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    Assassination: Village healer

    Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

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    Assassination: Village healer Empty Assassination: Village healer

    Post by Grim Reaper 11th February 2019, 7:41 am

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    _____Her frame could barely contain her excitement, leg moving ever so slightly as the woman licking her toes had to move to adjust to the change. Sure Alexandra was here to assassinate the healer she now had at her beck and call, but nobody said she could not have her fun with the woman before she finished the job. Moving the bare foot away from the mouth of her pray before pressing the woman's head to the ground with a dull gaze in her venom green eyes.

    "It is such a shame I was sent here to kill you, your tongue is rather smooth and your talent almost makes me think you have done this before.~"

    _____Alexandra who lift her feet to permit the woman to look up, her eyes glassed over by the effects of her magic as the assassin would wave her fingers to her other exposed foot and smiling as the woman resumed cleaning her toes with her tongue as Grim mused over the possible ways to have the woman die without leaving a defined path. Sure most her idea's did but that was the whole joy of weaving chaos.

    _____A smile growing wide as the woman began coughing as she tried to cleaning further along Alexandra's foot. waiting for the woman to try again before the killer shoved her foot forward into the woman's mouth as she began to gag. When she tried to move away Grim simply snapped and forced the girl to keep cleaning with her entire mouth. The warm pained breaths across Alexandra's feet sent the woman into a frenzy as she chuckled and used her other leg to push the back of the woman's head against her foot to further her suffering.

    _____She would watch in glee as the woman's eyes started to tear up, slowly rolling back as she chocked and coughed but kept cleaning like she was ordered and control to do. Sure it was not nearly the same thrill as Alexandra could have gained for strangling the woman, or better yet having them in a kiss until she passed out. But one thing the woman hated was no climax killings. moving her leg and her foot away as the woman gasped for air and Alexandra knelt down eyes glowing nebula green.

    "Thou has proven rather useful, however these is but one last test. Will you die for my affection, for her majesty's desires?~"

    _____Alexandra would simply smile as the woman's eyes reflected the green and she nodded in agreement. Slowly reaching into her own outfit to get out her personal dagger as she offered it to the woman, aiming it already to her heart as the woman took hold and began pressing it in slowly. Alexandra leaning in to help press the blade deeper before dispelling her hold over the woman and pushing her to the ground as she smiled.

    "You have proven your devotion and love to me darling... I'm sure when you meet her majesty in the next realm she will take you in as she did me.~ Might the reaper carry you on swift wings into eternal damnation.~" Foot slamming the blade into the woman's heart, twisting for good measure before Alexandra leaned down to claim her dagger, and lick the lips of her dead target.
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