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    Sorting Books (Solo Job)

    Eros Erebus
    Eros Erebus

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    Sorting Books (Solo Job) Empty Sorting Books (Solo Job)

    Post by Eros Erebus 27th February 2019, 11:18 pm

    In the wee hours of the morning, there are few wolves that bother being up and about around this time. Erebus, however, had a job to do. Taking up his first job since joining the guild, he decided to go right for the throat on what he was after. The immense amount of knowledge stored within Silver Wolf's library. He descended down the stairs near the entrance, his mind going back and forth as he wondered what it was like. How many books did they have? How much of the mountain did they carve out for it? What kind of crazy subjects did they cover? It was almost enough to make his head spin.

    But these thoughts would stop as soon as he found himself at the large double doors, emblazoned with his guild's insignia on both sides. It kind of felt funny to him though, recognizing that he was part of a group now. He kind of liked it but...he felt a certain hesitation when thinking about it for one unknown reason or another. Pressing his hands to the door, he heaved against it, feeling them give way and revealing the magnificent sight he was so curious about.

    Several levels of sections and tables, organized with a mass of softly glowing lacrima and lanterns. The staff members silently shuffling and organizing what they could. And all of it just continued further and further down, being almost as wide as a cathedral. A literal mountain of knowledge slumbered underneath the guild. And in Erebus' own opinion, was their most prized possession.

    Meeting with one of the few people awake at the hour, he explained that he was here to help sort a section of the library. The staff, being grateful for whatever help they could get, sent him to one of the sections closest to him, saying that all he had to do was come to one of them when he was done. Erebus nodded and took a cart, rolling it over to the shelves and picking out a good pile to start with.

    Looking through some of them, he found them kind of odd. On one book he read about a demi-god that could apparently steal lightening, as ridiculous as it sounded. He found a few books on vampires, however good chunk of those revolved around romance. And on another he read a title mentioning a lizard woman working as a maid. Though after reading a few dozen pages and the other volumes that he could find, he was surprised that "that" kind of writing was this high up. Writing of that strange subject matter clearly required..further research.

    The minutes quickly ticked away while the bags under his eyes felt like they were getting worse. He may have underestimated how tough this job was. Taking a seat and picking another book from the pile, he found something that kind of piqued his interest. "Basics of Alchemy: Volume 1." Erebus read to himself. Well it wasn't exactly like he was on a time limit or anything. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to delve into another reading session.

    Before Erebus knew it, he'd burned away a good ten or twenty minutes! He was surprised at how quickly he was pulled into it all. The process of turning something mundane into something-else. Such as the fact that sand could be turned into glass or that earth could be ground down into sand itself. Surprisingly, this book had opened his mind to an interesting piece of knowledge. That something, no matter its state of being, was subject to change. Something could always be turned into something-else if you were willing to think outside the box.

    Continuing to sort the books out, he figured that he'd study alchemy a bit more to see what else he could figure out. Before he knew it, his eyes began to grow heavy again as his energy quickly started to sputter out. Eventually, the subtle sounds of other staff repeating the same actions he'd been doing just became simple background noise while he checked to see if the genres and numbers added up before dragging the cart over to another isle. He almost felt like he had no strength to keep his eyes open at this point, worried that he'd fall asleep on the floor!

    Dreading the embarrassment, he pushed himself just a bit more, urging his arms to lift a few more books, eventually sorting the section out before grabbing a staff member's attention. After they inspected his work and saw that everything was where it should be, he was free to go. Though not before checking out a few books of his own before shuffling off to his room with a simple farewell and a generous bit of money for his trouble.

    While the job didn't lead him to any of the answers he sought, Erebus was still pleasantly surprised that he found something to take an interest in. Alchemy may have been a bit strange to him, but it drew him in regardless by showing him a new world of possibilities. But that'd have to wait for another day.

    Upon entering his room, he set his new books on his desk before flopping onto the bed face first after slipping on some night clothes, drifting off to sleep while being thankful that his other guild mates couldn't hear the loud snoring with his face planted into the mattress.

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