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    Get the Balloon


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    Get the Balloon Empty Get the Balloon

    Post by Nadarr 25th February 2019, 3:47 am

    Clearance found himself sleeping in a alleyway with a newspaper over him cozy against a brick wall. Not having enough money for a house of his own since he was paying for a room in fairy hills for his exceed Coco. He thought about this sighing enjoying his nap until it was interrupted by what could only be described by a high pitched wailing child's scream. He would open his eyes looking down the ally only to find a little girl crying very loudly while a stressed out mother was trying her best to calm her down. Clearance would see the child pointing upward to the sky. After a moment of fully waking up he would look up at the sky seeing a blue heart shaped bloom stuck on a weather vane that looked like a rooster. He thought about it for a moment debating if he should intervene or not. On one hand it was really none of his concern...on the other hand it was the right thing to do. Giving a deep sigh he would stand up letting the newspaper fall off him the the ground and would stretch his arms in the air and give a yawn. he would then pull out his spell book flipping through the pages of it till he found the spell he was looking dor.” Misty step” is all he would say as he a silver glow went around him and he would apper on the rooftop. He would then take a minute to untangle the balloon string from the roosters tail before finally freeing the balloon from the weather vane. He would them walk to the edge of the roof before looking down at the kid who was now quite as she pointed to Clearance who just stared as he held this kids balloon. He slowly climbed off the roof walking over to the kid. The kid would just sniffle at him as he would walk over and take a knee. “Let me see your wrist…” is all he would say as the kid would slowly hold out her wrist to him. He would slowly tie the balloon around the kids wrist just tight enough so it wouldn't go anywhere.” There you go….now you wont lose it. Her eyes sparkled as she giggled “ thank you mister!” She would then hug him catching him off guard as the mom just smiled at her and him. “ yeah sure…” she would then let him go running off as the mom looked at him “ thank you very much" She said smiling pulling out a small amoung of jewels handing it to him. “ he would slowly take the few bill folds confused why she was paying him for getting a ballon down but before he could as her head would whip around seeing her kid already gone she'd ran after her. She called back as clearance just gave a small wave putting his book back in his jacket yawning a little bit more going back into his ally to resume his nap.


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