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    Cardfight at the Square!

    Emory Aldwyn

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    Cardfight at the Square! Empty Cardfight at the Square!

    Post by Emory Aldwyn 24th January 2019, 12:43 am

    "Tch." Ehoron grunted from exertion as he struggled to stay standing after that last attack while dust and flecks of stone obscured his vision for a time. In his mind, he played over events that had led to his current situation. After the cryptic and unsettling musings of the elderly woman, Ehoron had wandered amongst the people throughout the square in an attempt to clear any lingering feelings of unease. It had not taken much to distract him from his introspective considerations, and soon his attention was taken hold by a commotion in the square.

    Another mage had deployed some manner of magical field from a lacrima and was causing quite the scene. On and on he raged about his magical prowess, on the inability of others to challenge him and give him the fight he so clearly craved. There were those attempting to remove the disruption, but some part of the mage's magic prevented any from entering the field unless he gave his express permission. Once it became clear that he would not leave without some duel to satisfy his urges, Ehoron stepped up and offered to duel the mage.

    It had taken him quite by surprise when he stepped in and found a deck of cards suspended in front of him. As it was explained to him, the deck was comprised of experiences, dreams, and was even a reflection of his soul; it was that last notion that disturbed him the most as he stepped up to his position and placed the deck in his lacrima duel blade. With so much of his past unknown to him, the idea that some dark part of him might be reflected in this duel was a source of considerable concern. But with the people of Magnolia Town looking to get on with their lives, and no other solution present, Ehoron took it upon himself to defeat the mage and put an end to his menacing theatrics.

    Unfortunately, his own inexperience with this particular game quickly pushed him into a gross disadvantage. With three of his four life counters destroyed, no summons on the field after the mage's last attack, and left to face three ferocious dragons it was all but decided who would be the victor of this duel. As the dust cleared, however, and Ehoron looked outside at the people who by now had grown concerned that this would escalate into something even worse, a firm resolve began to well up from deep within.

    "I draw!" A quick glance at the card caused the young mage to grin triumphantly. "I'm afraid this is the end for you, Abiak. First I play the support card, Hero's Return. This lets me summon one of my monsters from Purgatory and return it to the field for one turn. With it, I bring back Rune Knight in attack position." From the center of his field, an imposing knight rose from the ground clad in silver and green armor. A lacrima vision display popped up briefly to display his monster's attack power of thirty. Each of the dragons had an attack power of fifty, however, leaving his opponent unphased by this development.

    "Next, I play the support card Legendary Spear Gerwald! This doubles my Rune Knight's attack power!" Outside the dome, people were beginning to cheer as Ehoron's fortunes began to turn around. Even Abiak began to look concerned. "And now, with my monster's attack power being greater than that of any of your dragons, I play this!" He thrust a golden card into the sky for a moment before throwing it down onto the field. "The Golden Support Card, Berserker's Soul!" At that proclamation, Abiak looked truly stunned.

    "First I must discard the rest of the cards in my hand. Then I draw, and for each Summon card I draw my Rune Knight attacks!" With his first card a Summon, the first of Abiak's terrifying dragons were slain. Thunderous applause and cheering erupted as the attack claimed the first dragon, but Ehoron wasn't done. He drew again, and again, and against probability he continued to draw Summon cards; the second dragon fell to the mighty Rune Knight, and then the third. "Now Abiak, your field is clear and your life counters exposed. Now let's see what fate has in store for you."

    "I draw the legendary hero, King's Guard! Go, Rune Knight! Attack!" Again and again, his monster attacked as he drew Summon after Summon. When the seventh Summon in a row was drawn, and Abiak's life counter reached zero, Ehoron drew again but stopped himself from looking at it. The duel was done; already the dome was dissipating and the field dissolving. He simply let the card fall to his side, never realizing that his last draw had given him the Support Card, The Bringer of Death.

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