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    The Ancient One [Lineage System] Information


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    Information The Ancient One [Lineage System] Information

    Post by Johann on Sun 27 Jan 2019 - 7:46

    Rules: You cannot purposely create another account to obtain another lineage. You cannot remove your lineage, or fake it. Your lineage will be recorded so any fraud will be dealt with through punishment. You can roll for any of your alternate accounts, given that you only have two anyway.

    You get to roll three lineage dice and pick one of these three to be your lineage.


    Use this template:

    Name: (Your Username)
    Lineage: (edit your choice in here)
    Roll Attempt: 1 (Depending if you wish to remove your lineage you may roll again)


    [b]Name:[/b] (Your Username)
    [b]Lineage:[/b](edit your choice in here)
    [b]Roll Attempt:[/b] 1 (Depending if you wish to remove your lineage you may roll again)

    Name: Seijin
    Lineage: (edit your choice in here)
    Roll Attempt: 1

    Step 1) Add Reply

    Step 2) Copy and Paste the BBCode provided, and fill in the information

    Step 3) Find the Dices Roll

    Step 4) Select Lineage Dice and put the number of dice to three

    Step 5) Send and look at the post below you. A player called "NPC" should show you what lineages you can choose between

    Step 6) Edit your post with the lineage you have picked from the three you rolled

    Step 7) Go to the "Sacred Library" After you do so, and find your lineage and the information/history/usage/ability your lineage provides. ENJOY!

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