member without anyone noticing.  It payed 20,000 jewels so for Elise it was a dead easy job for the jewels that were offered for the job.  Though perhaps that's what the downfall was, she should have seen it coming for something so simple and paid so much.  Elise could have easily done the task but it wasn't ever a legitimate job, it was a damn setup. She would have arrived at the drop off point and have gotten ambushed by six rune knights who were waiting for her already.  Granted she was able to beat them all but not without taking some damage as these rune knights weren't push overs and had Elise not had her time dragon slayer powers she might have fallen to them. But that hardly matter now I see was the one victorious in there battle and his truck did not work. Right now all she cared about was killing the man and getting revenge for herself. Elise was not a very easily anger or back she was very calm and collected as she went about her business power betrayal was one thing she would not tolerate especially not from some magic Council member. Him betraying her like this only meant that he signed his death warrant and was ready to make his peace because she was not going to stop this on slot until he was dead. Elise would not care how many people got in her way during this… anyone that got between her and the magic Council representative that had hired her was going to die as any thought of sparing them was a already gone in the only thing that field her eyes right now was a malice and anger for this magic console representative.   However she would not go out of  her way to slaughter anyone if they were to get out of her way if they let her miraculously walk in there and Slaughter him like the animal that he is then they were free to live and do what they wanted but  she got the feeling that that wasn't going to be the case that they would defend this home with their lives so that's what what happened.   either way where they fought her was got out of her way it did not matter she was on a mission at this point not just for Revenge but her reputation as well was on the line and that was something she cared more about salvaging than anything.. With that she would summon her blade to her hand and begin to approach the Manor. The exterior of the man's home was first walked off by a gate with two guards standing on each side of it. The Manor itself however it was not that big it was actually quite a small home it was just a very nice home very cozy very comforting very welcoming however tonight it would not be.  They were just in black suit and black sunglasses like secret Service type agents as they would watch her approach they would step forward putting a hand out.  She already knew that they were going to say something along the lines of stop you can't come over here or what to put business with the magic council representative. However she was in no mood to be speaking to anyone so before she can even finish his sons for begin to even speak it.  She would bring her blade slashing down through his chest and soup like akl knife through warm butter. The man would fall instantly dying on the spot not as he was only a perimeter guard.  However her attention would soon shift as the other guard would yell that they had a intruder. She was underneath for weekend saying that he was reaching in his jacket for a weapon. She was able to stop the guard from drawing his weapon by stabbing him straight through his chest her vibrating blade piercing his heart killing on the spot as he fell bleeding on the concrete turning her attention towards the home as like turned on it and she could hear them getting ready for her it was time to get to work.  As she saw the lights in the home turn on she could see guards running around inside through the house or at least you could see their silhouette. She also noticed some garbage for helping on the roof back here to have magic weapon, Lacrima guns.  Furthermore she could see people getting ready to come out the front door to sub do her and arrest or kill her. She was not worried however as she would then open the gate and start to walk towards the entrance of the home Eve regardless of the men's intention keep her out or slay her.  She would then come up above as she walked towards the house still angry but keeping her head about her as the still was a dangerous operation to do her the words open fire.  She would look up at the roof and see eight riflemen begining to fire down at her and rain magical bullets towards her direction.  To add more to her plate there where five gaurds running out of the front doors with swords.  Elise would just wait a moment taking a breath “Time slayer roar.” She would say freezing time.  As the world briefly froze around her as she would look at the frozen men and the bullets just hanging in air.  She would begin to walk towards the entrance. She would also take a moment to observe the guards as she walked by them noticing they were all seemingly dress in this secret Service type gear with magical fire arms on them. She had to wonder if this was all the protection he had cuz if this was it this was going to be a very easy assassination.  I she walked t though the threshold of the doorway she could do time begin to start up again slowly so should look around briefly seeing how to make the guards that were outside not able to pursue.  Looking are the foyer she had just entered quick she noticed a old grandfather clock by the door. She could use that and she sword to lock them out. Them would then resume as they charged forward and the loud sound of gunshots rang out.  There was a moment of confusion on there face as the looked for her before they looked back, only to see her slamming the door in her face.  She would have been putting one over to be grandfather clock driving it and tipping it over and front of the door causing it to block the door. She would then take her sword and slide it between the handles too I had extra strength to the barricade. She could hear them pounding on the door trying to get back inside as they were unable to know however as she turned to continue find her target she saw gunman running on top of about me with the stairs are getting night to shoot her that she approach the stairs hearing one of the guards going out to go secure the magic council representative and get ready. Seeing one of the guards oven off at least she had a direction what to go and would activate heard draining aura and ran at them.  As they were about to fire at her they all stop for moment feelings are mana getting drained from them what little mana they had had clearly unused to the feeling. She would take advantage of the fact that they were unused to the feeling of her draining abilities I she was in snapper fingers excavating her or of death sending parts of lighting bolts at them before they could even shoot there and guns stunning them in place killing a few of them. However it seemed a few love them new a bit of magic and resisted the damage of her spell. It's surprise her how little bit to see this as they became understand buy the draining aura and even though they were taking damage they out blades about the size of a small dagger and just at her with the intent to kill her.  She could only assume that there working to Magic all is well since they were able to resist her magic they seem to be in a higher their then the other guards among the rank. And while normally she would be worried and she didn't have her why can anymore do to her draining there magic powers recently and continuing to drain the magic power see knew she was fashion on them as it gave her and speed.  Even though she wasn't using her time magic it felt as of she was a she was a so much more faster then both of them easily dodging there swings with their blades as she don't back and then head out for arms casting her energy siphon spell shooting out bolts of energy at them both. They would both be unconscious and out of magical power as they fell there back. She was go out just to be sure driving there knives and stabbing them into their chests to make sure they were dead.  She wound then pause for a moment looking at all the bodies around her shaking her head.  She felt so sloppy and out of practice compared to back in the day before the tomb.  She shook her head knowing she could have done this better and that she would next time.  Baring that in mind she would finally finish walking up the stairs looking down the hallway fowards where the gaurd had ran earlier seeing a set of very ornate and detailed double doors.  She would bet that's where he was however she wondered why security was so light.  Either she was more powerful them she thought or something was wrong.  Or then again maybe he didnt get as good as security since he was only a magic Council representative.  Before she would walk down the hall shed kick the various weapons away just out of reach in case either she didnt kill them or someone else came and decided to try something.  She then want up to the very ornate doors her heels clocking against the wall below her actually approach them running at hand on the handle looking at them give me a breath determine to kill with them though have to all the trouble she wants to to get to him. Thinking about all the nonsense this man has made her go through she took a deep breath in and collective herself before trying to open the door finding it was blocked shaking her head expecting this but was she wasn't expecting is once you heard on the other side.  It sounds like something charging up or powering up...and then it clicked all at once.  Her eyes went wide as she let the handle go and jumped back.  She was barly in time as she would barly avoid the blow only thrown back by the force and the doors as she flew back down the hallway hitting a fater walk hard sliding to the floor a little hazed as she looked to see what hit her.  Her head was spinning and her eyes and a haze for a split-second everything was seeing double her ears were ringing a little bit whatever blasted down those doors had a good amount of force with it,   and whatever it was hit like a truck so she had to make sure she was extra careful with this.  She would look up seeing the gaurd that had run off earlier expect he...he was in a exp suit type thing.  As he walked over the doors she slowly got up not beong used to this new tech yet however she saw a Lacrima that powered it meaning if given enough time she could drain it.  However all thoguhts were inturpted as it jumped up into the air and suddenly lunged at her to do a ground slam.  Going wide eyes she sprang to the side barly dodging it feeling the quake it left behind, if it hadn't been for her speed boost from draining the peoe earlier and now its Lacrima she would have been crushed. However what she couldnt dodge was it's next attack.  She suddenly felt a sharp pain as she felt a metal hand grab her with a painful amount of pressure.  She would look back seeing the exit to grabbing her in it's design was almost a steampunk fashion as it doesn't turn into here in and threw her against the wall next to it making her gas been a better pain as he hasn't felt real pain like this in a very very long time I was not used to it. However it did not stop there and then start the spin slightly and then fell her against the firewall nearby the door came out of sending her heart against the wall a she flew to the air that I have velocity slamming into it with a great amount of force enough force to crack the wall up the ceiling making some of the steering break is well I'll see fell on to her stomach laying Limp for a second. The attrition strategy she had wanted to do won't work honesty put a little more effort into this.   While it may have looked like she was laying there battered bruising and on the verge of the feet it was quite the opposite she was laying there lot of him think that so she could plan her next move.the problem she was having with her draining wasn't affecting the lack, fast enough while it was affecting it she needs to make that thing loses power sooner she will make it loses power it won't be able to function anymore and it will mean she can either take it down or eliminate it permanently. However to do that she would have to be able to get behind it quick enough to get a solid blow on the lacrima a few times what's getting close with that thing was awesome when she was looking forward to do as what just happened to her she did not want to have happened again. She would slowly start to get up holding her side a little bit looking at the guard shaking her head smiling little bit now having a plan on how to get to the Lacrima powering it.she took a deep begore rubbing toward the gaurd in the exo suit.  As the gaurd inn the exo suit charged back thinking it had the strength advantage.  Which it thusly did but Elise had the mobility on her side.  As she got ic close enough she would use her drain link ability letting her teleport close to someone she is draining.  She then teleports behind the suit catching it off gaurd.  She then casts accelerate on herself making her go faster, she was now way faster then the suit. She spun around and casts time lock to make them freeze in place. As it froze she would grab two of the pipes connecting the lacrima to the suit.  As she did that the shit crumpled a little bit as it came back into time, as it did Elise moved to the other side of it. She watched as it it did exactly what she predicted it would do and spin around to attack what it thought was Elise from behind. As it did that it froze again and Elise disconnected the other pipes connecting the lacrima to the suit. This time when it snaped back in it didnt move...but not because of Elise but because it had no more power to run trapping the person inside.  Which was good for Elise.  She would cast her Vampric healing spell on her to try to patch up her wounds as she walked into what appered to be an office. As she looked around the office she saw a man cowering in the corner.  “ y you should be dead why...how I sent knights to calture you!” He said loudly as a very annoied Elise walked to him.  “ yes you did send those tune knights to kill me...they are dead and you sir,  you are next do not double cross a dark mage with nothing to lose” she said raising a hand. “ wait!” The man would scream “ I'll pay you and do anything you want just spare me…” he said getting on his hands and knees begging like the coward he was.  Elise word shake her head and  we're down at this man. “ you have 30 seconds to fill a bag full 25000 Jewels or I'm going to kill you... consider the 5,000 extra payment for trying to kill me now go and get it”b   she said angered as she watched him and scarier to his feet quickly dashing around his office trying to gather any amount of money he could have shoving into a bag hoping his reinforcements will come that never would.   at least would have to be careful though however because Rune Knights  we're bound to find a two bodies out by the streets and show up and investigate and find the guys pounding on the door so time was of the essence however nothing seemed to be happening yet so she was fine for the most part for now. Eventually he would walk over with a bag setting it on the ground in front of her his hands in the air.  “ there that's all the money I have in here that's 25000 let me live.”   he said begging as Elise would just look down at the bagging and then at him and then point to the wall.  “ I'm going to leave stand by that wall and face away if you look I will kill you”   she said watching him scramble putting his hand on the wall facing away trembling  in pure fear but slightly relax cuz at least said he was going to live,   however at least had no plans to let him live you she's going to take the money and his life.  She would then make her blade appear hearing the door  burst open with the guards  breaking through the door finally only block now by a clock's but they would easily be able to break through that quicker as the magic Council representative turned his head to look at least would stab him through the back with her blade ending his life piercing his heart as she slashed outward.   she would have liked to make it slow and painful for the man however time was on on her side and she got what she wanted done.   she would contemplate taking his Essence but then shook her head she didn't want him inside her she didn't want his Essence  this man was not worth her time.   with that she would turn towards the bag walk over and pick it up swing it over her shoulder looking back at the man one more time This time however she would actually make her sore dissipate and go back over grabbing the Man's dead corpse dragging it with her out the door as the gunman in other guards would rush towards the so she would stand at the top and throw down the body glaring  them all down as our faces look from we have to save this person to Shear fear that their dead.   Alicia's looks towards them all her blade appear in her hand this time glaring them all down.  “ leave or you die I don't care where you go I don't care who you tell leave”   she said  staring them all down.  Without another word they would all drop their weapons and bolt out the door streaming that they needed help and with that time  would freeze around her as she stared at all the mess she made committed to this Walk of Life but there was also a satisfying moment of nostalgia for her as she walked out of the house and walked back to the forest where she could call home with her money in hand and the debt has been repaid and he learned the hard way  to never cross a dark mage without guaranteeing you can do it. With that she would leave and let the Rune Kinghts  what come  and find the scene but Elise was nowhere to be seen.

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